Afsar Bitiya 1st February 2012 Written Episode

Vidya\’s house
Vidya is doing some work, Saraswati comes nagging about chanchal. “When will chanchal learn to be organised. Ome finds her socks under the bed.” (Hey! that\’s me too) “god knows where she kept her stole.” Saraswati leaves the room. (Hahaha should\’ve seen Vidya look at saraswati when she walks in) Krishna comes to the living room and tells vidya that she is going to the coaching centre.Krishna is leaving just when pinto walks in. (HAILA! That\’s a pleasant surprise…I wasn\’t expecting him so soon…abhi toh i mean 33 secs hi huye hai show ko start huye! Haila! how did he enter so soon?) Krishna surprisingly says “you?” Pinto smiles. (Haaye…pinto ji don\’t smile so much ki meri toh Death he ho jaaye!) Pinto says “why, did you not like me coming here?” Krishna says “no it\’s nothing like that.” Pinto\’s smile gets bigger. (eeek! my dil goes dhak dhak…srsly! i can hear it…) Pinto says “I was thinking that we should forget what happened in the past.” (Oh Piya is playing At the BG) “and…” Krishna smiles shyly (haila…she\’s shying…for real! this is a kodak moment! ) “who is it Krishna?” Asks Vidya. (Lo…papa bane kebab mein haddi…!) Krishna says “it\’s pinto ji papa.” Vidya says “Pinto ji you? where\’s babloo ji?” Pinto ji says “No, the thing is he had to leave urgently to his in laws this morning.” Vidya says “urgently? is everything okay?” Pinto ji says “no it\’s nothing serious, he\’ll be back within 2 days. he asked me to tell you that Krishna\’s meeting has been fixed the deputy collector. you have to be there by 1 today.” Krishna says “then i must leave now.” Saraswati says “will you go alone?” Krishna says “yes ma.” Vidya says “no no, i\’ll come along with you. let me just get ready until then why don\’t you serve pinto ji something to drink.” Pinto ji says “no no, please don\’t bother. I have to go out for some work.” Vidya nods and leaves to get ready. Pinto starts adoring Krishna (Mauka mila ni ki lage nihaarne! arre pinto ji itna na nihaaro…humko sharam aati hai) who feels a little uncomfortable and says “ermmm…thank you pinto ji.” Pinto ji says “why are you thanking me? forget the past and start preparing for your interview.” Krishna smiles. “everyone has high expectations from you. especially babloo bhaiya.” Krishna smiles and says “my entire concentration is on my interview.” Both look at each other, pinto ji says “I\’ll take your leave now.” (shakal se toh lagta hai ki mann ni kr ra jaane ka…ka bolte ho pinto ji) Pinto leaves even though he didn\’t want to. Krishna smiles as she watches him go, she waits for vidya.

Collector\’s Office
Vidya and Krishna reach the Venue for the interview. Vidya asks a peon about the deputy collector\’s office.” The peon tells them to give him a note with the interviewers name and wait until they are called. Krishna writes her name on a piece of paper and gves it to the peon who takes it to the collector. Vidya asks Krishna is she\’s feeling nervous. Krishna says “No i\’m not.” after a while Krishna and Vidya are called, a guy gives krishna a box and asks her to hand it to the DC. Krishna takes it and is confused. Vidya and Krishna enter the DC\’s office. Vidya introduces him and krishna to the DC. Krishna hands over the box to the DC, The DC opens the box to find it full of money. DC gets angry and says “What the hell is this! what do you guys think we are? how dare you bribe me!” Vidya says “this is not ours sir.” DC says “look at this, it has your name on it.” Krishna looks at the box to find a chit with her name on it. (I think it\’s the same chit krishna gave to the peon.) Vidya and Krishna are confused, Krishna says “but a guy from your office asked me to give this to you. believe us sir we didn\’t even know what was in this…” DC calls the peon and asks him to call someone. The guy walks in, vidya says “no sir, this is not him.” Krishna says “sir, the person that gave us this seemed like he worked in your office.” DC says “you aren\’t capable to be an officer! You just passed your Mains exam and you tried to bribe your senior officer? such candidates are not welcome here!”

The guy who handed over the box to Krishna calls up tuntun and tells him that his work is done and to make sur ehis needs and wants are taken care of hence from now on. tuntun assures him that everything will be fulfilled. Tuntun is laughing and says “Gajab!” (Aaah…i just love the way he says Amazing)

Back in the office, Vidya tries to justify himself, but DC doesn\’t hear them out and says “you guys are very stubborn, if i have asked you to leave then you must leave! understood? no need to waste your time here.” the other guy says “if you\’re asked to leave then why don\’t you?” Krishna says “sir but pelase try and hear us out.” DC says “i don\’t need to hear anything. kindly leave and take this box of yours aswell.” vidya says “but why should we leave? we have told you that this box isn\’t ours.” DC says “looks like you aint doing to listen like this.” DC calls out to security and gets him to throw krishna and Vidya out of the office. vidya says “hang on, we\’ll leave ourselves.” Vidya leaves, Krishna tries to justify once again but Dc tells her to leave. Krishna leaves the office in tears. everyone in the corridor are glaring at krishna and Vidya. guy 1 says “why would you dare to bribe such a strict officer? and you should thankful that he only asked you to leave the office, otherwise you could\’ve been arrested.”

