Dil Se Di Hai Dua 9th January 2012 Written Episode

– Next morning, Jahnvi\’s asleep, and wakes up to the song of her favorite song…Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna, And freaks out as she sees Viraj entering the bedroom with a tray of breakfast for her. She cowers away from him in the bed, and listens as he tells her the importance of discipline, how everything\’s changed since she\’s been married and he\’s the only one that knows her now, so he came over. Jahnvi thinking to herself why Viraj is there that early in morning, and praying that she made no mistake the night before.

Siya enters right then, and tells Jahnvi how lucky she is, and how Viraj came early that morning and made a wonderful breakfast for everyone, and Jahnvi just listens quietly as Siya and Viraj share some cute Jiju-Saali moments, before Siya leaves.

Viraj then holds her hand carefully, and Jahnvi\’s mind immediately flashes back to the night of the rape, and she pulls away quickly. When he asks her what happened, she gets afraid again and gives her hand to him. Jahnvi then tells Viraj that she hasn\’t told anyone n her family everything. Issues between a husband and wife should stay between them only. Viraj makes her some coffee and gives it to her, and tells her to relax, everything is fine. Jahnvi\’s mom calls her downstairs for pooja, and she takes permission from Viraj before going to get ready.

Uma and Dadi praying to God, where Uma is thanking God for a son in law like Viraj, and praying that no harm should ever come upon him.

Jahnvi lights a diya, and is about to leave the room, when Viraj stops her and asks her who her God is, who she prays to, and Jahnvi stays quiet. Viraj tells her that for a woman her God should be her husband “Pati parmeshawar” and tells her to do pooja to her. He sits himself in front of her, and tells her to light the agarbatti and show it to him, and dictates how she should do the pooja for him. Jahnvi\’s mind runs through all the diferent times that he\’s tortured her as she fearfully does what he tells her to, including giving him the arti. And finally tells her to closer her eyes and thank him for coming into her life, and pray that he\’s her husband every janam forward. He then tell her to throw the flowers on her, and then touch his feet, and blesses her by saying “Saubhagyavati Bhava”

Dadi praying to God saying that she knows Jahnvi isn\’t happy with Viraj, and God is the only one that can bring his real face forward. Everyone thinks that the minute Viraj entered the house, everything has been going well, but that\’s not true.

Viraj allows Jahnvi to leave and go pray to “the other God”. Uma asks Jahnvi why she was so late, and when Jahnvi stares wordlessly, they tell her that it\’s fine, and they\’ve done the pooja in lieu of her. And Dadi tells her to pray for herself along with her dad, because she needs God\’s help more than he ever does. Jahnvi immediately tries to deny this, and Dadi asks her when she will say what her eyes have already been showing everyone.

Sanjay enters the house with a lawyer right then, and Jahnvi doesn\’t greet him and instead runs upstairs into her dad\’s room, where she bumps into Viraj, who forces her to go back downstairs. The lawyer asks to meet Gangadhar, and he slowly comes outside, and Sanjay introduces Mr. Rathore (the lawyer) and explains how the case against him is really strongly against him, and they should make a case against the company he worked for. Gangadhar immediately denies this, and says the company was a second home, and Rathore tells him this is the only option if he doesn\’t want to pay the money back and ask for forgiveness. Viraj is listening to all of this silently, not saying a word, but getting impatient with every psasing second. Sanjay tries to talk to Jahnvi about this, and Jahnvi just stands like a deer caught in headlights, and Viraj\’s anger shoots up but she tells him that this is her family\’s problem, and it would be best if he doesn\’t interfere, and she quickly leaves.

Sanjay is left standing there shocked at Jahnvi\’s rudeness, and Viraj excuses himself to go follow his wife inside.

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