Choti Bahu Season 2 25th January 2012 Written Episode

Dev reaches the place and asks VN to show Radhika! VN tries to make him say that Dev\’ll send Mayavee out of PH when he shows Radhika! but Dev is firm and says first he has to meet Radhika before taking any decision!!!!

RaDev have emotional talk! Dev says to VN that she is his Real Radh!! VN then is puzzled to see Dev talking like Mayavee!!!

Dev comes to the place where VN told him to, and he searchs for Radhika and asks where is she? VN says when he\’ll show him the real Radhika then Dev has to send the Mayavee out of PH!! Dev sternly says that he has already said that till he meets this Radhika he\’ll not decide if the Radhika in PH is real or Mayavee!! VN says him to not to forget being a RP he\’s also a husband of a Radhika who stood by him in every situation and the same Radhika is in trouble! and the Mayavee has captured her!! Dev in firm tone says he\’ll not decide anything till he talks with this Radhika!…VN says so does he doubt that the Radhika in the house is Mayavee!! Dev is firm and says he\’s only wasting time!! VN says Ok he\’ll make him meet real Radhika! but he can only talk to her but cant take her with him as she is afraid that Mayavee would kill her!! And to get Real Radhika he has to make Mayavee loose!!

Radhika comes from behind a tree!!! Dev goes to her and stands infront of her!!! Radhika has tears and pleads to plz save her from that Mayavee, she has tortured her and taking her roop she is staying in the PH and he is thinking that she is Radhika! everyday she hopes that one day Dev will come and save her but it doesnt happen!! Dev is melting to her words he feels the pain! She asks did that Mayavee such spell that he couldnot recognize his real Radhika??? Dev nods his no!! and will he realize after she dies??? Dev holds her hands and with emotion says “No Radhika dont say like that! I have come for u! now i\’ll not let go through any pain” VN is smiling and asks now u realize that this only Real Radhika??? Dev walk to him and says” yes chachaji this is only real Radhika! my Radhika!!!” VN says then lets go before Mayavee plays her next move!! …Dev smiles .. VN is puzzled and asks what happened!!…dev folds his hands and with a smile says ” Asur winning In the world, made by GOD, cannot ever happen!!” …And then repeats the same words which were said by R/K about loosing his King in the chess game!! VN is puzzled and realizes the words…Dev Smiles!!!!

R/K and Balram take their forms!! VN uses his Vardaan(boon) on R/K but it doesnt work and is shocked!! R/K says now he\’ll be sent out of the house!! Balram slips his toungue about Real Radhika being alive!!

VN is perplexed!! Radhika turns into Balram and Dev turns into Radhika(R/K, mayavee)!! R/K smiles and says his own is played against him!! Balram says he wanted to show Bak as Radhika but she is locked up in room and might have got tired and even slept!!! but we should have bought her with us to show how the person( Asur) she bought home has been made a fool!!! R/K mocks saying that Balram is right but she didnt know that Asur will not be able to recognize that this wasnt Dev!!…
VN using his Vardaan using his powers on R/K but fails…Balram laughs!!…VN is shocked and says his Vardaan cant be wrong!! how she didnt get harmed??? Balram says that his Vardaan is true but he can only burn the ordinary humans and he doesnt know whom he\’s facing with!!! R/K says who dig pit for other they themselves fall in that!! R/K what will he say to Dev now and how will he show real Radhika? And what did he think he will win when She is here !! he wanted to send Mayavee out but now he\’ll be the to send out of the house!!
VN is fierce and says No one can send him out of the house! R/K says to take out the dark only one ray of light is enough!! And Good wins over bad and this is circle of life which cannot be changed by him!!!…Balram says SO before real Radhika comes he should be out of PH!!! …R/K gets alert hearing Balram…VN thinks ” Real Radhika is Alive” R/K and VN share a look!!

Dev demands an answer from VN for the false information on Radh!! Dev question and Accuses VN for the BlackMagic and the misundersatnding on Radhika happening in the house!! Dev orders VN to get out of the house

Early morning:: Everybody is assembled in the hall! Dev demanding for an answer from VN! He(VN) said that he\’ll show the real Radhika, but when Dev went there even he was not there! VN says he cant prove him now even he said something wont listern and tries to go!! But Dev stops him and says without anwering his question he cant go …He only wanted to prove was this(R/K) is not real Radh! But his belief is that the one standing infront of them is the Real Radhika!…He has been respecting him becasue he being an elder but now everything is pointing at him(vn)…he continues in fierce tone!!! that He was the one doing Black Magic In the Havan puja, he was the one to show him Radh\’s illusion!! even the Radhika he met on the road was his plan so he(Dev) could doubt that real Radhika is someone else! he\’s the one doing all this!!

