Afsar Bitiya 28th December 2011 Written Episode

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Okay it begins with the guy\’s demands cash and jewellery in dowry. (ermmm..if I\’m not mistaken uncle ji\’did chacha ji not tell you that they are against dowry? And did you not know that taking dowry is a crime! Call the police someone! ) saraswati says “please, this is too much for us, we can\’t\'” The guy and his father get up. The guy says “you are insulting my father by interrupting him.” The guy\’s father says “look ever since we have come, we don\’t see your husband anywhere and on top of that we have to discuss dowry with you! And now you expect us to bargain? (ermmm hello! Krishna you should be here and stopping this!) “we didn\’t give birth to our son to keep him as a showpiece.” (hain? So you\’re saying you had a son only so you can rip off the ladki waale for dowry? Sorry to get off the topic here, but I hope there aren\’t many fathers who think that! If you do, then please pray that you don\’t meet me!)saraswati says “please don\’t say that, you are our guest in fact you\’re like god to us…but what your demanding is way beyond what we can afford so\'” guys father says to his son “are you standing here to see your father get insulted? Let\’s go!” The guy side were about to leave but manisha\’s husband stops them saying “please…I am too a son in law of this family and I know that they truly respect their guests and ma was just asking you to lessen your demands but if you aren\’t willing to then they will do whatever you ask.” Chacha ji says “just leave it and come along with me\'” chacha ji takes the guys father along with him, while the son in law asks the guy to take a seat.
Vidya has trouble starting his bike. Pinto is trying to help him (aaah! Pinto aagaya\’Pinto aagaya! *dances* see rachu and moni\’.i don\’t have any evil intentions *blush blush* haaye he\’s looking tooo sexy! Koi mujhe pinto singh laado yaar.! ) Pinto says “vidya chacha, leave it, I\’ll drop you off from my bike or else you\’ll be late. Come along” pinto takes vidya along with him. (haaaye pinto kabhi humein bhi ghumaon apni bike pe\’hum toh kab se tayaar hai\’) pinto was about to start his bike just when babloo turns up. Vidya greets him and says “I was here to see you…the thing is that there are people over to see swati, I thought it would be helpful if you were with us.” Babloo says “when will they be coming?” vidya says “they\’ll be here by 2.” Babloo says “let\’s go.” Vidya says “there were people here too, to see pinto ji.” (hahahah OMG! Don\’t even remind me of that vidya ji\’.I start laughing the instant I remember his translation *throw this mukka, break his khopadiya & run sarso sarso ) babloo says “so what happened?” Pinto says “they were nothing but lunatics! Anyways let\’s leave that otherwise he\’ll get late.” Babloo, pinto and vidya leave in the jeep.
Ravi and chanchal were on their way to get vidya just when their bike stops. ravi sees that the there is no fuel. Chanchal says “what will we do now?” ravi says “I don\’t have enough money on me to fill the fuel in this bike, you can\’t even trust chacha ji.”
Chacha ji and the groom\’s father are eating paan. Chacha ji says “I agree that you demand are acceptable, because your son is good and your family has a status but the truth is, that this is the wrong family you chose as they won\’t be able to fulfill your demands.” The dad says “is that why you\’ve brought me here?” chacha ji says “no one would want bad for their niece, I want you to accept this alliance.” The dad says “do you think I\’m stupid that I would get my son married in that house?” chacha ji says “I\’m telling you to forget the anger but\'” the dad says “I won\’t get my son married just like this to them.” Chacha ji gives the dad an idea…(it\’s in mute… I\’m sure this dog is giving the idea of getting both his sons married to Krishna and swati…) “So what do you say? Do you agree with this?”
Dihati is waiting for bihari chacha to come back home along with krishna\’s family & Pin-Ky (hahahah I luv the way she says Pin-Ky ) bihari and the dad (satyanarayan) bihari says “why are the guests sitting outside? We won\’t let you go without accepting this alliance. (ufff…iske toh shakal se hi kaminapan tapakta hai! ) Jija says “sataynarayan ji, we can\’t even think of insulting you.” Satyanarayan indicates him to stop and says “I\’m ready to lessen my demands.” Swati and Mahesh exchange looks. (Ha! Mahesh what happened now? Love instantly? What happened when you dad was demanding dowry. Such a cheap guy…hating him already!) Dihati and Pin-Ky are shocked. Chacha ji tells them to relax. “Look we are ready to get my son married to your daughter but on one condition.” (hain? Pasand hai? Oldie…have you even seen the girl? How can you say just like that? Anyone remembers him seeing swati b4 saying yes? ) Everyone is in thoughts.
