Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 12th January 2012 Written Episode

Detailed Update

Scene — On the Road.
Episode Begins with, Ginny and Rashi running on the road and the driver following them. (Run!!! Bhagooo!!! )

Scene — At the Police Station.
Sweety and Lucky come to the Police station and is ready to file a complaint. Lucky asks Has any accident happened on that road? The police tells, This accident keep happening now and then. (Useless Hawaldaar ) Sweety tells, Why are u talking to him, talk to an inspector. A lady inspector comes and asks yes, can i help u? (Wow!! Great! )

Scene — Near the Main Road.
Rashi-Ginny are running, driver following them. Rashi see\’s Jeet\’s car and calls out Daddy. (Oh Wow.. Finalllyyy!!! ) Pinky gets off the car and tells, I heard Rashi\’s voice. Rashi see\’s the Driver and holds Ginny\’s hand and runs from there. Jeet tells Pinky, U are thinking about Rashi, thats why u are hearing her voice. (Jeet yaar ) Pinky sits in the car and Jeet drives it.. (Ufff!!! )

Scene — At the Police Station.
Sweety is so worried that she starts shouting at the Police inspector saying u always say not to worry, but u do this and that but u aren\’t able to find the child then next day u trouble the people by doing Naka Bandi.. If u know the place is scary why did u allow to keep the party on for so long? (Sweety Calm down ) The police asks, then why did u sent ur child to the party.. (Police started.. ) She says, i didn\’t throw the party also remember when u put a blame on someone remember that 3 fingers are pointing to u.. (Rightly said.. But I can understand how Sweety is feeling now.. ) The police tells, Don\’t worry all will be fine. (Again don\’t worry )

Scene — In the Jungle.
Rashi is running fast and Ginny is left behind. Ginny is tired.. (What the… Rashi are u nuts.. ) Ginny is so tired that she cannot run more. The driver is behind her so she hides behind a tree. The driver is looking around for her. (Ohh no.. Ginnyyy.. ) The driver leaves the place and continues running.(Chal hat.. ) 2 drunk men come there, Ginny is scared looking at them and she cries. (Don\’t tell me these 2 have done something )

Scene — On the Main Road.
Jeet asks 2 men did they see any auto pass from here. The men say that just now an auto passed from that road.. I guess there was some problem in the auto. ( OMG! Nice Clue.. But now the children have run away )

Scene — On the Main Road.
Rashi has reached the main road and screams for Ginny, she gets on response. (Get lost Rashi.. I hate u.. ) Rashi see\’s the auto driver coming behind her and continues runny.. (She doesn\’t have a heart… all she wants to do is mischief and nothing else.. Poor Ginny )

Scene — On the Main Road.
Pinky and Jeet see an auto and checks it and finds Rashi\’s stuff. (Don\’t worry! Rashi is safe.. She has put Ginny into a trouble ) Pinky gets emotional.. and starts screaming Rashiii Rashiii..

Scene — Outside the Police Station
The inspector tells to check the Auto\’s etc. A Police Van comes there. The Police tells A truck dashed a taxi the taxi driver ran though. A small girl has lost her life. (Its not Ginny nor Rashi ) Sweety freaks out.. The Inspector see\’s the body and asks is ur child 12 yrs? Did she wear a salwaar suit? Sweety shocked, Lucky goes a bit ahead to see. Sweety faints and falls. (Sweetyyy!! ) the inspector asks him to have a look at the body. Lucky in tears..

Scene — Outside the Police Station / Lucky speaks to Jeet & Rocky.
The Police inspector asks whether There was Jai Mata di on the hand of ur child. (Its Not ginny i told na ) Lucky breaks down in tears and tells Sweety that it is not Ginny. (Me in tears) Jeet calls him and tells, We found an empty auto here with Rashi\’s things but not able to find Rashi.. Lucky tells we are coming there with the police.. (Come fast ) Pinky cries on Jeet\’s shoulder..Rocky calls and asks Lucky did they find Ginny? Lucky gets angry and tells, Why are u worried about Ginny? u left her alone na? Rocky cries. (Rocky now why are u caring?? ) Sweety tells Rocky to call Lovely and tell him to pick him up as its not safe for u to be there. Rocky tells Ok. (How did Sweety change, she was angry na? )

Scene — On the Main Road.
Rashi comes in search of Ginny to the same place where, She cannot find Ginny and starts crying.. (Now why are u crying i guess those drunk men have taken her somewhere.. )

Scene — In a Jungle sorta place.
The Police team find a shoe. Pinky tells Its Rashi\’s she gets scared, runs and screams Raashiii Raashiii.. Sweety too goes and screams Ginnnyy Ginnyy.. (What will these 2 do by screaming? ) Lucky gets so angry and tells, Should i call the Higher people in authority or u will find 2 kids ASAP. (Lucky jiii ap bhi calm ho jaao ) the inspector tells, Because of u i have kept the children in the party there, i am doing everything for u and u in return.. anyway u speak to them ur wish.. (Lucky Jii search for ur daughter instead of getting pestered here ) Sweety and Pinky screaming for Rashi and Ginny. Rashi screams Mumma Mumma! Pinky and Sweety hear this. Pinky is shocked and episode ends. (Rashi mili na.. I am yet angry wid her don care about her.. Ginny )

Precap — Sweety asks a scared Rashi where is Ginny? Rashi tells she was with me but the driver… (Tell na.. why u stopped ) The inspector asks do u remember the face of the driver? Rashi mum! Sweety tells, What face.. She is crying and asks Ginny, Did the driver take her there or on the main road? Rashi is mum. (Rashiii Ewww.. she is crying and acting innocent ) Sweety runs towards the main road and pinky tries to stop her. (Sweety )


Wow! Awesome Episode today too! I loved it.. Everything was portrayed very well, Each and every character were given space. Everyone\’s feelings have finally come out. Lucky, Sweety, Pinky, Jeet, Rashi, Ginny, Rocky.. all performed excellently! I loved it.. Hats off to the scene makers And this makes me eager to watch tomorrow\’s episode

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