Pavitra Rishta 9th January 2012 Written Episode

Deshmukh House

Damodar is at his house. Manav is coming in. Damodar is drinking alcohol. Manav sees this.
Manav: baba, you are drinking? Damodar laughs.
Damodar: Let me drink. I got some happy news after so many years.
Manav: What is the good news about baba?
Damodar: You don\’t know?
Manav: No.
Damodar: You know everything but you are pretending not to know. Do you want to hear it from my mouth, then listen. I have waited and the destiny has shown me what I was waiting for after 18 years.
Manav: I don\’t know what you\’re talking about baba.
Damodar: I am talking about you and Archana. You guys came in front of each other after 18 years. The relationships which are based on destiny never break.
Manav: You have misunderstood baba. The relationship between me and Archana is done. We did not come in front of each other and we never will.
Damodar: Did you not see Archana in India?
Manav: No.
Damodar: Say this to me by looking in my eyes. Say it! Manav turns back and looks at his father in the eye. Manav has tear in his eye.
Manav: I did not see Archana.
Damodar: But your eyes are saying something different. I listened to the conversation between you and DK about Archana. Manav, you can try all you want but you and Archana can\’t ever be separate. The destiny will not let the two of you separate. I have not been able to see Archana for many years because of your stubbornness. Your stubbornness can stop me but it won\’t stop destiny. The destiny wants the two of you to meet. Look Manav, the two of you will come in front of each other very soon. Manav remembers when he was at the office in India and he was looking at Archana.

Deshmukh House in Ovi\’s bedroom

Ovi is in her bedroom. She is very happy. Ovi remembers when the boy at the party was asking Arjun, who are you to order me and Arjun had said, I am her fianc, and we are about to get married. Teju comes to the room. Ovi says out loud to herself, Arjun, you are so unpredictable and this is the reason why I love you so much. Teju hears all this as she is sitting behind Ovi. Ovi sees Teju through the mirror.
Ovi: Teju, why are you staring at me like that?
Teju: Ovi, what do you think, that you are a princess, or Queen Elizabeth? You want everything to go your way, right.
Ovi: What do you mean?
Teju: I mean to say that why did you let Arjun go to India without getting engaged to him?
Ovi: Because it was very important for him to go to India.
Teju: Oh, really?
Ovi: Also, I\’m not a typical housewife. He has his priorities and I respect that.
Teju: Ovi, you were just calling Arjun unpredictable. I think that you are the most unpredictable person in life. You usually talk very mature, but right now you\’re behaving like a kid, trust me. Listen to one thing very carefully. After today, you will not miss Arjun and yes, don\’t ever feel guilty that you let Arjun go to India without getting engaged to him.
Ovi: Come on Teju.
Teju: Oh please Ovi. Promise me that you will not discuss this topic anymore.
Ovi: You are talking about promises? Today I am in such a good mood that if you ask me for anything, I will do it. Anyway Teju, why don\’t you find a guy for yourself?
Teju: Guy, a guy who I should love, I don\’t have anything like that in my life.
Ovi: Why?
Teju: I will never love a guy in my life.
Ovi: Teju, it is just useless talking to you. I sometimes doubt that we are twins.
Teju: I also doubt it. Forget about all that and let\’s go.
Ovi: Where?
Teju: To eat Vada Pav.
Ovi: Eat Vada Pav?
Teju: You said that you would do as I say.
Ovi: Yes I know but I can\’t eat Vada Pav.
Teju: Let\’s go. Teju takes Ovi with her and they go downstairs.

Deshmukh House

Ovi and Teju are at their house. Manav, DK and Arjun are coming in.
Manav: Arjun, I know you are an independent businessman and you know how to make decisions on your own but still I want to say something to you.
Arjun: Yes uncle.
Manav: Arjun, the employees of that company are above 45 years old.
Arjun: Uncle, the decision I will make will be for the benefit of our company. So just relax and trust me.
DK: Manav, can we stop this please? Let him go. Manav smiles.
Manav: Sure sir.
DK:I talked to Arjun, I think we\’ll be alright. Arjun goes to Ovi.
Ovi: Arjun, call me as soon as you get there.
Arjun: Won\’t it be a little late when I get there?
Ovi: Ok tell me, what will you get for me from India?
Arjun: I will get what you like, tell me. What do you want?