Babloo and vidya come to a sweetmeat shop and order sweets, babloo orders 1kg malai barfee. (mmm sounds tasty…) vidya was about to pay for the sweets, but baloo says “chacha ji I think I have some rights aswell\'” babloo pays for the sweets and they both leave.
Satyanarayn says “see, I have another son, his name is ramesh.” Dihati gets the game here! (Evil budhi! You too have a daughter who needs to get married\’let\’s see how much dowry you are willing to give!) “He owns a book store and is very well settled, but apparently a few years back his wife died, ever sicne he\’s alone…he has everything in the world but no companion, therefore I want him to get married. I love the values you have given your daughters; therefore I want both my sons to get married in this house. Mahesh wedding with swati and ramesh to get married with that girl standing over there.” He points to Krishna. Everyone is shocked. (gosh chacha ji you are sooo cheap!) chacha ji says “today\’s day is very auspicious, both the girls will be settled in the same house.” Chacha ji indicates dihati to convince saraswati to accept this alliance. Dihati says “didi, what are you thinking? Say yes to this alliance. You won\’t get an alliance like this ever again. Both the sons are well settled. No matter how much one studies but they can\’t become a B.D.O” Pin-Ky smirks hearing this. (gosh! How low can you people get? Looks like you know your daughter doesn\’t stand a chance against Krishna that\’s why you are playing such filthy games! You ppl digust me! I feel sick) “you wouldn\’t want you elder daughter\’s alliance to break just because you\’re younger daughter wants to study further. One only gets what\’s written in their destiny.” Chacha says “both your daughter will get married on the same day\’.what more do you want? Just agree to it, vidya bhaiya has never said no to you. You are their mother, and no mother thinks bad for their child. If your daughter keeps studying like this then she\’ll grow old and then it\’ll be difficult to find an alliance for her” Saraswati thinks. Jija ji says “satyanarayan ji this is a very serious matter to think about and before we come to any decision bauji must be here with us.” Satyanarayan says “Nirmal babu, you are a son in law of this family right? Wouldn\’t you think well for this family?” (Ha! His name is nirmal…finally got to know his name!) “I agreed to your demands but looks like you guys aren\’t taking me seriously. I am here for 5 minutes only, so just tell me your decision.” Everyone is in a dilemma, especially saraswati. She thinks about all the dowry satyanarayan demanded and then his condition of getting his both sons married to Krishna and swati. Saraswati says “yes!” everyone is shocked at this decision. “I agree to this alliance.” Krishna is shocked. chacha ji congratulates satyanarayan. chacha does his usual drama…Satyanarayan says “I hold no grudge against you anymore. Now just forget everything and start preparing for the wedding. We had come for one alliance but now both my sons are gonna be getting married. Do send vidya babu over @ our place. But one thing I regret is that I couldn\’t meet him today.” Chacha ji says “don\’t worry, hence now meetings will happen often.” Everyone watches satyanarayan and Mahesh leave. (Seems like no one is happy with this alliance anymore! I guess even swati wouldn\’t wanna get married hearing this now!) dihati says “today is very auspicious indeed. You did a very good job being a mother.” Pi-N-Ky comes and asks dihati if they could go home. Dihati and Pi-N-Ky leave. Saraswati walks over to Krishna…krishna just looks on at saraswati hopelessly. Saraswati says “Krishna my child please don\’t look at me like this, I am not your enemy, but your mother. It\’s a nice family and the guy is nice too. What more could a girl want?” A tear rolls down krishna\’s cheek. “I couldn\’t let this get ruined for your sister.” Manisha was about to say something but saraswati interrupts \’Don\’t try to explain it to me. I gave birth to you all. When you will have a daughter of your own then you\’ll understand.” Manisha says “but ma the decision you took is…” Saraswati says “I don\’t care what others take it as…only I know how I raised you all. No mother would want bad for their child.” Swati says “but ma, how could you just say yes to this alliance without asking Krishna?” saraswati says \’I didn\’t give birth after taking your permission. I know what\’s well and not! You understand?” Krishna just looks on at her mother. (gosh! okay…i know no mother would want to their daughter to get married to a widow just to get the else daughter married…this is totally wrong!)
