Parichay 30th January 2012 Written Episode

Siddhi sees Kunal holding Witcha n saying I luv u,n runs from there crying.(Devdas final theme playing in BG.Thank god saree pallu is of normal length n its not sweeping the floor)

Still the same scene of Witcha hugging Kunal n saying ILU is shown..(arghh).Witcha says that why did he take so long to say these words.Kunal says I luv u,Siddhi I luv u.Witcha gets the shock of her life.Kunal says I luv u Siddhi,don\’t know how n when but he loves everything related to her,how she takes care of him n his family n always present by his side to support him in difficult times.Witcha leaves Kunal after hearing what he said about Siddhi.Kunal looks at Witcha but his sight is still blurred n thinks he\’s speaking to Siddhi n says not to leave him as he\’ll be left alone.

Witcha says that she\’s not Siddhi,she\’s Witcha.Kunal says he\’s feeling dizzy n again says Siddhi I love you n don\’t be upset with me.Witcha starts crying hearing this.(She remembers her challenge with Siddhi that she\’ll back off from Kunal\’s life if he doesn\’t come to her.)hugs Kunal n says that she\’s with him,his Siddhi(yuk can anyone stoop so low).She says to herself that she won\’t let him be Siddhi\’s,he\’s only hers n today he\’ll win him back.

Siddhi on road crying-remembering Kunal hugging Witcha n saying ILU.She remembers Witcha challenging her that within 24hrs Kunal will be with her.She cries that today she lost Kunal forever.She lost -Her love,trust,Sindhoor and Witcha has won.Everything changed within 24hrs,now it wont be the same as before,today her love lost.

Kunal still not in his senses,Witcha taking advantage of him n kissing n hugging him.The window opens with a bang n gush of wind comes in n haila…Kunal chopra opens his eyes,n shocked to see Witcha so close to him,frees himself from her hands.He goes away from her n asks whats happening n why is she so close to him?n asks where is Vineet.Witcha tells him that he was thinking her to be Siddhi,she tried hard to stop him(jaa chudail jaa hume patha hai ki tum kitna koshish kiyi ho kunal ko rokne keliye).She thought he came to console her but he kept on saying Siddhi,Siddhi n That he loves Siddhi,n he wasn\’t in his senses.Kunal(confused) says that he said he loves Siddhi when he wasn\’t in his senses.

Seema waiting for Siddhi at home.Siddhi comes in.Seema stops her n scolds her for going out in such bad weather,that too without telling anyone,how much she was worried about her n even Kunal bhayya is not at home.

Siddhi hugs Seema tightly n bursts out that Everything is over,Witcha is right that Kunal still loves Witcha n not her.Seema asks her to tell clearly what happened.Siddhi says that she doesn\’t want to speak about it.Seema asks if everything is OK between Kunal n her.Siddhi cries that for that there should be a relation btw them,there isn\’t any relation btw them,just there was a misunderstanding which was cleared off today.Seema asks her to tell clearly as she\’s very worried.Siddhi requets her to leave alone n runs to her room.Seema worried.(nice acting by Keerti,lot of improvement in this outburst scene when compared to her previous ones)

Kunal washes his face(back to angry young man mode) n sits asking What\’s happening Witcha?Witcha remembers how she spiked his drink n thinks she doesn\’t know what to tell Kunal.Kunal saying he was feeling giddy n tries to remember, Witcha goes to his side n says not to feel guilty as he hasn\’t done anything wrong,he was unable to control his feelings.She asks him not to think anything n say that he loves her.Kunal pushes her n gets up shouting “NO..What happened to you..I don\’t love you…Whatever is there btw them is over long back.He just came as a friend as he thought Vineet is cheating her n he wanted to save her from Vineet that doesn\’t mean he loves her,even if he isn\’t in his senses,he would be ashamed if he has forgotten even for a sec that he\’s a married man n his wife is waiting for him at his home.She trusts him n never in his life will he break her trust.Everything is over btw him n Witcha n they have no relation.”

