Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2nd January 2012 Written Episode

I am so Happy that Year\’s frst update will be done by me. Ohhh by the way Happy New Year

Bua shows her Marriage dress and wishes Khushi to wear it.

Episode begins with Khushi blindfold and asking for what type of gift and Buaji shows her Shaadi ka joda, Finally sanka devi opens her eyes and says eee in shock Her expression were mindblowing if I would have at her place than before wearing that I would jump off the cliff There buaji says that she was thinking that Khushi should but Khushi completes the line saying that to show her and to keep it back in almirah It ws really good timing of the dialogue and Payal ecpressions were amazing as she ws laughing at the condition of Khushi and Khushi\’s expressions on top of it made that scene made amazing If I would have been Khushi\’s place than I would have said that to use that cloth for cleaning the floor. There Khushi runs out of the words of words hearing that buajee wants her to wear it on the marriage and buajee who alws misunderstands everything Thinks that she ran out of words becoz she of seeing eternal love of ASR Ohhh sorry I mean bua\’s love for Khushi

Finally Khushi says that its Payal\’s marriage to which bua says that her joda is already selected KKG ab yeh excuse toh gya lets find new excuse Khushi looks at Payal angrily and she is laughing at her There buajee says that if she will wear it she will look like angel LOL why didnt anyone told me that buajee did fashion designing. Khushi looks at the Joda and is shocked like hell and buajee says Hai re nandlishor its looking awesome. To which Khushi says that its size is of hers Why didnt Khushi spole openly that it will misfil her as our buaje is healthy there Payal and Garima are laughing on this, Buajee says that when she ws young than she used to look like Khushi sleek and slim I can imaginr bua sleek and slim. There buaje again says that she needs to wear it as it will definately fit her

Finally Khushi plans marriage of NK and buajee
There Khushi finally turns her bulb on and says that if she will wear this than Buajee\’s Nandkishor will feel bad Can anyone really explain me the logic like really?? But buaje who is awesome in misunderstanding things Thinks that she is talking abt Laksmi NK Ohh by the way did I told u guys that I am planning NK and Lakshmi and buajee love triangle how awesome will it be sorry for randomness So yeah buajee strts taking about NK and praising him and Khushi strts teasing her and tells her that after PayAsh marriage Bua and NK can get married Khushi is truly awesome match maker she found match made in heaven

Shayam fakes his love for Anjali

Anjali is meeaging Shayam;s head and she says if he will be thee un next dance parctice and he says he wanted to be there but… Then Anjali tells that today Madhibala wanted that Anjali should do jump and she tells that she ws feeling bad how to tell them and Shayam says that it is possible and he takes her into her arms and she shy away and ask him to promise her that he will be alws like this and he says he cant be as while holding her back will pain

Okay now I need to take band bajaa baaraat of shayam as I missed bajaoing him. Only Khushi can bring her bhaiya on line ohh of u guys dont knw the Shayam is Khushi\’s brother and well I wished Anjali ws enough heavy to break Shayam;s back

Buaji thinking of gifts for Raizada and KKG tells to gift fire extinguisher for ASR
There buajee is thinking what they should gift to others she says that they need to give Pooja thali to ANjali I wish Anjali give dhulai and throw it oon Shayam Then buajee moves onto Nani;s gifts and tells Garima that Nani ws trying to show that she is more awesome dancer than her and Khushi comes there and says that she ws also trying to do the same To which bua saves that they were boys thats why she left them otherwise she is heavy on them Okay on this I really have to agree that buajee is heavy. Then they decide to give Luckhnow saree to nani. Then they move on to HOT ASR and after listening to ASR\’s name her dharampatni gets angry and says that they need to give anything to him So true afterall she has to look and take care of his things Buajee says that he is biggest boy in RM so they have to give him

Buajee asks his Dharampatni to tell gift for him okay the dialogue was so amazing that I will write full

Khushi says ” vo jo dafttar mein aag bujhaane wala cylinder aata hao vahin dete hai jab gusse mein aakr sab kuch rakh kr dete hai tab pssh pssh krke aag bujhane ke kaam ayega hum such keh rahe hai jaise log saans lete hai vaise vo gussa karte hai”

Payal is teased and some emotional moments
Payal tell Khushi to stop and there buaji strt teasing her that we people do can listen abt ASR but how will Payal listen about him Dont worry soon Khushi will get married to him then too she will also not listen Then Gupta;s share emotional moments as Payal is about to leave them. Bua cries and Payal also leaves from there while crying.

3 hawtties making plans
There Akash is roaming here and there and he is like is there any practice session today and there NK is eating chips while making sounds of eating and wrapper tell him no Nanv I mean ASR is getting irritated with that sounds and he offers the chips to Akash but he denies and still he strts eatng them. NK suggests him to make a call at 12 and he says why at 12 why not now. He calls and bua picks up the phone out of nervousness he keeps the phone down. Than again he calls and keeps the phone down and as Garima picks the call. ASR and NK motivates him to call again and be man. He calls again and buajee picks up the phone but Akash is still not able to speak and ASR comes and talks to buajee and tells her to call Payal. uajee calls Payal and Khushi comes there chrpping when buajee tells its ASR Khushi gets shocked and passes the phone to Payal. There ASR passes phone to Akash

PayAsh romantic talk and NK disturbing them.
There Aash is trying to talk to Payal saying that she will be here with him in his house within few days and there NL is listening to there talks which is disturbing him. Payal feels sad on the name of leaving her house so she runs from there and Khushi tells Akash to call on her phone

NK and Khushi talks ASR gets Jeaolous
When NK comes to knw that Akash is calling on Khushi\’s cell than he takes the phone and calls Khushi and strts talking to her abt here and there abt there dance steps. PayAsh fells sad as they are not able to talk.

There ASR who is getting irriated snatches the phone and tells Khushi to give phone to Payal as she told Akash to call on her phone so that PayAsh can talk not NK and Khushi. Khushi tells him that he is also doing the same thing by talking to her.

Payash talks to each other and AKash feels that Payal is sad due to some reason and Khushi tells him the reason that is Payal;s bidai but she tells him not to worry as she wll handle her. There ASR is getting orritated with the voices of chips

Shayam planning something big
Anjali goes upto cupboard to find something but above the supboard there is suitcase which is about to fall on her but Shayam comes on time and saves her. ANjali is like if he ws not here than something bad must have happened she futher adds that she is getting careless day by day to which Shayam thinks that its good she is getting careless as when he will attack her finally than no one will doubt him

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