Deshmukh House

Ovi: Just come soon, I don\’t want anything else.
Arjun: I will try.
Ovi: You will try?
Arjun: Yes, I will try. If I met another girl then it could take some time.
Ovi: Yes, ok, take your time in coming. I will pass my time with my friend.
Arjun: There is no need, I will come back soon.
Ovi: That\’s like a good boy. Arjun smiles.
DK: Arjun.
Arjun: Yes dad.
DK: You\’re getting late. You will miss your flight. Arjun looks at his watch.
Arjun :Yeah, I should leave.
DK: We can come to the airport with you if you want.
Arjun: Ok dad, if we all go to the airport then some people will be at ease so let\’s go. Manav, DK, and Arjun leave. Teju smiles and waves at them. Ovi looks sad.
Teju: Are you ok?
Ovi: Yeah, I\’m fine.

Karanjkar House

Purvi is at her house. She is finishing up her prayer.
Purvi: aai, are you ready yet? Aai, come quickly, we are getting late for work. Archana comes out of her bedroom and she is not dressed.
Purvi: aai, why have you not gotten ready yet?
Archana: Purvi, I am not going to the office today. I am having a headache so that\’s why I can\’t go.
Purvi: Ok aai, you take care of yourself, I will leave to go to work. Archana stops Purvi.
Archana: Purvi.
Purvi: Yes aai.
Archana: You also don\’t go today. Look, if you stay with me today then I will feel better quicker, please don\’t go.
Purvi: Yes aai but did you know that the new owners of the company are coming today? Archana looks tense.
Purvi: aai, are you not going to the office because of this?
Archana: No Purvi, I am honest. My head is hurting a lot.
Purvi: Look aai, we did not do anything wrong so we don\’t need to be afraid. Aai, you have faith in your Purvi, right, so get ready.
Archana: But?
Purvi: No buts aai, quickly go, change your clothes and I am waiting for you. Archana smiles and leaves to get ready.

At the airport

Arjun\’s flight is landing at the Mumbai airport. He comes inside the airport and looks around.
Arjun: Dad was right, there is a lot in India. Arjun goes to a taxi and a driver comes and puts his suitcase in the trunk.

In the taxi

Arjun is sitting in the taxi. He is heading toward the office.

Outside the office

Mr. Agarwal and the employees are outside.
Mr. Agarwal: Your problems are not going to be solved if you don\’t do your work. The new owner from Canada is coming.
Purvi: Sir, this is why we are standing outside here because until we don\’t get talk to him, none of us will do our job. A car comes and Arjun comes out of the car. Arjun shakes hands with Mr. Agarwal. Archana thinks to herself, did Manav not come, but why? Archana thinks, maybe he didn\’t come because of me and who is this guy? Archana thinks, could it be the manager, he does not look like a manager. Arjun is walking towards the employees. Purvi is walking toward Arjun. They are both standing right in front of each other. Arjun takes off his sunglasses.
Arjun: What the heck is going on here? And what kind of a scene have you guys created?
Purvi: We have not created a scene, this is our protest. We are protesting against the new owner.
An employee: Yes, we are not ok with his decision.
Another employee: We will not sign on any agreement in any circumstance.
Arjun: Quiet! What kind of way is this to talk to me? Listen, and listen to me carefully, I don\’t want a scene. If you guys have a representator to solve your issues with me, then you can come in my office right now, move. Arjun says to Purvi, and kindly clear my way, move. Arjun goes inside.
An employee: Who is he? He is so disrespectful.
Another employee: He doesn\’t know how to talk to the employees.

Outside the office

Archana: Purvi.
Purvi: aai, you were saying that the new owner was very good but he has an attitude. These rich people are terrible, they say one thing and mean another thing.
Archana: No Purvi, he is not our boss.
Purvi: What?
Archana: Yes, he is not the person I had met. Purvi, maybe he is a manager but he is not the boss.
Purvi: Oh, he is the manager and he is so harsh but what would he do if he were the boss? I will show him his place.
Archana: Purvi.
Purvi: All of you listen. I will be your representator. I will show him what the punishment is of messing with the employee\’s future. Come on aai, let\’s go everyone.