Daima() protests for VN saying how can Dev blame his chacha!! Dev says he\’s only letting his doubts know! Now he even doubts if he\’s theri real chachaji!!! GD says that he doesnt belive this and how can he not recognize his brother!…Dev comes to him says when Chachaji can say Radhika is Mayavee then why cant they say chachaji is also mayavee!!! might be real chachaji could be somewhere else! and Arent they surprised thinking that the Son who didnot come to attend his father\’s death, today he is…and Daima stops saying Enough!!! and VN is the son of this house and he should not point at him of his return!!…and why he is talking to him like that!!!…Dev comes to her and says its because his(VN\’s) finger prints doesnt match the fingers print of young VN(before he left the house)!!!..everybody suprised!!! Rohan says but they cant judge on the basis of finger prints as they sometimes are proved wrong!!…Dev says that is why he\’s tolerating everything!!!

VN talk to R/K in mind…that does she think he\’ll be keep watching what she is doing? Though she\’s Mayavee but other arent and he\’ll turn everybody into ashes!! He\’s tries his boon but fails!! R/K smiling!!…VN thinks his boon is not working and he has to do something!! he speaks that its very shameful that Dev is insulting, blaming his chacha!!..Dev says yes it is shameful that he has blamed the DIL of the house who is known to be the Lakshmi and noone said anything!!( Avinash is so good here)…but now he has understood that the one who was blaming Radhika was him(vn)…VN still tries to defend himself saying he\’s right and Radhika is Mayavee! but Dev wont understand that becasue she has made spell on him!! Dev shouts ” Chachaji” in anger!! and he\’ll not tolerate even a word from him!! Radhika is his wife and he knows that she\’ll even sacrifice her life for this house!! and from now he\’ll not let any misunderstandings be in this house! he\’ll have to leave the house!! Everybody is shocked!!!

Daima tries to say something…But Dev in fierce tone shouts that ” Today and Now only” …VN looks at other but everybody is speechless …and then he says if he wants this then he\’s leave and he leaves from there to his room!!! PF goes behind him…R/K gives a smile to Balram!!

VN is about to leave but PF stands against RP\’s(Dev\’s) decision to support VN

VN is packing his clothes! Daima says not to leave, she\’ll talk to Dev! VN acts emotional and says it is not Dev fault but mayavee\’s!! She(Mayvee) has spell bounded Dev!…After many yrs he returned home to save theri house from the Mayavee but today he lost and she won!! Dharam has lost and Adharam won!!…Amba leaves from there saying she\’ll go and talk to Dev now!!…VN thinks though Mayavee has stopped him from usig his boon but she cant stop his influence on the people!!…

R/K is saying to Dev whatever the decision of the family members be but on this earth if a wife gets a husband like Dev who support her in good and bad then her life is blessed! Dev says he\’s only doing his dharam! and asks why did she say about the decision of the family, Chacha is leaving the house isnt it??? ..just then Amba\’s voice comes saying VN is not going anywhere! and says his blind faith on this Radhika is breaking this house! RP has given her the responsibility of the house and she\’ll not accept his decision!

Padma is requesting VN not to go who is already in the hall with his bag!! She tells him not take Dev\’s words seriously..VN says He is the RP and it is against their sanskaar to not to follow this!! Daima says if he\’s the RP then will he do everything according to him?? VN says not to sopport him or he\’ll charged guilty for breaking their relationships!…everybody says that they\’ll not listern to RP\’s decision!! …Dev says that they are not going against his decision but they are doubting on the capability of His Decision! they are doubting his Truth and faith!!! Amba says that he\’s only seeing his truth and his faith because Radhika has blind folded him!! Dev says with stern voice that ” standing in the dark she\’s ignoring the light! Today everybody are standing against, but everybody should listern that his decision will not change!!


R/K says to prove himself before he thinks of making any of his plans!!
…And he\’ll not find Real radhika…

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