Ram Milayi Jodi 13th January 2012 Written Episode

part 1
ambaji tell mona its a good idea(pooja)but she doesnt know how will rest family react,mona tell not to wory have trust in sreenathji,anu says his concern is will aditya come,mona say she will convince him
babauji tell baa if she doesnt want to exceot aditya,it fine,but why is she taunting bharti everytime,he further adds she alwys took u as her own mother,even u loved her so much,baa says she took my love ka advantage,i should have control her,and she gets angry and says u alwys support her.
vimmy-sweety are discussing aditya-ambaji when parmeet calls sweety and tell he reached,vimmy ask sweety whenhe will come back ,and y dint she go with him,sweety replies how cld seh leave hetal alone,after all she is carrying her baby,vimmy says not to tke parmeet for granted so much,sweety tells she doesnt want to discuss more on this,vimmy looks sad.
amabji(nextmorning)goes to buy flwers,she sees aditya and tell him to come for pooja,first he says no,then she convinces him,he agrees to come,ambaji leaves
aditya is thinking when he dashes a pot wala,the pot wala starts fighting with him,aditay says him sorry,buit the guys gets very rude(amabji-mona comes out)aditya too gets angry and give him money(bijal too come that time)aditya leaves,bijal aain taunt on aditya being very rude
panditji comes to do the pooja.and he ask about the family he ask to babuji how many kids does he ahve,then he ask kalpesh,baa replies 3,ambji gets angry and sayy 4,pandit ask about the name of elder son,anu says aditya,pandit ask where is he,caus this pooja elder son has to do,kalpesh gets up and say so do bijal and baa then forget teh pooja cause he is not here
mona ask ambji wheter aditay will come or not,just then aditya enters ano goes to receive him.he sits next to bharti and start doing the pooja,mona-bharti anu are happy baa tell panditji to stop and goes inside,anu tells him to continue,baa comes and put water inthe (i dont know what u call that,its some kind of thing container whicn is also seen inwedings)fire.
part 2
every1 get shock,pandit says ishe shouldnt ahve done taht,baa says aditya is not their son,all the pooja done in this house is dne by anujalp,pandit says thats ur family issue now he can do the pooja and leaves,aditya gets upset and leave,anu follows him,he goes to bedi house
part 3
mona goes to ambji and tell baa u did wronh,baa gets agry and tell her not to interfere in between her and bharti,mona says shw ill cause bharti is her bahu and her saas,and she cant see her saas getting insulted like this,

MY TAKE:baa-bijal is doing too much now,its getting irritating to see herlike this,we all use to wonder why hetal threw prasad ka food,or swapoil-ghee of pooja,all thanks to baa,i dint expect her to do this,after all she is mature enough.
felt bad for aditya again,every1 wants to fight or get angry with him
sweety has gone mad,i still dont beleive she let parmeet go alone,i am so sure,parmeet father will get him married in chennai,and i wont blame parmeet then

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