In Arjun\’s office

Arjun is in his office. There are a few other workers in the office. There is a knock on the door.
Arjun: Come in. Purvi comes in the office. She gives Arjun a nasty look.
Arjun: Sit. Purvi sits down.
Arjun: Tell me, what is the issue with your employees?
Purvi: You know the issues very well but still.
Arjun: Shh! Talk softly. I don\’t like it when anyone talks to me with a raised voice.
Purvi: Oh, then what do you like? Taking advantage of the management level, or causing loss of the employees? What do you think of yourself and with what right are you making this decision? I know you bought this company but this does not mean that you can do anything with our lives!
Arjun: Excuse me. First of all, you may not talk to me like this and secondly, it is my decision what I want to do with this company. And by the way, I did not terminate all of the employees immediately. I am giving them the chance and I am giving them salary so they can find a good job for themselves.
Purvi: Wow, this is a good way to terminate employees, you are bribing them sir.
Arjun: Arjun.
Purvi: I don\’t care about your name. I have come here for those employees who you are taking away the job from them. And let me tell you, I will not let anything unfair happen to them.

Arjun\’s office

Arjun: Just wait! Who are you to tell me what I should do and what I should not do? Purvi stands up.
Purvi: I am the representator of those employees who have given more than half of their life to this company. If they lose their job, then how will they live their life. Go and tell your boss that his deal will not work here. Arjun stands up.
Arjun: Enough! You have said enough, is this a way to talk to me? No one has talked to me like this throughout my entire career life.
Purvi: And I have never seen someone with as stone hearted as you.
Arjun: Just be quiet! Get out.
Purvi: I am going. I have no interest in standing here and arguing with you. And yes, tell your boss that we have rejected his deal. And if he does not listen to us then we will go to court. Purvi leaves.
Arjun: Wait, who the heck is she, who is this girl?
A worker: Sir, her name is Purvi.
Arjun: Get a termination letter.
The worker: But sir?
Arjun: I said, get a termination letter right now.
The worker: Yes sir. The worker leaves. Arjun says to himself, I will show her. Arjun looks very mad.

Deshmukh House

Manav and Damodar are at their house. Damodar is sitting down.
Manav: baba, what happened baba?
Damodar: I need a favor from you.
Manav: Yes baba, what is it?
Damodar: I need some papers.
Manav: Papers, what kind of papers?
Damodar: The papers for the new company which you had bought.
Manav: Why do you need the papers for the company?
Damodar: Do you need to ask? Ok, if you don\’t want to give me the papers then I will go. Damodar stands up.
Manav: One minute, I will give you the papers. Manav goes to his closet and gets out the papers. Manav gives the papers to his father.
Damodar: Can I keep these papers with me?
Manav: But baba, what will you do with these papers?
Damodar: Nothing special. I will call the company and I will find Archana\’s phone number. Damodar smiles and says and I will talk to her a lot. Manav takes the papers from his father.
Manav: No baba, you will not do anything like that. Damodar takes the papers.
Damodar: I will do it, I will definitely do it. After so many years, I am getting the chance to talk to Archana. I don\’t want to lose that chance. But don\’t worry, I won\’t talk to Archana as your father but I will do it as her father.

Deshmukh House

Manav: There is no use baba. Archana has moved on in her life. She has a daughter and a family. The will that you have of me and Archana coming back together will never be fulfilled. Damodar shakes his head.
Damodar: No Manav, this is not right. Archana can\’t do this.
Manav: But this is the truth baba. I saw Archana. She has sindoor and mangalsutra. Manav recalls the moment he had seen Archana with sindoor on her forehead. Manav says I saw her daughter who addressed her as her mother. Manav recalls the time when Purvi was calling after Archana.
Manav: Do you still not believe it? Damodar shakes his head.
Damodar: No Manav. You can say anything but I am not ready to accept that Archana has moved on in her life. Savita comes and she hears this from a corner. Savita is shocked. Savita thinks to herself, this means that Manav saw Archana when he went to India. Savita is looking tense.

Precap: Damodar and Archana are talking on the phone. Damodar is telling Archana to quickly take a flight and come to Canada. Damodar tells Archana to come back in Manav\’s life. Archana is crying. Damodar says Manav loves you a lot dear. Damodar tells Archana to come for the sake of Manav\’s love. Archana is crying.


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