Preeto 1st February 2012 Written Episode

Hayeee. Epi starts with the dream sequence. Yeh toh jaagti aankhon ka sapna hai.
Then comes Ishu scene with Beeji. Beeji asks why Dhruv did not come in and is everything all right. Ishu tells everything is ok. Even when Preeto asks Ishu lies and then Ishu galls NA who disconnects the call.

Now Preeto is at terrace thinking of Ishu. Preeto calls dhruv and Dhruv is not in the mood to talk. Dhruv becomes stiff in his behaviour and Preeto is now suspicious. Preeto in her room muttering about Dhrishu. And she asks babaji to give her all the sadness in Ishu\’s life and the happiness of her life to Ishu.
RB and Preeto convo – Preeto asks RB how he knew she was wearing the chunni on roka day, And RB says that to talk to others he needs the phone but to talk to her his heart is enough.

Sunny again (yeh kya chhez hai. Maar kha kar hi sudhrega). He is talking to Pankaj of Pritto and wanting to marry her and Pankaj is like dont mess with my roka and shaadi. Sunny asks Baani what everyone in the house likes and Baani tells about all and then he asks about Pritto and Baani asks why. So sunny goes golmol and Baani says that he didnt ask about her. So Baani tells what Preeto likes. And Baani takes panga with him. Mama and Mami ask why Dhruv is not there and papaji decides to call Dhruv. Ishmeet is worried that Dhruv does not misbehave with Papaji but Dhruv does not answer. Preeto goes to kitchen where Sunny is in Blue making Karela. She asks for whom he is making it. He puts and on Punjabi music and dances like a bander. He says karela he is making for her and Preeto says she doesnt like it. Nor does she like such music. He asks how she finds him and she says that in blue he looks like a watchman.Ishu goes to call NA and NA answers the call and she is rude to Ishu again. NA says that this is my home so dont come back here, and I will remove U frm my home and frm Dhruv\’s life. Ishu the cry baby asks what is her fault. and NA says her fault is that she wanted to marry her son. Preeto comes in and sees Ishu crying.

Ab shuru NA track

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