Veer Shivaji 6th February 2012 Written Episode

Raje came out with lord krishna\’s idol, every1 was very excited n boosting moral, sai, soyara n jijabai were on terrace. Raje says that yesterday thy were saying that like god protect bhakts, bhakts also protect god n will never let the idol fall, thy says its true, thy\’ll do it.

Raje put the idol in a pot n ask to tie it from rope n that too at 25 ft height, every1 surprised to hear it, baji kaka thinking abt the reason but jijabai knows that its the height of torna fort. Villagers coming to wish raje n thr the pot has been tied up, raje says that god is everywhere but now he has putted the idol in pot n he wanna see how thy\’ll safely take that idol down, its time to see the confidence.

Thy start making pyramid, raje fell at first attempt, bala force to try it as thy\’ll not want raje to get injured, every1 make fun of bala but he tried n fell. Everyone says that pot is too high, raje says that if thy hv Will power, thy can do anything. One more time raje starts climbing on pyramid, on the other side, on gate a person came with pot in hand, confidence in eyes n smile on face n introduces himself as Tanaji malusare.

Security guard ask abt the pot n he told that it contained honey, security dnt allow him as he dnt have invite n ask him to leave when he insisted. Other side, raje slowly reached the pot by climbing pyramid n as he hold the rope the pyramid fell n raje was hanging with rope.

There tanaji enters the palace by breaking the security, sai-soyara prays to kahna n tanaji ran as faster as he can n climb the pyramid. As raje abt to loose grip from rope, tanaji tighty hold his hand n ask to handle, raje looked at him. Security came n saw tanaji holding raje, tanaji stand on pyramid n hold his feet tightly n put them on his shoulders n ask to break the pot. Raje take kahnaji out n break the pot. After breaking the pot raje take kahnaji\’s blessings.

Precap: Raje ask tanaji if he has cum to give honey only n tanaji told that he want to join his army n raje welcomed him.

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