Kunal enters his room n sees Siddhi packing her bags.He asks whats this,seeing Kunal..Siddhi is angry n starts crying n packing her clothes.He asks her whats happening n why she is packing,why isn\’t she replying when he\’s talking to her.He keeps on asking whats she doing n where is she going.Siddhi says that she\’s going to her brother\’s house.Kunal confused n asks she is going to her bro\’s house at this time.Siddhi says that its her wish,she\’ll go whenever she wants,she came to his house with her own will n she\’ll leave the house at her own will n asks him who is she in this house n with whom she got married that person is…n stops n starts crying.

Kunal who is unable to understand even a bit asks why is she angry?Siddhi says why should she make him understand,he never understood her angry nor…n today she isn\’t going to stop even if he tried to stop her.Kunal angry throws his coat n says that he\’s having headache n above that she\’s shouting at him,what happened?when he\’s unable to understand n asks her to explain she doesn\’t do that n again she herself blames that he never understands her,when she doesn\’t explain him properly how\’ll he understand.?Siddhi crying.Kunal says that he\’s tired of her mood swings,this is not court room,there is no winning or losing.Always arguing,arguing.Siddhi shouts if she\’s arguing with him,n what does he do,she\’s even ashamed to say what he did.Kunal asks what he did that she is feeling ashamed even to tell him.Siddhi says that she doesn\’t want to explain anything,n who\’s she in his house.Kunal says that he\’s her husband,what happens if he listens to her husband once,n asks her not to listen n go off n he\’ll help her in packing n starts packing her things.He asks her to do him the favour of leaving him,his house n go.Siddhi shouts that she\’s leaving him forever.Kunal says thank you.Sidhi leaves.

Outside their house:Siddhi going n Kunal asks her to stop.Kunal goes near her,she says that she is not going to listen to him n stop leaving.Kunal asks who\’s stopping her,he just wanted the cupboard keys which are with her.Siddhishocked to hear this n gives him the keys n starts going.He again stops her n asks her to tell where his clothes are in his cupboard.She says that she kept all his clothes on left side,is that ok,Kunal says fine now you go.He again calls her,she comes back n asks now what,he says what about his other things-imp files,tie,shoes.Siddhi says he\’s only concerned about his things,then fine she\’ll show him where they are so that he doesn\’t need her any more.

Kunal sitting on half berth,Siddhi showing him where his things are,n says if she can leave now.Kunal stops her calling Aee..if he fell ill?then where are the medicines.She shouts at him that he\’s concerned only about him,she didn\’t think that he\’s so selfish.He says she knew it now,so she can leave.He stops her again n tells her not to change her phone number as he\’ll call to the same no whenever he needs something.

Siddhi asks what kind of a person he is,if he thinks she\’s his servant,he isn\’t concerned about her feelings but he\’s with other woman …n stops.Kunal says so finally the truth came out,he did have this doubt,nothing happened btw him n Witcha n he doesn\’t want to clear about this n get a character certificate,if she doesn\’t trust him on this,she very well leave the house n he can live alone.

Siddhi says that she knew that for him his ego is most imp n Kunal chopra doesn\’t bow in front of anyone n turns to go.Kunal shouts that he bows…he goes to her n says Kunal chopra bows in front of her,but why should he tell her,why should he tell that his house doesn\’t run without her,why should he tell that he miss her arguments,he got used to her,he won\’t say these to her,he\’ll call her 100times in the day but he\’ll not stop her from leaving.Siddhi says that she\’ll reply to each n every call of his as she can\’t see him in pain,but after whatever she saw n heard she can\’t live with him.Kunal asks what did she see n hear,he tells her that nothing happened,how many times he should tell that nothing happened btw him n Witcha,if still she wants to leave she can.Siddhi turns to leave but Kunal stops her.

Kunal stands infront of Siddhi,very close to her n says”Aee jaana hai toh jao,ro math”(if she wants to leave she can but asks her not to cry).

Kunal kisses Siddhi on her cheeks n neck.

pics courtesy:nidhi(Thanks dear)


Raj knocks Sinal\’s room door.Sinal sleeping in each others arms,startled to hear the knock n wake up,both get dressed up,kunal opens the door.Raj asks him to get ready quickly n come as its Anand\’s anniversary.Sinal shocked.

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