Na Aana Iss Desh Laado 13th January 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Ammaji speaking to the villagers about the importance of women/girls. Ammaji encourages the villagers to come along with her to Rana\’s haveli. Ammaji and the others walk towards Rana\’s haveli. Rana and the Rana boys are having dinner when Satpal comes and tells Rana of what is happening (Ammaji bringing the villagers). They all look alil shocked. I noticed that Param is sitting next to Kuldeep instead of sitting next to Surya as he usually did in the past.
Just then, Ammaji and the villagers arrive at Rana\’s haveli and orders him to come out. Jhanvi rushes to the window and is happy to see that Ammaji\’s efforts are making a difference. Rana and his boys walk out of the haveli. Rana is holding a tray (shagun tray).
Rana walks to Krishanlal and congratulates him and then shoves a barfi into Krishanlal\’s mouth. He then takes a few steps back and starts to say that Veerpur is his and he is for Veerpur and goes on to say that he is only following a tradition which has been followed for years (Societal rituals/traditions) But now that the society has turned against those very traditions than who is he to continue such practice. Ammaji intervenes and says that Rana is merely switching sides to keep the villagers on his side and he should really stop his drama (Surya looks tense). Rana responds by saying that Ammaji is the one that needs to be questioned here since she is the one who started these traditions of killing female babies. And that shes only making a big deal because she wants to win back leadership. Ammaji says that she has already admitted that she was wrong but shes a person who fights head on and not behind someones back (lol not the case when it came to Siya). She goes on to say that when she will shoot Rana, the bullet will go come out on the other end BOTH KULDEEP AND PARAM GET A HOLD OF THEIR GUNS AND AIM AT AMMAJI…everyone including Surya move a step forward in panic…Rana holds on to their guns. Rana says that he is a guardian for the people of Veerpur who aims to protect this village. He walks up to a man and says that only the future will tell what will be the outcome… Ammaji intervenes and says that he is absolutely right… Only time will tell but for now Veerpur has awoken and the villagers of Veerpur know about Rana\’s antics, Rana looks around at all the people who have gathered around his house, the episode stops on Rana\’s face.

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