Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd February 2012 Written Episode

The epi starts with ahem explaining koki that its not what she is thinking and starts to explain but koki cuts in saying that she dont want to hear anything more and asks ahem that even after knowing about rashi, how can he help her and jigar to come close. Ahem says yes but..koki stops him again and says that thats all she need and she dont want to hear anything more .(does she want all the family members to fight for their entire life.)
At the dinning table..chirag tells ahem that they wil go to office tomorrow earlier to fix the meeting with desai and ahem says ji but koki cuts in saying that its better ahem to stay at home and ahem is angry and remaining suprised. Chirag asks why and koki says that ahem is not feeling well (lol…Health maniac not feeling welll…what an insult)
Chirag asks what happend and Baa tells that maybe ahem got cold due to the season changing (oh yeah senstive fellow…not by health)
gopi immeidately says she wil bring medicine but ahem angrily says no need grinding his teeth and gopi confused.
Baa tells hetal and koki that her friend dhaana ben is coming from US tomorrow morning and says that she used to stay at dhaana ben house during her stay in US and tells koki and hetal to make arrangments for her.
Hetal says they wil be ready and baa tells her that dhaana ben wants to meet gopi and rashi. Rashi is elated thinking that she wil give money in dollars for them in showing the face cermony(this girl is back to square one…dogs tail)
Gopi looks worried for ahem and ahem taking his anger on the food while eating.
Rashi comes to the kitchen and asks gopi is she preparing for tomorrow breakfast and gopi says that she wil prepare tomorrow as she is preparing khaada for ahem right now.
Rashi says her that she wil prepare western food for the guest too as she may wont like indian food. Gopi nods and tells rashi that after completing her work she wil help her and rashi says not to worry and to take care of ahem as he is not well and she wil handle. and thinks that she wil surely win over the new guest. (It feels like Nani Returns..for me..)

Ahem is angry and is not able to concentrate on the file and throws it on the table. Gopi comes inside and gives him kadaa to drink for his health and ahem says no need and asks her to leave him alone. (so gohem is back to square zero again…)
gopi explains that he is not feeling well so he should drink it and ahem says no need and ahem leaves angrily into the washroom, leaving gopi tensed.
Its morning and urmi is reading newspapaer and sees the gym ad and thinks to get slim and thinks that she can become a model like kinjal too when she gets slim and thinks that when kinjal can become a model then why cant she…(please…i still want to live..)
Urmi calls the number and asks about the cost and the man says 15000 and urmi is shocked and tells him that she wil become slim automatically on seeing that she is paying so much bill for the gym and cuts the call (what a shortcut urmi)
Dhawal comes and asks her what is she doing and urmi tell him about the gym membership and dhawal says to leave it as the gym became a bussiness right now who are looting people for money, and says that he wil leave and goes giving urmi a new idea (not again…)
AHem comes to koki room and says sorry for his behaviour and carelessness and says that he wants to go to office as their is a imp meeting. Koki says that he should think it before he neglected his work so easily. AHem says how can he neglect his work but koki cuts in saying she dont want to hear any arguments.
and tells ahem that as he have taken other matters into his hand so well and looks at the clothes on the bed and takes them and places them in ahems hand and tells him to take these matters into hand too and asks him to iron the clothes. Ahem shocked.(OMG…Koki..what a sixer yaar…mind block..)


AHem looks at koki and his hands and tries to explain but koki tells ahem to do some work being at home as he is not intrested in the office work anymore and tells ahem to iron the clothes and ahem sighs and says k and leaves and koki though feels bad but is serious (training is back…doggy became a donkey now…)
Urmi comes to dhawal at his shop and tells him that she got a best and best idea of a bussiness and dhawal says that he is already running this bussiness but urmi says that this is not a bussiness but bussiness is like hotel, beaty parlour and gym. Dhawal is suprised and urmi says that they wil open a gym shop here in place of dhawal shop and dhawal is shocked. (urmi did u see ur size first.)
Dhawal asks who wil they open here and urmi tells him to sell his baniyans on the corrider, and as its her chawal, so the shop belongs to her and she wil do whatever she wants with it(i thought the shop was rented..when did urmi bought it.)
Dhawal is unable to say anything and urmi says that she have money and she have to invest it in right place and gym is a profitable bussiness as everyone wants to get slim now a days and tels dhawal to send customers to her shop when he sells baniyan to fat people and thus they can do bussiness well and tells dhawal that they wil talk later in the house.
At that moment a fat person comes to buy buniyan and urmi eyes shine looking at him and tells dhawal we wil talk later and leaves leaving a confused buyer and dhawal. (Poor fellow…today he is fully doomed..)
Ahem sets the iron machine and takes parag kurta and starts ironing it (what a obident donkey…i mean son)
gopi comes in and gets shocked to see her hero type husand became a dumbo type material and hurridely goes to him and asks him what is he doing and she wil do it. But ahem says he wil do it, and gopi tries to stop him and says she wil do it and koki says no need from the door step and comes inside (gabbar came…)
She comes with more clothes and tells ahem to iron these too and tells gopi that ahem only wil do the ironing today and tells ahem to iron them carfully. ahem nods and koki leaves leaving a shocked, confused gopi. (gopi..if u dont figt for ur hubby now..u are a real waste..)
The door bell rings and the modern baa i.e dhaani ben comes to mm and baa and she greets each other. Rashi coems their and baa introduces rashi and rashi as usually trying to impress says hello and how are u to dhaani ben and DB says jai shri krishna in return shocking rashi and rashi says jai shri krishan too falling to earth and tells them that she wil bring snacks and leaves.(as usaual..first impresson…worst impresn)
Gopi is confused and asks ahem is koki angry with him. Ahem says yes and gopi asks why and ahem says that koki thinks that he is not concentrating on his work and gopi asks why did koki think that annd ahem explains how koki felt when he left the meeting of desai yesterday. gopi feels bad and says that it was due to her but ahem says to leave it as he hurt his mother badly so he should accept this punishment and deserves it (what a obident dog…)
Ahem do ironing and burns his hand and gopi feels bad and tries to snatch the iron from him but ahem wont let it go and tells gopi that he wont upset koki more by not doing his punishment and asks gopi to leave him alone and let him concentrate his work. Gopi finally accepts defeat and turns to leave. She watches him doing ironing from the door step and feels bad. Epi ends on a hurtful crying gopi (come on gopi..come on..its time for revolution..)

Koki is shouting at gopi saying she always taught ahem that work is god, work is imp, work is is ..(whatever..i think u got it)
and even though after her training ahem still started to go in his father step and tells gopi that she have at last managed to divert ahems attention succesfully and gopi is hurt crying feeling guilty (this girl is stupid, son is stupid, family is stupid..stupid stupid stupid people of centuary…gopi if u dont fight for ur hubby now…u are waste as a wife.)
A back to square epi

Koki back to square as a Strick mother in law
Ahem back to stupid brainless mommas boy
gopi back to being idiot and tooo obident..
rashi back to what for me ..what for me…
All in all…a back to back epi…Curses…

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