Sasural Genda Phool 27th January 2012 Written Episode

Rano praises sandeep ( I had deeju , sachi ben wanted change) pair, RB does not like it. To BM they were looking real salimkali pair, all agree with her. RB is shocked and disha brings her back to reality and asks what is wrong, she brushes off. daadaji changes the topic asking all to praise him for his strength against tomato and chappal . All order I & I to continue their push ups.

In the M\’bai sushaan asks each other to tell madhuri about their relocation ( haila maid ko bataane mein itne emotional??) Finally suhaana tells that she should find job some where else, ishaan completes as they got transfered back to Delhi. Maddy is sad. sushaan explains to her that 6 months over so they are going back, else they would haev not asked her to leave. She replies time flies but it\’s good that they are going to be with their family. She tells them to let her know what is needed to be cook as today is her hubby\’s B\’day. sushaan argue over how maddy and her hubby takes care of each other but they do not.
Maddy has party for her hubby, she wants to know few english words to wish him. ( I do not like at all how they all keep calling her hubby A HALKAT). Suhaana wants to go to maddy\’s house for party, ishaan-maddy tries her to convince not to lekin spoilers ne pahle hi bola tha jaayegi so suhaana hell bent to go.
Ilesh is having pain in his body as he did more than 100 push ups, disha helping but tired. Inder is in same pain. Inder is still angry with ilesh. Ilesh wants cease fire as they are brother. Inder shuts him up as he re watched viedo of drama and at the end every one was saying his dialogue but him. He does not want to go office as he failed in drama. meena walks in and I & I and R & D chides her. meena says he should be thankful as he got role due to her. Rano comes to break the news that sushaan is coming forever in 2-3 days. rano starts crying, all make fun of her that rona toh banta hai ( seriously rano is double PhD in RONA).
Ishaan is back, suhaana argues with him over why they should go there. Ishaan is reluctant but suhaana does not give up. suhaana tells him she even leans few marathi lines to wish ( OMG ab yeh ladki marathi ki vaat lagaaiyegi, hey babaji mere Kaan kyu band nahi ho gaye). She tells him how to ssay Many happy returns of the day, food is good, nice to meet you in marathi (as I thought lagi marathi ki vaat).
Ssanju calls deepak, he is about to go for tuition. RB sees this and upset, asks him to confirmed who has called. Deepak tells him, she asks directly what relation he has with her. deepak replies we study together. RB indirectly warns him that sanju is sister of this family\’s DIL and is very rich. This family has given us life, but we are not part of it. we should not do any thing which will affect this family\’s honor. I would not tolerate if we let this family down. BM hears and asks what is wrong. RB replies I was giving him reality check, telling him not to forget his identity. RB tells BM nothing has happened but I am very scared. ( I loved how RB thinks about family, but I do not agree about her words APNI AUKAT) BM consoles her to take care and forget what happened in past, he will not be back. Deepak leaves.
Sushaan reach area where maddy lives, asks for her house, a guy jokes that she has left to US ( nahiii I do nto want maddy here neither does sachi and netri). Oh man silly me guy was telling about tejaab vaali madhuri 1-2 3 one. Finally they reach at venue, maddy is excited, suhaan feels dizzy, guest thinks she is pregnant ( haila whole forum is wishing and waiting to see suhaana pregnant). Suhaan chides her and ask maddy to take her some where.
daadji tells BM he will go to take pension with suhaana, R & D shows fake anger. Ilesh brings inder in who is having trouble in walking. all are worried.
Monday: M\’bai se naata khatam, delhi mein jhatke suru
sushaan is back, ishaan asks suhaana to call some one to get help in luggage. Suhaan is sad and shows to ishaan that house is locked.
Hmmm rashlike you said lagta hai ghar neelam ho gaya ya bik gaya. Boy 7.5 million is big amount. No wonder they showed suhaana going to maddy\’s house. ab kya are we going to witness chawl life. let\’s see how suhaana adjusts vaise perfect scenario for afternoon slot.
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