Brief Update

Naku is kidnapped by Yogender\’s men.
Kaka tries to stop them but he is beaten by the goons.
Baji gets doubt on Suds behavior & starts questioning & threatening him to say the truth.Datta too joins Baji & Suds tries to put all the blame on kala saying she wants to sell the whole patilwadi & their property to Yogender & run away with the money.
Datta refuses to doubt kala & comes to know she is not AS daughter & is shocked.
Sanjhana calls Digu & tells that she has kidnapped Naku.
Indumathi is not the real daughter of AS but a mohra of Yogender.
Yogender had given Indu money to act as AS daughter.
Yog gives Indu an injection to give it to AS.

Precap : Datta & Baji are hitting Suds to get the truth out of him.Suds finally says Indu is not AS daughter & Yog had planted her. Nurse tells AS is shifted to another room. Datta reached her room & just then Indu gives the injection to AS.