Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd January 2012 Written Episode


The epi starts with rashi going down in a fancy pink saree and koki stops her.

Koki sees her attire and asks where is she going early in morning and Rashi says she is going nowhere but going to hetal to ask some work.

Koki with a little taunt adds that rashi is becoming silent and responsible now a days and shows her gopis sarees and asks her will she wash them.

Rashi nods automatically aand tells her that she wil drop them in washing machine. Koki stops her and says that even she can do that but gopi clothes needs to be washed seperately

as no infection should be caught to her, so her clothes should be dipped in the antiseptic first and then should be washed and asks rashi wil she do it.(we know, u know what the answer wil be…Grumbling)

Rashi gets a shock but as being already trapped…she takes the clothes grumbling and koki leaves and rashi curses thinking they made her a washerwoman now.(wah..donkey to dhobhi..what a journey)

Gopi gets up and tries to get up, and ahem sees her struggling and asks her what she want.

Gopi says she want to brush(early she ate the whole breakfast without brushing..good she learn manners from hubby deaarst)

Ahem says k and bends down to help her and haves a flash of how gopi fell down due to his negligences.

He immediately backs out and tells gopi that he wil send koki to help her and leaves even gopi keeps calling him. (gopi dear…push ahem also…he slapped u slapped, so either break his legs or push him down..balance over)

Kinjal comes to a shop and asks for a imported cream. The shop keeper tells her that its cost some 315 rupees, Kinjal is shocked and asks for the local cream(Finally blending into the shaw family…koki and dhawal wil dance today)

The man praises the imported cream but kinjal shuts him up and asks the local cream price. The man says 150 and kinjal is again shocked (is she expecting the creams to be free..go and use natural herbals if u have so much pbm dear..pbm solved)

Kinjal blames the man that everything is too high and the man mumbles his crisis saying the market is up now.(No pbm bhaiya…she deserves some disciplane)

Kinjal takes the local cream even though the shop keeper suggests her to take a imported one and when kinjal asks for 10 change..the man gives her a lottery ticket as he dont have change for 10rs.

He shows kinjal a live dream that maybe if her luck shines she wil get 10 lakhs lottery money with 10 ruppes ticket (Now dont tell me…they are going to start lottery drama now..)

Kinjal fells for the words and leaves with the ticket silently.


Ahem comes down to dinning table and tells koki that gopi needs help to brush. Koki tells she wil look after gopi, and asks ahem to concentrate on his work(one more word about ahems work koki..i swear…i wil leave ahem and come after u)

Ahem sits down and koki goes with meethi to gopi room.

Here gopi is doing leg practice again and is despaired. Koki comes and repeats again that ahem said her that she wanted to help in brush so they came(why does koki needed conformation in everything)

Kokila appraches her to lift her and gopi repulse away. (what yaar gopi darling..when ahem tried to touch u..u dint object..but when koki came..u are feeling tensed…naughty girl)

Koki tells her patiently that if she dont sit in wheel chair then how can they take her to brush and tells her not to worry and lifts her with meethi help and places her in wheel chair.

GOpi is afraid and cluthes the wheel chair tightly. Koki points to gopi saying to see that nothing happend to her.Meethi takes gopi away and koki prays kanaji to somehow get rid of gopis fear fast(give ur son a chance first then ur prays wil be accepted)

Kinjal comes and tells urmi that she brought all the things she asked and is going in her room to freshen up.(Thats why kinji..ur mom struggled so hard to make u learn some work..but what to do…buffalo skin..nothing goes inside …)

Urmi comes and sees the lottery ticket and is shocked (will she be angry or excited..wait and watch)

She mutters that now kinjal is buying lottery tickets without her knowledge and is trying to over power her(she already did..idiot)

She feels happy that if they won the 10 lakhs then she wil throw some money at the ad agent face(first win and then fly)

and decides that she wil bought a ticket too in competetion with kinjal and wil see, who wil win..kinjal or she.(i dont know about them..but dhawal is doomed for sure)

Here at mm..chirag tells ahem that he is going to site, and tells to take jigar with him(why cant he drive..oh..petrol saving it)

Parag tells he wil come with chirag for some poem hearing and they leave(thank god koki dint hear it..otherwise we would have gotten a parag biryani today)

Jigar tells he wil bring the file and leaves(this fellow always forgets everything)

Hetal too leaves to kitchen and only baa remains. Baa is struggling to get up and ahem helps her out. Baa causual mocks him saying wil he make her fall too and ahem is hurt(ouch baa…that was sooo not nice..dont know…i am hurt too..ahemji..dont worry yaar..)

