Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 18th January 2012 Written Episode

Opening Scene :-

Manvi is on bed enjoying watching some soap, when some one knocks on door she gets irritated and says , No one is in Room and ask them to leave and is back to seeing her soap, again the knock on the door irritates her and she goes to answer it , she opens the door and notices some waiter , she asks him to hurry with what he has to say , he says , that tomorrows Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner has to be finalized and asks her to tick and select her items, she ask him to leave the menu nside once she is done with watching serial she will tick it , he again asks her to do it , she tells him to do it by himself he tells her that she need to do it now itself as kitchen is going to be closed and Bua ji will do the final tally , if she fails to do it now , tomorrow before he could complete his sentence , she takes the list and marks them hands it back to him and rushes to see the soap, but its freeze or something , she is like how will I watch my soap, she calls house as boarding school and says what kind of house is this , if anyone fails to tick the menu even for a min late the kitchen is closed, if ur late on dinner table for one min one dont get to eat anything , she goes on like , morning breakfast at 8, lunch at 1, dinner at 8:30 , what if some one is not hungry , she wonder how Jeevika will be able to lead her entire life in this sort of house , she compares their bindas life in Rishikesh and Chandigarh, she thinks she has to do something , but then says to no no no , i will not interfere in anyone;s issues, jeevika is not here she will come back and hit me , i will stay away from all this …

Virat;s room :- the alarm ring wake up the guy at 4 am, and he wonders whose it could be , he thinks manvi must have set the alarm at 4 and he decides to teach her a lesson , comes out of his room yawning and look around before heading to her room

Manvi is happily sleeping in her room , alarm ring wakes her up she turns it off and tries to go to sleep when Virat knocks on her door , she opens the door and asks him whats his problem , he comes to point and tells her that there has to be a limit to saathanaa (irritate ) a person , she asks him about which saathana , he is like which one he tells her about alarm and says what if every one wakes up , she says , she wasnt planning to wake up every one , she had kept it for herself as she isnt willing to listen to Dadaji\’ … he asks her what was she planning to go at by waking up so early , planning to talk to curtains or wat , he asks her to go and sleep , he will wake up her , she is like u will wake me up , what if u forget, viraat says he will wake her up and asks her not to run alarm again as he gets irritated with that sound , manvi says like she gets irritated listening to him voice , he closes the door and was about to leave when the alarm in her room rings , he gets irritated and knocks on her door again , she says sorry she didnot set if off it happen by mistakes and turns it off

Early Morning :-

Jeevika goes to windows and sides the curtain , viren is sleeping on bed and he wakes up , she turns back and looks at him , he puts his hand out and asks her to come close , she goes to bed and takes his hand , he pulls her on bed ,and says worlds most beautiful gal is in his arms, the gal is all smiles, she asks him to leave her and he asks her why , she is like its getting late , he says getting late laughs and says , he havent kissed her yet

Manvis room :-

the gal is happily sleeping when some one knocks on her door , she goes and opens the door , virat is on door , he wishes her morning and says like said he is here to wake her up , he asks her to get ready and come for breakfast as she has only 20mins , she goes on saying she wants to sleep for another 10mins and hits bed ,, he follows her and teases her u want to sleep u were going to be up by 4, she asks him another 5min, he is like ok keep sleeping and be hungry till after noon while i will go , this wakes her up completely and she shouts saying no , i will die by then, he asks her to get ready soon and leaves

Breakfast table:-

every one are sitting , she wishes both dadaji and buaji and says , she was the first one to sit on table, 2 mins before every one , virat just smiles, buaji tells dadaji that alarm was ringing in some ones room and she wasnt able to sleep because of that , viraat gives ur dead sort of look , manvi confess that it was from her room , every one looks at her , she goes on saying that she wanted to be up and be on table on time as she didnot want to upset anyone and asks for sorry if it disturbed her sleep, dadaji asks every one to start their breakfast , while they are at it , waiter comes and tells that Inder got a call, he leaves to attend that and every one exchange nervous or serious looks, inder is back and is about to sit when dadaji enquires about call, Inder stammers and says its from office reg a case , he was suppose to read it before taking it but he forgot to give details at office, dadaji fires back saying its against family traditions to get up from table while eating , before he could answer , dadaji says, if a kid does that he can understand but he is father of a son and should have some shame left in him, manvi is stunned with this , Inders son and wife are feeling bad before he could add anything , dadaji asks him to sit manavi feels sorry for him but virat signals her to keep quiet

