Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 12th January 2012 Written Episode

Rohan is catching up with some friends asking them about their business.
Mr. S and Anji are in the hospital. They are worried about the loan since no one\’s ready to buy the house. They have only 2 days left. Anji is worried about Nidhi but Mr. S says she is the daughter of an armyman. They can go to the consumer court but that will create more problems for Nidhi. They should wait till Yuvraj is fine. The doctor comes out and Mr. S asks about Yuvraj. Dr. Sahni says that he is still the same, not better, not worse.
Chhote Sarkar picks up the phone and the man wishes to talk to Nidhi. Nidhi says it must be Rohan but CS says it is someone unknown. She takes the call and the person is someone interested in buying her house in any price she wants. Nidhi says she can show him the house but he says that is not needed, they\’ll just seal the deal tomorrow. Nidhi is puzzled and asks him who he is. The man says he\’s a well-wisher and hangs up.
Nidhi gives Dadi Bua the good news and she thanks God that they can pay the loan now. Nidhi calls up Mansukhani to give him the good news. Mansukhani is also puzzled at this and asks if he will buy the house for sure. Nidhi says he sounded serious so he has to accompany her. Mansukhani agrees to do so. Nidhi shares her confusion over how the man got to know that she wants to sell the house and is ready to give them their price. Mansukhani mirrors her feelings but says that their work is done so that should make them happy. Nidhi says this is truly a miracle.
As they hang up, Masukhani calls Chandak and tells him about this offer and wonders who it might be. Chandak wonders about their share. Mansukhani says this deal can be finalised without them, he just needs to find out who is this fellow.
Someone knocks on a man\’s door for room-service. It is the well-wisher and the people are Mansukhani and Chandak. Mansukhani says that this deal can\’t happen without him and asks why he didn\’t reveal his identity. The person is called Sandeep Barchi. He says because this was what was told to him by the person who is buying this house. He straightaway comes to the point and asks what price they\’re expecting. Mansukhani says Rs. 3 crore. Sandeep agrees to the deal but asks about the commission. Mansukhani says that Nidhi will get 2 crore and they will get 3 crore commission. After they\’re done, Sandeep shows them the way out. After they depart, Sandeep looks puzzled.
Chandak tells Mansukhani that he was a weird man. Mansukhani says that they should worry about the money now.
Mallika is going to Armaan because Ashu is missing. She is feeling guilty for what she did to Ashu. Suhasini tries consoling her by saying that Ashu has not given her anything. Mallika blasts Suhasini for saying rubbish about Ashu and leaves.
Kaka and Armaan are still trying to locate Ashu. They\’ve run out of contact but there is no trace of Ashu. Kaka says they should inform the police now. Armaan says as a joke they used to say that they\’ll never lodge a police complaint in case the other goes missing but today, he feels like a part of him is missing and he is scared. Kaka assures that Ashu will be fine.
Nidhi gives Anji and Mr. S the good news as well. She also tells that they\’re willing to pay their price. Mr. S smells a rat but Anji is just hoping that this is true. Mr. S decides to give Yuvraj this good news in hope that he\’ll get better. Anji asks Nidhi is she spoke to Ashu and Nidhi tells her that his number is unreachable. They just hope that he is back before they sell the house and hope that he understands Nidhi\’s position (I have my doubts here). Nidhi calls up his landline and asks Armaan about Ashu. Armaan asks her not to worry, he\’ll be back. Nidhi requests him to tell Ashu to call her back. Mallika also reaches. She\’s looking guilty. Armaan asks why she didn\’t go to the hospital. She says she can\’t go after what she did to Ashu, she can\’t show her face to anyone. Armaan says her face hasn\’t changed. Mallika says he has every right to be angry with her but she is also going to a lot of pain. Armaan says they should worry about Ashu now. Mallika says that this is her fault, she wants to apologise for being so bitter. Armaan says he won\’t be back with her apologies, they should just pray for him to come back. He hadn\’t missed him this much even when he\’d gone to Mumbai. Mallika says she knows what missing means now. Armaan says anyone would go crazy trying to decide whether to love or hate a person. Mallika says she has put Ashu in this mess.
Sandeep calls Nidhi again. Nidhi tries getting his identity but in vain. He asks her to meet him at the Registrar\’s office at 11. Immeditely after this she calls up Mansukhani. He says cheque will take a couple of days and can get bounced. They will take the payment by draft. As they hang up, Chandank congratulates Mansukhani.
Nidhi sees the papers of the house and says that tomorrow, she will sell his own, her house. She is happy that the loan will be paid but she will have another burden by him and his love since she is selling his dream, her dream, THEIR dream of living together in that house. But now, this house won\’t even be mortgaged with the bank, it\’s going away from them forever. There is no hope of this dream returning to them and this road will finally end as their house becomes someone else\’s house. Someone surprises her, this is none other than Rohan. Nidhi starts shouting at and hitting Rohan for leaving her. She then tells him about the house and he assures her that she is doing the right thing. Nidhi wonders where Ashu is.
Ashu reaches a temple and the episode freezes on his face.

Precap: The deal is getting finalised. Nidhi wishes Ashu was here, it would\’ve been a lot easier. She is forced to sell his house.

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