Pavitra Rishta 23rd January 2012 Written Episode

Brief Update

Archana tells Manav that her life has come to a standstill .Manav tells her that her tears have proved that nothing can break their marriage but all this is Archana\’s fantasy , she suddenly comes to the real world when Manav starts questioning her .He tells her that she has a habit of back stabbing him and now she wants to legally seperate from him .

He tells her that he waited for her at the airport 18 years ago but she proved that she is only her mother\’s daughter and when he saw her working after 18 years he felt that Archu could not possibly be after his money but now she has send him these divorce papers .Archana is shocked and is trying to talk to him but he is not letting her and keeps accusing her …

He is about to show her the divorce papers when Sachin comes quickly and takes the papers .Sachin does not want Archana to see the forged signatures .He introduces himself as Sachin Manav Deshmukh, Manav\’s divorce attorny and starts talking to Archana about the alimony that she will get .He tells her to give him the name of her lawyer as he will only deal with her lawyer now

Archu thinks that Manav wants to sign the divorce papers in front of her . Manav says to her that he is fed up and wants a divorce as well.Archana tells Sachin that her demand is not the money and 10 % of the company\’s profits but she wants her three children back .Manav gets angry and tells her that the kids hate her as she never remembered them , that she had two daughters ,a son who got lost and another she raised , but she forgot all about them .

Both Manav and Archna go their seperate ways after, both of them very sad Sachin tells Archu that the divorce will take 6 months and now they will only see her lawyer . Savita calls Sachin to find out about Archana\’s demands .Sachin tells her that Archana does not wants any money and only wants him and her daughters .He tells Savita that he did not let Manav see the forged signatures …

Archana has locked her bedroom door and Sulochna is banging the door from outside .Archana is crying a lot and is burning all Manav\’s photographs .

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