AHem face turns to raddish red and remains like a statue and baa tells him that she was just joking(do u call that a joke baa…first think about how people feel…baa..i am sorry..u are my offical enemy now..for hurting ahemji)

She pulls his leg saying he too turned like koki without any sense of humour (she took this many years to notice that…baa u need another pair of spects seriously)

Jigar the saviour comes and ahem leaves with him..


Rashi comes to her room grumbling and pities with herself saying how tired she got(this girl will never change..)

She takes her stupid curseful cell phone and calls urmi. Rashi cries with urmi that she needed to wash all the clothes of gopi and others too with anti septic and tells her how koki asked her to do it for gopi sake.(when did she washed remaining peoples clothes…a true doberman…sorry i mean..washerman..sorry washerwoman)

Urmi blames her fav gopi again and tells its all because of her and rashi scolds her asking from where gopi got landed in this situation and tells urmi that gopi fell during walking and the doc telling her not to walk until she recovers from the shock. Urmi is worried(yeah u heard right..she is worried)

Urmi questions rashi when wil gopi be k again and rashi tells not until she recovers from shock and says that the doc told them to take her to a trip in wheel chair to change her mood in parks.

Urmi worries and questions rashi that until gopi is recovered..she wil get drowned in more work now(how stupid i am..of course she is worried for rashi)

Rashi says i think so and urmi tells rashi to take gopi to a walk in park. rashi scolds her saying why should she get laden with another work and urmi tells her to take gopi to site seeing and she can escape the work with that and everyone wil think how much she cares for gopi(this is called hitting the birds with a single bullet named gopi)

Rashi likes the idea and tells urmi she wil do it and urmi tells her recent plan of buying lottery ticket and tells rashi that she wil see who wil win among them(yeah we too)

Rashi bangs her head and tells urmi k and cuts the call.(atleast daughter have some brains still left..thank god)

Here koki is thinking (ooh koki change that expression yaar…it seems u are planning to murder rashi)

Hetal asks her why is she worried…and koki tells her that she is worried about gopi.

Hetal tells her that to trust kanaji..and with time..gopi wil get over shock soon…and to just have some patience..(copy cat hetal..these were koki dailgoues..)

Koki nods worried.

Here in mm office ahem is remembering rashi words and doc words of how doc said that gopi should get over the shock and how rashi asked about gopi not being able to walk.

He takes his cell phone and calls gopi number but cuts immediately and is in a dilemma doing nothing and struggling(what else can i say something fast..or always someone wil do something..and u wil becomea a spectator again)

Jigar comes their and asks ahem about some bussiness proposal and ahem thinking about gopi tells k and mutters what the doc said he should follow that.

Jigar realises that ahem is not talking about project and calls him and ahem realizes what he was speaking and gets uncomfortable(now whats their to get uncomfortable..afterall u are human being too..not a vampire to hide ur feelings..are u?)

Jigar comforts a shy and uncomfortable ahem who is trying his best to hide from jigar saying that gopi wil be alright and he knows how he is worried for gopi(stupid..this is the thing..which ahem wants u dont want to know)

Jigar assures ahem that gopi wil be fine soon and ahem is still worried.

Rashi comes to gopi room and asks her why is she so worried and assures her that she wil be fine soon and tells gopi that she wil take her to a park so that her mood wil get better(i dont know about hers..but urs wil be for sure)

Gopi asks about koki and rashi tells that the doc suggested her to have a stroll in the park so not to worry. and tells gopi that she wil come right back taking kokis permission and leaves and epi ends on gopis greateful face.


Gopi is in a wheel chair and rashi is pushing it in a park. Rashi slipps on a banna peel and fells forward. Due to that force, gopi wheel chair starts tumbling down and gopi shouts for rashi. Rashi gets up and is shocked to see gopi going down at full speed.

Ahem koki and hetal hears gopi cries and ahem runs at the direction..He is shocked to see gopi wheel chair going straight to a fence and runs after her. (wooow..tense atmosphere)

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