Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd January 2012 Written Episode

Summary: SurYa talking regarding the Preeti issue! Clear misunderstandings! Sooraj buys bangles for Sandy in the name of teaching her how to bargain or talk to the people! Sandy gives message that wastage should be thrown in dustbins not on road sides through Chotu! Chotu teasing Sooraj for Sandy! Sandy tries to help Bhabo in her works!

Detailed Update

Sandhya tries to make Sooraj understand by saying her brother did cheat her by lie\’ing but Preeti told her view point. Sandy is not thinking in that way and asks not to mistake her, Sooraj says her parents would have dreamt about Sandy and including herself and between them and a person like him will not have any place among them ! Sandy goes near him and says even his mom and he had dreamt about daughter-in-law… none of the qualities she has that they were expecting but still Sooraj stood for her leaving his mom.. Sandy asks why to do these..

She says she thought of doing the right work by passing in today\’s test but everything went wrong and all trying went waste! Sooraj thinks for a while and stops her! Holding her hand takes near a gaadiwala who is selling all fancy items, buys some bangles asking for the price he says to Sandhya that its quite pricy, Sandy bargains and she is happy with the price but Sooraj says its still bit high

Sandy stil bargains and seller reduces 3 rupees, Sooraj praises his bangles and asks him to reduce to even more, Sandha notices all these, and seller says if he talks more sweetly he can reduce even more and asks Sooraj to put bangles on beendini on his own Both are shocked sooraj seeing Sandy\’s expressions says to the seller that its for festival so pack it! Chotu comes in wit ice candy finishing it throws it on the street!

Sandy says they must throw in dustbins like they do in the house, in every place they must follow this, only then the country will be hygenic! Sooaj thinking on this! Chotu takes the stick and puts in dustbin! Sandy says Sooraj talk with a person in a different and easy way and they understand well what he says and agrees to him! Praises him!

She says she learn some thing today! Sooraj says he also learn a thing that wastage should be put in dustbins! Tells her to be calm and everything will be alright! She tells the same! Mohit recalling about Sandy\’s conversation regarding computer course! Chavi comes in teasing him, he explains regarding this! Chavi says Bhabo believes her children and she doesn\’t believe Sandy! They both set to see a movie on laptop for Chavi giving idea to Mohit!

Chotu tries to get his play item standing on stool and Sooraj catches him when he was imbalanced! Scolds him not to climb on that stool and Chotu sees Sooraj\’s finger is hurt and tells that he will call bhabhisa for which Sooraj says not to give tension for them! Chotu says when Sandy and Chotu are younger than Sooraj why call in singular with him and plural with Sandy and asks to exchange the way of calling. Sooraj is confused

Chotu teases when he takes bhabhisa name Sooraj will be shy and doesn\’t even fell the pain on his toe Soorah blushes! Sandy seeing Bhabo rolling the woollen thread and Sandy tries to do the other one by watching her.Meena comes in bringing the vegetables with in given amount. Some nok jhok moments between Meena-Bhabo

Meena asks Sandy to wash the vegetables! Bhabo comes in stitching a button, Meena tries to butter and Bhabo gives her to stitch the button..Meena keeps the cloth and goes, Sandy thinking to stitch the button herself!


Bhabo talking to Sooraj regarding Sandy!

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