Krishna and Vidya are upset, vidya takes a seat on the bench. Krishna says “what happened dad? let\’s go home.” Vidya says “no dear, we won\’t leave until we meet the guy who gave us the box.” Vidya spots the guy who gave em the box and follows him, Krishna too follows. Vidya gets a hold on the guy and says “why did you do this to us?” The guy clearly refuses and says “what are you talking about? i think you\’ve got the wrong guy, excuse me.” Vidya says “don\’t try to act smart with me! I know what you\’re up to! kindly tell the DC that you gave us that box!” the guy says “what nonsense, what box are you talking about? when i don\’t know you then why will i give you a box?” Vidya says “don\’t try to act smart, I don\’t know why you gave it to us in the first place and now you\’re refusing that you gave us the box? have your eyes checked and accept your mistake.” The guy says “when i haven\’t made any mistake then why would i accept it?” Krishna says “why are you lying?” Vidya says “he\’s a two faced man!” The guy says “Mind your language! why would i give you the box when i don\’t know you?” (ermmm…do they not have any security cameras in this office? srsly? here you have security cameras everywhere!) other people support the guy, Vidya loses his cool and slaps the guy hard.(Je Baat! did the right thing by slapping that guy there..speaking nonsense about Krishna!) Krishna is shocked along with the entire staff. the staff starts talking about vidya\’s insolence and force him out of the office, Vidya is struggling to get away. DC walks in and says “what the hell is happening here!” Vidya says “sir this is the disgusting guy who have us the box.” the guy refuses to accept it and says “he requested me to recommend you to take her interview and when i said that i don\’t believe in recommendations, he started to abuse me.” vidya says \’he\’s lying!” DC says “enough of your drama!” DC asks the security to call the police. “whom are you calling disgusting? have you had a look at yourself first? you are disgusting vidyapati. you tried to bribe me yet i remained quiet, and now your creating a drama out here, why are you forcing your mistake on this guy. now i\’m having you arrested for interfering in the government\’s job and abising a staff member of this office!” Vidya is shocked. Krishna says “sir believe me, he\’s lying.” DC says “enough of your drama as well! don\’t try to act innocent after doing all this! I know people like you really well, you people don\’t bother studying and take the illegal ways to become an officer! I will make sure people like you don\’t become an officer. I\’ll complaint to the boards and make sure you never become a B.D.O.” Krishna and Vidya are shocked. The DC gets the police to arrest vidya. Krishna tries to justify herself but it doesn\’t work. The police take Vidya along with them, Krishna follows. The guy immediately moves to aside and informs tuntun about vidya getting arrested!

Krishna is in tears. Vidya says “don\’t worry my child, when we did nothing wrong then i\’m sure god won\’t let anything happen wrong with us too. go home.” Vidya leaves with the polive, Krishna rushes home calling out to saraswati and ravi. Pin-Ky looks at Tensed Krishna and gets to her spying.

Krishna in tears, infroms saraswati and family about vidya getting arrested and narrates the entire story, Pinky smirks hearing this. Saraswati suggests to take help from tuntun, but no one listens. Ravi says “ma we won\’t go there, that man won\’t help us. we\’ll call manish ji.” Saraswati says “no use calling manish ji. this is the matter of police.” Krishna runs inside to make a call, pinky rushes to break this news to bihari. Ravi says “whom are you calling?” Krishna says “I\’m trying to call babloo sir, he knows the truth, if he tries to explain then everything will clear out.: Krishna is unable to reach babloo and suggests to take help from bihari.

Dihati and Bihari are happy to hear the news and make fun of vidya being arrested. dihati says “it doesn\’t matter if krishna becomes an officer or not, but the father has indeed become a goon!” Sarawati enters and breaks the news about vidya being arrested. dihati and bihari act shocked. Krishna narrates him the story, bihari says “i\’ll do soemthing about it.” bihari pretends to make a phone call and says that nothing can be done now, and the only person that can help here is tuntun. ends on tensed Krishna

Precap: Saraswati falls on tutnun\’s feet and begs him to save vidya.” Pinto feels bad seeing this and so does Ravi. Krishna outside TTS\’ mansion prays to god in the mandir in their front yard.

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