Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2012 Written Episode


The epi starts with the same scene where urmi eats rashis cake and rashi is stunned and looks at jigar. She immediately cuts another piece..but jigar leaves and when rashi turns to give the cake to him no one is standing near her except gohem. (cake cut..people ran away…what manners…)

rashi is sad and gohem helpless.

here urmi is roaming around everyone seeing so much items on each people plates(today i agree…the whole rajpal are bukhad..ahem is nothing infront of them)

She gets worried and tells the staff to cancel the dinner. But the staff says that the dinner is ready but urmi argues to serve the dinner to someone tomorrow, and she wont pay the bill for dinner but the staff says she have to pay for dinner and leaves. Urmi is worried.

she sees the people are eating like a hungry mob and goes to them and tells them to eat from one plate as rich people do this type in parties..eating little and snatches the plates from them and takes them away and asks them to eat and goes away. The people look at each other faces.(This is called cost cutting)

Here gopi gets the cake and she looks around and finds ahem talking to somone. She goes to him and gives ahem the cake plate. Ahem takes it and eats a piece and starts coughing(he dint even thought of giving her a piece…brainless candidate of the centuary…)

gopi goes and brings water to him hurridely and ahem drinks it and thanks her. Gopi face lits up. AHem gets a call and he picks it up and says k and tells gopi that the kangan arrived and he wil go and fetch it. Koki listens to this and feels elated.

Here urmi is looking at everyone and sees the gifts packets. She goes and sees the gift money placed on the table and slowly opens the covers but dhawal comes at that moment and tells urmi to come with him as people are asking for her for arranging a fab party.(please…give a break yaar)

urmi mutters and tells dhawal to go, she wil follow and leaves.(this dhawal does good always…)


AHem comes to gopi with kangans and koki sees this and feels that how much ahem cares for her as he brought the kangans here for her(koki..sometimes think of ur DIL too yaar…what wil she do if u and her sister rob her husband…)

Hetal tells jigar to go and stand beside rashi as she is standing all alone out their. Jigar looks at rashi who is looking here and their alone. Jigar nods and gets up to leave and gopi tells ahem to give the kangans to jigar now. Ahem nods and proceeds towards jigar.

Koki gets happy thinking ahem is coming to her and gets up to take the kangans but ahem move past her leaving koki shocked and hurt. AHem goes and stops jigar and tells him to give these kangans to rashi like jigar is gifting it to her. Koki is shocked and sits down.

Jigar is reluctant but ahem tells him to give it and gopi too comes and buttters jigar to gift rashi as her birthday gift. Jigar takes the gift and thanks gohem and the dj calls jigar saying rashi is waiting. (man…i dint think jiggi would be happy taking the gift…he still have soft corner for his wife)

Jigar goes to a waiting rashi and mutters woh..woh..woh…and rashi thinks that jigar have indeed brought a gift for her and asks is the gift for her and jigar opens the box. Rashi feels happy,,to see the kangan and praises that they are beatiful and thanks jigar. The dj praises jigar and all claps.

The dj tells raji to dance and starts the song and hetal tells dhawal and kinjal to go and dance. dhawal is hesitant but hetal tells them to go. the dj asks gohem to come too but they wont move an inch and looks at each other, hetal comes to gohem and pushes them on the dance floor too.(wah hetalji..i love u)

the music plays. Rashi slowly and hesitantly places her hand on jigar shoulder and jigar too touches rashi waist..lightly and both starts dancing. Dhawal and kinjal though no contact keeps swinging to and fro and gohem just stand looking at each other and sometimes looking away (wil they only dance..when savita comes..)

dhawal stamps kinjal foot and kinjal leaves angrily. Raji though in a hesitant and akward manner are dancing..atleast they are dancing and gohem still rooted to their spots. gopi waiting for ahem to approach..ahem thinking..thinking..thinking..(and by the time he wil extend his hand the song with stop..)

the songs ends and gohem relieved and raji leaves each other immeidately. All claps .


Ahem says he wil drink water and come (Bechara…how many akward situation wil he face…)

jigar too leaves leaving the mental sisters togheter.

Rashi is roaming around and calls hetal and shows her kangans and hetal praises it and says it they are really beatiful. Rashi face lit up and hetal bless her to be happy always. rashi leaves.

jigar comes to ahem and tells him that he get that he and gopi are making hima and rashi closer and thanks him and says that kangans must be gopis idea and ahem says its his idea nd jigar asks since when did he became so romantic and koki hears this and is shocked to know that ahem is helping raji come closer and slams the glass down and leaves(why all are drinking water today..oh yeah no dinner for the bukhad family)

Rashi is searching for urmi and sees her arguing with a waitress that she wont pay for the carpet and the waitress says she have to and she wil go and talk to the management and leaves.

rashi bangs her head and asks urmi what is she doing and urmi says that its all because of her she became a lakhpati to a kangal pati, and rashi argues saying why did she jump to into the competetion with the modis, so suffer now, and tells her that she came to show her her kangans.

urmi eyes lit up seeing them and praises it and aks whether wil they fetch 1 lakh if sold and rashi says maybe and urmi tells her to give it to her and she wil sell thema nd pay the bill. Rashi is shocked(what a mother)

Rashi says that its her birthday gift given by jigar, so she wont give them and asks how can she talk to sell them. Urmi mutters her now how can she pay the bill and rashi says how wil she bring so much money..

gopi comes their and gives rashi her purse and urmi asks her what is she doing here and gopi says that she went to fetch baa her medicine and is about to leave. but urmi gets a kalakari and calls her back.

Rashi asks her how wil gopi give her money and urmi tells her to just see. Gopi comes and urmi talks sweetly and shows rashi kangan to her and asks did she like it. Gopi nods and says they are beatiful

urmi tells her that she wants to buy her kangans too as she did so much for rashi, and as a gift for her being a lakhpati. rashi is shocked and gopi suprised. gopi says she dont want anything..but urmi insists on..

urmi says that she have to gift her something as she kept her life at stake and saved rashi and gopi says that it was a pleasure doing something for her sister and rashi is pleased. urmi insists to gift somethign and gopi is not agreeing to it.

Rashi asks urmi what is she doing glaring at her and urmi asks her to shut up and keeps on insisting gopi and tells her to buy something from the exhibition store kept at the hotel…even a little one…for her sake and epi ends on gopis thinking face.(we all know..she wil agree)


urmi keeps two bangles secretly in gopis purse and rashi asks her what is she doing..what if gopi get caught and urmi says that if she get caught then blame wil go to gopi and if she dint then she wil sell the bangles and pay the bill. Rashi is shocked. (if she dont support gopi tomorrow..i wil kill her…WAIT..i am remembering something…similar..)

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