Kya Hua Tera Vaada 2nd February 2012 Written Episode

The episode starts with Mona and Pummy getting ready along with kids. Mona says to Bulbul not to apply Lipstick. Pummy says let her apply and u too apply some.
When Mona says i don\’t want to apply any lipstic. Pummy teases Mona not lipstic apply a tape to ur mouth . Mona sats Hawww . All of them laughs out loud.

in the hall both Pradeep and his friend discusses why do they take so much time to do make up. Pradeep says i\’m sleepy now . then his friend says today there\’s a match of India and switches on the TV. his friend says its impossible for them to score as it\’s only 5 more overs now. Pradeep says they will score don\’t worry.

Mean while all of them come to hall and say we are ready lets go. we are getting late now. Pradeep and his friend says do make up for some more time (What now? for watching match u want now them to do more late? not fair)

When they are about to leave Pradeep comes back to take something then Mona to stops and kisses him on his cheek. he says what is this now? she says when u were young… then he interupts saying when young? she continues i mean when u were still young i used to do the same when ever u go out. so now that kids are not around so… he says if u remember all those then do it properly pointing towards his lips she blushes and says Hawww… (loved Mona\’s expressions here ). they leave to the party.

They all reach to the party. Rajvir was running around. Mona says to take care of each other to her girls and run to catch hold of Rajvir. in this process he was stopped by a guy. Mona asks him to join his sisters and sees the guy and says sorry to him. he says he is just a kid. and kids do such things and nothing to bother. Mona is surprised to see him as he is Niharika\’s boyfriend. she thinks he is handsome and appreciates her friends for choosing him in her mind.

Mean while Pradeep\’s boss comes there and even PRadeep and his friend too join them. their boss introduces him as Rudra – his only son. it\’s his engagement today. Mona is shocked to hear that. His boss says Rudra to come to the stage soon and leaves. PRadeep and his friend too leaves from there. Mona stops Rudra and asks do u know Niharika who is from Delhi. he is taken a back and says we talk abt it later and leaves from there.

He goes to his father and says there\’s a problem. its about Niharika. His father says to forget abt her as its his engagement today. but he says Mona knows everything as she is Niharika\’s friend. they are worried. Mona overhears there words.

She goes to PRadeep and says she needs to say something. he jokes saying i too want to say something but not getting time. she drags him to a side and says everything to him. and Rudra sees this.

At their residence, Mona is trying to call Niharika but was not reachable. Then Pradeep says try and say to her the truth. (how sweet). she receives Niharika\’s call and tells that she wants her to come to Mumbai immediately. Niharika says u stole my words. i\’m coming to Mumbai the day after and need to talk to u a lot. Mona couldn\’t say anything about Rudra and hangs.

Pradeep asks her why didn\’t she tell her. Mona says i couldn;t as its very sensitive issue and cannot say on phone. Pradeep says i think we need to tell her. its a cheating by Rudra. how can he do that? i\’m sure my boss doesn\’t know anything abt this. other wise he would have stopped him. (U are wrong then. he is a business man ) and asks Mona not to talk abt this to anyone until unless he speaks to his boss.

She says to Pradeep that he is so sweet. she likes the way he thinks abt others. she says \’I LV U\’ and hugs him. (Loved the way she spoke to Pradeep).

Rano comes there and asks for some dress and she says i forgot. i will do it now. Pradeep is disappointed. she turns back and says i thought i can do better than tailor and says sorry to him.

Next day Pradeep leaves to his boss house and meets him. they sit in the room and his boss asks him what will he take coffee, tea snacks? (how much natak ) Pradeep says its fine. he says he wants to talk to him something important. then his boss says he is very busy as many big shots are arriving for his son\’s marriage. his says his son\’s n DIL\’s dresses are arriving from so and so places. and also says that i\’m personally seeing all the arrangements done.

Pradeep was about to say its abt the marriage; he stops and says i think u deserve a promotion and is not yet done. (How cleverly changes the topic ) Pradeep asks that he knows abt his promotion? his boss says yes, and he also know why he is here. so better do not interfere in his matter. u want ur promotion and i want my son\’s marriage done without any prolbems. he also says that he knows abt Niharika. but he got a deal from Chopra\’s that their debts will be cleared after this marriage and also both the companies will have a merger. so i asked my son to forget Niharika. (how selfish)

Pradeep is shocked to hear this. his boss says u will be double promoted and u better won\’t interfere in this matter. do come to the marriage. Pradeep leaves from there. his boss thinks he came to stop his son\’s marriage.

A driver arrives to Mona\’s house and says its the keys for ur new car and i\’m the driver. Mona is surprised and kids run to see the car. she asks who sent him; he replies that Mr. Rudra sent him. she understands the matter and goes down with her kids.

Pummy is exercising on threadmill. her hubby says Pradeep deserves promotion byt he won\’t get coz he doesn\’t maintain. see me. i deserve promotion. (Really? ) then Pummy sees the car from teh window and shouts to see that. her hubby hurries and stands on the rail of the corridor to see it and slips to the other side. Pummy tries to pull him up but he falls down.

she calls Pradeep and says abt the matter. Pradeep also says that his boss knows everything abt Niharika and all. he says will talk to it let me go to office first. when he enters office everyone congratulates him on his promotion. Pradeep is all surprised. Kukreja comes there and says Congrats sir. Pradeep says sir what is this? He says i\’m not sir u r sir. he continues i know u deserves for this promotion and starts all his nautanki (wah u changes ur words so easily and according to the situation) .

he shows Pradeep his cabin and leaves. meanwhile he hears his friend\’s voice and comes out. he says Pradeep didn\’t say abt his promotion. PRadeep says i just now knw abt it. u drags him to his cabin and says all the things. his frined advices not to speak anything abt it as it effects his family and personal life. he too agrees to it.

in the evening he returns to home. Mona asks what to do now? Pradeep says i had thought abt it but stopped and points to kids. he says i remembered their faces and decided not to think abt it. and says what his friend said and supports his words. i cannot go against as my family comes firs. she is in all dilemma. then Niharika calls her and says she is all excited and must do shopping 2moro after her arrival as Rudra promised to marry her in a month. (Poor girl)

Mona says that she is coming 2moro. Pradeep asks her stop her from coming to the marriage. Mona says what abt her if Rudra\’s marriage is over? He says i cannot risk now and leaves in anger.

Precap: Pradeep asks what abt Niharika now? Mona says may be she left to Delhi from Marriage.

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