Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 17th January 2012 Written Episode

-Started With Megs FIL missing her presence at the dining table and thus not wanting to eat and i loved his bonding with Addu …vsweet…and I also love what Addu said abt his Mom that she is very strong …and how he knew what nanhi was upto venting her anger out on the game of Hopscotch

-I loved renu for once cause when the MIL was talking abt what society will say she brings up the case of Amar and that ppl talk abt him as well …I liked that and i liked how GG/Buaji handled the whole thing and said why dont we trust our own

-Awww Another fine Nanhi- Mohan scene where he gives her the confidence to apologize and not worry abt what Megs reaction will b cuz if u have made a mistake u need to apologize Nanhi says that her Mum is a little different and forgive so easily …point note karlijiye Mohan ji…but Mohan even gives and eg out of his own life and nanhi asks him why he calls his dad mr Bhatnagar..and he says will tell the long story some other time…and he touches her chin and she does the same and he is taken by surprise and they do a hi5 ..and he leaves thru the route he came crossing the innumerous number of terraces and even before he enters his place he wishes her luck…i liked this reminded me of the kind of open and friendly bond i share with my dad and how he always gives me ideas to patao mum if she is angry with me and vice versa

-Mohan – Guru convo where Guru says go n apologize if u have made a mistake u\’ll feel better otherwise the whole night u\’ll be bothered and bother me as well .Mohan says i made no mistake and only helped …Guru tries to convince him but he doesnt fall for it …he wants to apologize but wont agree to it openly

-GG/buaji- Megha convo when she brings food for the latter was so touching and no wonder GG/Buaji understands Megs pain cause she herself h#as experienced the same as in she herself is a widow …and i loved how the whole emotional connect ended on a light note with GG/Buaji saying all this crying is going to ruin my make up and Megs saying u even in this u care for yr make up and GG/Buaji says u gotta look gud even while crying and then she makes Megs have the food…beautiful i must say

-Megs remembering MIL\’s words and feeling hurt when Nanhi comes and tries to apologize but megs doesnt forgive her saying she has made a big mistake

-Udhar Mohan restless and remembering what Megs said abt the Advt ..and then he c\’s her thru the window hiding partially behind the curtain ..and when she looks in his dir he hides

-guru on with his gyaan and says its easy to tell nd convince a kid but not yr own self apologize and u\’ll feel better …Mohan asks him to shut up and sleep … guru says apologize and u\’ll feel better and he asks him to rpt that and he does and says now let me sleep

-Precap- Megs being harassed by a guy who wants to marry her and enter hero

I am loving the balancing act …fun n heavy stuff …with the story opening up a bit …and acting is gud as usual …tho the usual soapy stuff is there but still refreshing eenough …must watch GG- Megs scene and mohan- nanhi bit ..What are yr views did u guys like the epi or what …?

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