Dil Se Di Hai Dua 17th January 2012 Written Episode

– Viraj tells Jahnvi that he wants their son to be fearless, “he\’s going to rule, he\’s going to be the king of the jungle.”Viraj playing around with toy swords and stuffed lions and tigers and Jahnvi just watches everything fearfully.

– The doobell rings, and Viraj opens the door to see Dadi standing there, all smiling and happy, and Viraj and Jahnvi are just shocked to see her standing there. Viraj looks just out of it when Dadi sits down and questions him, asking whether he isn\’t happy that she\’s here, and Viraj quickly denies it and sits down. Meanwhile, Dadi is slightly scolding Jahnvi about wearing heels around the house, bending down, etc, when she\’s pregnant. Dadi says thank god she came right then, because during the 9 months of pregnancy, it\’s important for someone to be there with them, and she\’s decided to stay with them until Jahnvi\’s delivery. Jahnvi and Viraj are pretty much speechless.

Dadi thinks to herself, she\’s made a succesful entry into the house. Right then, Viraj gets a phonecall from the police station telling him that Dadi visiting Sanjay in jail, and Viraj\’s temper rises as he wonders what is going in Dadi\’s mind, all fired up playing around with his cane, when Jahnvi enters right then. Jahnvi tells him that she knows he\’s not happy with Dadi\’s entry in the house, but pleads with him to not get angry as when he goes to work, she\’ll talk to Dadi and send her away. Viraj starts pacing towards her menacingly, before putting the cane aside and leading her by the hand onto the bed.

– Viraj bends down before her, placing his hand on her stomach, and just says Abhimanyu, that just like Abhimanyu learned everything when he was in the womb, their son will also be the same. And then Viraj scolds her for trying to teach these bad things to their son, and that he loves her family very much and has never given her cause for concern. And in order to prove this to their baby, he makes her write down “Papa ko Mummy se aur Mummy ke gharwalon se bahut pyar hain” 500 times. And Jahnvi has a smile on her face as she does.

– Viraj walking around, thinking what does Dadi want from here? The woman hasn\’t realized that she\’s not only entered her son in laws house, but that of a lion. It\’s not simply difficult to leave the place, it\’s impossible. And with that, he enters her bedroom, locking the bathroom door from outside (thinking someone\’s in the bathroom) and plays around with the bed in such a way that if she lies on it, she would get hurt. And as he\’s putting all the bedding back on the bed, Dadi enters the room and Viraj hurriedly gives the excuse that he was making the bed for her to rest.

– Viraj leaves and Dadi heads to the bathroom, is confused that she didn\’t lock the door, but then forgets it and goes inside. Viraj watching Dadi in hte bedroom from the cameras, waiting for her to sit on the bed and come crashing down, but she just keeps walking around. Finally, when she\’s about to sit on the bed, she drops her book, and in the process, when she\’s bending down to pick it up, realizes that the pieces on the bed are broken. ANd Viraj just gets annoys hat this plan clearly failed.


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