At Market :-

Jeevika and Viren are out on market, when jeeviks is checking out the ladies wearing modern out fit , they are shopping , while on the way jeevika notices one modern dress on a display , she shakes her head and smiles, and is stuck there , viren tells that a newly couple need privacy and asks him to leave them alone but the guard refuses to do , viren goes to jeevika and sees the display , she smiles at him and moves around , he notices the dress and smiles, while the guard is behind him …

At mansion:-

Slokh is playing all alone while manvi comes there jumping and asks him why is he sitting alone , he says , today no one has come to play chess with him, he asks her to play with him, she says its for old ppl, and todays games are about circket and asks him to come and play with her , he says chess is about mind game , she says what about circket its about body exercise , he says mind sharpens with playing chess its all about mind and this world runs with minded ppl , manvi makes faces and suddenly she imagines dadaji sitting in front of her and giving ghyan on chess and mind she is shocked , nervous

she sees virat passing by and stops him asking why a 8 yrs kid talk like old person , she tells him that while talking to kid she felt as if dadaji is sitting in front of her and giving ghyan , virat just smiles and says thtats why every one calls him Mini dadadji and i run from him , manvi is laughing , and adds so that i dont turn up like him we already have a dadaji and a mini dadaji , i dont wanna be a middle ka dadaji and asks her to go and enjoy with mini dadaji , she agrees and goes while virat leaves … she settles herself in chair and says she will try chess… Inder is passing by , and he notices his file is missing , he calls Slokh and tells him that he has left his file in room asks him to fetch it for him wihtout stammering , slokh was going to get it and manvi says she will also go with him , she looks at Inder and gives him a sad.hesitated smile , he wasnt able to look at her back due to morning tamasha, slokh goes to room and takes a file from drawer , and says dad has asked for a file, manvi takes the file from him and notices the certificates , she goes to have a closer look and reads out that Masters of Law , she asks him if its Inder;s degrees and he says yes …


Viren gives the same dress to jeevika and says now that he had brought the dress, try and let him know how it looks , she is hesitating and he encourages her , she takes it and leaves , viren is waiting , she steps out , he turns back and is taken into her seeing in that outfit, while she tries to adjust herself , she moves towards him all uncomfortable, while he looks on she is very uncomfortable, he wraps a dupatta/ shawl around her while she looks at him in amazement , and with gratitude , he says that seeing her notice the dress he felt she liked it and forced her to wear it but now i think ur not comfortable and asks sorry, she is like , i know todays gals wear theses kind of clothes and untill today she has never worn anything like this and she is not comfortable but she felt is she wears it he will feel good, he says , he likes wat she likes , when the first time i had seen u , its in salwar suit, not in some evening gown, and i feel in love with salwar suit wali Jeevika, and ended up marrying her , you dont have to fit in anything , she smiles and he says as ur my lifes perfect fit … she thanks him for understanding her ends up hugging him ,

Slokh brings the file and gives it to waiting Inder, and is looking into it , Manvi comes there and asks him had he Mastered in Law, he nods she is like how nice i dont understand how ppl manage to read so much engg, medicine and law, she says only she knows how she managed finishing BA, Inder tells her education is not eveything , he says there are crores of degree ppl but working just some , for a better start better education is a must , as better start mean a better future , and bauji always says , what ever filed u take , get ful knowledge in it , manvi is looking at him in stunned, surprised and something a miss look, she then says , by listening to him she has decided to go for futher education and ask him is it ok she is asks him something , he tells her to go on , she says , while he was talking to her about education , he said all that in a proper words without stammering then why is that when in front of dadaji he is always stammering . Inder is stunned with this question

precap:-Dadaji and Bua are discussing about whom to give the case in virens absence , manvi suggests Inders name while both look at her as if they will murder her



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