Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th January 2012 Written Episode

Sandhya in tears and standing near to bhabho and pleading her to believe her that she tried many times to tell her the truth “The day we came back from Kuldevi mandir, I tried to tell you the truth but then the theft in the house stopped me as I saw your anger and the way Meenakshi was treated. You called her parents home and insulted them and I got very very scared.” Then she bows down and sits next to bhabho and continues “I have just lost my parents and I did not want them to be insulted. I have seen my brother and bhabhi standing with folded hands next to you and I did not want my innocent bhabhi to be insulted because of this.” Suraj is in tears too and looks at Sandhya. All are standing in the hall and Meena is hearing all this with worried face.
Sandhya is crying the whole time while talking to bhabho “Bhabho, since that day I have lived in fear. My dad has never taught me to lie and imagine how I have lived with this lie? I have died every day. I know now nobody will believe me because of this and you all will think that I am again telling lie. I am associated with this house now and whatever punishment you want to give I will accept it. But I did not tell lie, yes I hid the truth but never told lie. In recent times I have tried many times but could not tell the truth. Trust me, I have not told lie. ”
Bhabho gets up and Sandhya too. Bhabho looks at crying Sandhya and says “Beenani, you are 14th grade pass and that too stood 3rd in the whole of Rajasthan, so whatever way you twist the words and say it, I will be of no comparison to you. I don\’t know what is the difference between telling a lie and hiding the truth. No, I know that you have deceived this house and you will get the punishment for this.” Suraj is sad and looks away. Meena is happy and makes face. Bhabho continues “but before the punishment those people need to know who actually gave birth to this lie.” Sandhya is shocked and so is Suraj.
Mohit make the call to America…says bhabho. “what if they are not here, they cannot run away from saying lie to us. They need to bear all this.” Sandhya is extremely shocked.and Meena is extremely happy. They all go in the hall near the phone and Mohit makes the call. Sandhya follows them.
Ankue picks up the phone and is happy hearing Mohit\’s voice. Bhabho takes the phone and starts blasting Ankur. “Your sister is standing right here with her eyes in the earth, crying and asking for the thing that is not available in this house.” Ankur and Ankita are extremely puzzled and ask bhabho what has happened? Bhabho shouts “do not say is a small word. Telling lie to Mother-in-law, breaking husband\’s trust is not mistake, it is crime. She could have asked for devi, devta\’s turban, I could have given her but not sorry.” Ankita says “bhabho, I don\’t know what has happened there but Sandhya never says a lie. Something must have happened.” Bhabho blasts her “Oh… thief is saying good words for other thief…very good. It is not onle Sandhya who has said lie but you too. The whole family has said lie to us, played with our emotions. Should I count the lies that you have told us? ”
1) first lie that your sister does household work like a charm whereas she has never lifted a glass of water in her house.
2) Your sister is 7th pass but your sister\’s intelligence is famous in the whole of Pushkar
3) Lie that your sister has come 3rd in the college studies. Newspaper has her picture samdhisa.
The picture in the newspaper should not have been because of studies but because that you all made fun of us uneducated people for saying lie and giving in your sister. Because of studies your sister danced such a dance that I was sent to jail.”

Ankur and Ankita are shocked to hear about jail incident and he pleads that Sandhya can never do such a thing. It must be some mistake, misunderstanding. Bhabho again taunts them that it is not misunderstanding now. Everything has finished. Do not take side of your sister now. Everything has come infront of our eyes now. Ankur tries to clear his stand but bhabho interrupts him “no no, we uneducated people get all impressed by you educated people and your words…Do not try to twist words now. No samdhisa now it is our turn to say and your turn to listen. I am saying you Sandhisa for the last time. From today, this relation is over.” Ankur, Ankita and Sandhya are shocked. She continues… “in my house god lives in every corner and if she stays here then my god will leave that is why she needs to go from this house.” Suraj looks on at bhabho… You come to Pushkar and take your sister away.
Ankur speaks “bhabho, it is my mistake, not Sandhya\’s. She was not involved in this. It was me who told you lie. So give me punishment and not her”
Bhabho says “Ankursa, I cannot come there to give you punishment and secondly, I gave you my son with full faith and trust. You have broken that trust very badly.”
Ankur cries and pleads and says sorry but bhabo says “I told you in the beginning itself that in this house we can give our life but not sorry.” He says that can I please talk to Suraj and bhabho is shocked beyond words to hear Ankur asking for Suraj..She literally screams “in your family you do not understand what relations are but in my house everybody knows relations and their importance. If you think that my son will melt to your pleas then you are mistaken. To prove my point, here talk to my son and you will know.” She hands the phone to Suraj and asks him to talk to them. Ankur starts “Suraji, Sandhya is innocent, she does not know about my lies.. She was not aware of anything. I was selfish and I told you lies and I did the same to her too. I never told her that you are 8th pass instead said that you are well educated and have a nice government job.” Suraj is shocked and is wide-eyed hearing Ankur say this. Ankita then pleads “Suraj ji, our Sandhya has never ever told lie in her life, she is very straight forward and when she came to know about your truth after Kuldevi darshan, she was hurt, broken. I know how she has kept the burden of this lie just to save us and our reputation infront of all of you. She has dies each day by not telling you the truth. She was very soon going to tell you.” Suraj is dumbstruck and is shocked with this revelation. Bhabho looks at him and says that why are you not talking and then takes phone from his hand “if my son is not saying anything does not mean that we will forgive you all or that he is in love with your sister. It is because he is so nice and innocent and has never broken anybody\’s trust and heart. That is why he is so broken and is not able to speak. He is not able to even say thief to a thief. What have you done to him… The thing is that you just take the flight and come and take Sandhya away.” Bhabho slams the phone down. There Ankita blames Ankur and tells him to go and bring Sandhya. Suraj is in thoughts and Sandhya is all in tears and episode ends on her face.

The video that I saw did not have the precap.

Friends, it was an awesome episode. Too good and a wonderful way to reveal the truth to Suraj without the whole family knowing about it. Now starts the real story and how Suraj will support Sandhya as he knows the truth and he trusts Sandhya that she is a nice person and can never say lie or hurt. I am so looking forward to how Suraj will handle the situation and how he will support Sandhya. It will take some time before he starts talking to Sandhya as he is hurt that why Sandhya did not tell him the truth..but he will always be there to support her.

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