Chacha ji enters his house “today was fun…is anyone home or not?” dihati says “someone seems to be really happy. Did satyanarayan leave?” chacha ji says “he was over the moon today! Mahesh has started dreaming already, he thinks as if he\’s seen an angel or something. My daughter is an angel, pinky come here.” Pi-N-Ky sits next to bihari. “very soon this lil angel of mine will have the power, she\’ll be a B.D.O” Pi-N-Ky says “dad, i don\’t get it, vidya wants to give education to Krishna but they are getting her married to a guy who was already married once.” Dihati says \’you should be surprised to hear that she is getting married!” chacha ji says “vidya wants to give education to his daughter, wants her to become a B.D.O, let\’s see how he succeeds now!” Pi-N-Ky says “right now, there must be plenty of arguments going on. Mummy let\’s go check it out.” Pinky leaves to see. (haan haan dekho dekho drama! this is liek a film to you anyway!Pi-N-Ky pariwaar you guys make me SICK!)
Chanchal and ravi get back, chanchal asks nirmal what he was doing outside. Nirmal says “where were you both? And where is dad? Chanchal says “ask bhaiya.\’ Ravi says “chacha ji\’s bike is useless…there was no fuel in it.” Babloo, pinto and vidya finally arrive. Vidya is surprised to see nirmal, ravi and chanchal standing outside. Nirmal says “papa where were you? Ravi tried calling you but he couldn\’t reach through. And those guys showed up.” Nirmal tells the whole history to vidya. Vidya is shocked upon hearing this. Vidya drops the boxes of sweet in shock.
Manisha is trying to explain to saraswati just then she sees vidya walking in all upset. Saraswati and vidya look at each other for a while. He sits on the ground, saraswati sits next to him. Krishna goes inside to get water. Saraswati says “you know everything right?” vidya starts pouring water on him without uttering a word. Pinto is surprised and says to babloo “what\’s vidya chacha\'” babloo looks at pinto, and pinto goes quiet. (haaaye mera pinto…he is looking totally yumm-a-licious) Saraswati says “are you listening to me?” vidya continues to pour water on him. Krishna serves water to pinto and babloo. “swati is so beautiful yet we still couldn\’t get her married in these past 3 years. Why? Just because we don\’t have any money. When she can\’t get married then how do you expect Krishna to get married? If she\’ll study too much she\’ll grow old and then no one would marry her. Only I know how I manage this house, its not fair to stop ones wedding for others studies. We won\’t get another alliance like this. We have given the shagun already.” Pinto goes to Krishna and says “all this drama is happening because of you, why are you quiet? Why don\’t you say something?” Krishna doesn\’t response. Saraswati says “tomorrow please go to their place and fix this marriage.” Vidya yells “FIX THEIR MARRIAGE? YOU ARE THE ONE TO FIZ THIS ALLIANCE, MY DAUGHTER SHALL STUDY!” Saraswati all raises her voice “OK, LISTEN TO ME…I\’LL KILL MY SELF IF THIS MARRIAGE DOESN\’T TAKE PLACE!” vidya says “GO AHEAD!” saraswati looks on at angry vidya and then at Krishna and then at others.
Saraswati jumps into the well. Krishna yells “MA!” she realizes that she was only imagining, and sees saraswati standing next to the well. Pinto goes to babloo and says “bhaiya, what is this? Why is she being forced into this marriage?” babloo tells pinto to calm down, pinto walks out of the house in anger. Ends on Krishna.
Precap: Pinto is talking to his friends about Krishna. He says “There can be a comma in between Krishna and her studies but a full stop can never be there.” (ahaaan…i wonder what is in pinto\’s mind now…i\’m sure he\’ll do something to get krishna out of all this mess…but what? and OMG! i have the same color tee like his kurta…wah pinto…you and I same same Jodi achi jamegi…what say? ) Krishna is leaving for college, saraswati says “did you hear what pandit ji said? You too have to go to the same house.” Krishna says “papa I\’m going to study.” Saraswati isn\’t pleased.

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