Dil Se Di Hai Dua 20th January 2012 Written Episode

hiee everyone.. Time for UPDATE.. But let me tell u.. I didnt enjoy today\’s epi.. It was just Daadi.. Daadi and Daadi

RajVi room: Jhanvi thinks about Daadi\’s behaviour at dinner. She asks Daadi why she thinks that Viraj doesnt take care of her? Jhanvi praises Viraj. Daadi says that Jhanvi is hiding something. Jhanvi goes out for some work & Daadi says that its best to collect proof against Viraj. She searches their Cupboard. Geeta comes in from behind and Daadi goes away.
Kitchen: Geeta is cooking food and Daadi again does her job of rummaging the drawers. Geeta catches her again. All this is seen on the laptop but Viraj doesnt see it as he is busy checking the files.
Siya ke liye rishta: a family comes home. However, Gangadhar refuses to get Siya married as the boy is already married. The family gets angry and the raise questions on Siya\’s character. They say that no one will marry Siya. Siya goes away crying. Later, Gangadhar consoles her saying that her father will search a guy just like Viraj *Viraj jaisa pati toh sirf Jhanvi ke paas hai*
Revelations: Daadi decides to meet Tej.. The watchman to know more about Viraj. She meets the other watchman and inquires about Tej. He says that Tej has gone to his village. Daadi coaxed him to give his cell. She quickly goes up and calls up Tej\’s family. His wife attends the call. Daadi asks about Tej but his wife says that she herself doesnt know where he is. His wife further adds that she last spoke to him on the pooja day. Daadi remembers that its the same day when she met him in the market.
The watchman is scared as Viraj will punish him if he comes to know that Daadi has the phone. Viraj comes home *i was waiting for him* and asks what he is doing here. Watchman tells him that how Daadi took his cell and inquired about Tej. Viraj is furious. Daadi comes to return the cell and is shocked to see Viraj. Viraj asks why she is using the watchman\’s phone. He\’ll get her a better phone. Daadi says that she wanted to talk to Gangadhar and since there was no phone in the house she took his cell. Viraj again threatens her that she should take care of herself and Jhanvi.

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