Saas Bina Sasural 6th February 2012 Written Episode

Hello, Hello Mere Pyaare SBSians!!!
Another new week and I hope we\’re all back refreshed and ready for whatever is to come now. I feel so much better after the weekend and am ready for whatever is going to happen. Kiya\’s days in hell are going to come soon…I\’m crossing my fingers that they make her do the laundry Haaiii…I\’m just imagining Kiya with the dirty laundry of 7 men

On a side note, I am very proud of all those people that have continued to support SBS and helped in bringing it up 4 points in the chaskameter!! I was shocked by that today because I totally wasn\’t expecting it after last week.

Chalo, on to the update!! I\’ll be posting a short outline of what happened and will detail it up (minus any lingering Kiya conceited scenes) once I\’ve seen the full episode properly on TV in a couple of hours

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Short Update:

~Kiya asks Ved to bring her black coffee and he goes to make her some…Toasty sees him and she seems to feel sorry for his state.
~At breakfast, Pitaji asks about mithaai vaala rasam where new bahu makes sweet for family on the first day…he tells Toasty and Malti that they should have explained to Kiya about this rasam
~Kiya comes for breakfast and sits down with the men instead of helping Toasty and Malti…Tej throws his hands up like \’let her do whatever she wants and let my wife and bhabhi do all the work, will ya\’ Kiya is oblivious as everyone stares at her and Ved tries to tell her that she should help Toasty and Malti…Pitaji says that she will learn eventually.
~Pitaji says she will do all this after they send Ved and Kiya out for honeymoon Ved and Kiya both say there is no need.
~Sudha comes to visit Toasty and talks about Kiya and then cries/has a panic attack for Nitika and then says that she doesn\’t accept Ved and Kiya\’s marriage as a marriage and that Nitika and Ved will get married for sure, that\’s final.
~Ved tries to ask Kiya to help Toasty and Malti in house chores and Kiya tells him that she has no interest in doing housework and getting best bahu award. After Ved leaves, she thinks that she may have to help out as after all she will have to stay for one year and she\’ll have to get everyone to like her and make this one year bearable.
~Pitaji tells Tej to book honeymoon tickets for Ved-Kiya but Tej argues with him since Ved doesn\’t want to go…Pashu joins the argument as well. Pitaji finally commands that Ved and Kiya will go on a honeymoon.
~She goes to the kitchen to offer her help but gets denied…Malti goes to answer a phone call and Kiya tries to talk to Toasty and ask for her forgiveness because if Toasty doesn\’t forgive and accept her, no one will. Toasty says that looking at her record, she shouldn\’t be doing this but since she is now the bahu of this house, she will give her one final chance and if she gets the slightest doubt that Kiya is up to something, Kiya knows what she can do. Toasty tells Kiya that she will be watching her 24/7 now.

Detailed Update:

Part 1:

Kiya wakes up the next morning and gets up with a hangover. She wants water but there isn\’t any in the jug so she gets up to go get some when she walks into Ved, who is sleeping on the floor. He gets up right away and asks Kiya if she needs anything. Kiya says water and he says please don\’t go anywhere in this state and says that he will bring water. He tries to also tell her that getting drunk like this is not a good thing but Kiya tells him not to lecture her. She asks him for black coffee.

Ved is making black coffee in the kitchen when Toasty walks in. She asks him you\’re making coffee? and then says but you don\’t drink coffee… Ved says its for Kiya. Toasty gets mad and says from the first day she\’s making you.. Ved says she\’s not feeling well, that\’s why I\’m taking it up to her. Toasty doesn\’t feel good that Ved is doing this so she offers to make it and bring it up but Ved says no, Kiya might not like it if you come upstairs to their room. Toasty puts the glass there and lets Ved pour the coffee and go upstairs. Malti comes in then and Toasty complains to her about all of this and Malti says that Ved married as a compromise.

At the dining table later that morning, Toasty and Malti are serving parathas and Pitaji asks is this it for breakfast? Toasty says yeah, this is what we always have…did you want something else, Pitaji? Pitaji says there\’s no sweet? Gyaan asks is today some special day? Pitaji glares at him and Pashu tries to signal to him to stay quiet. Pitaji says its a tradition for the new bahu to make a sweet on her first day in the house…Kiya may not know this tradition but then it\’s your responsibility (to Toasty and Malti) to inform Kiya about this. Pashu says when someone is so bitter, what sweet will they make? Pitaji asks if he said something…Pashu says no, I\’m just saying that she should make something bitter…I mean sweet…and then says Malti, you should have told her that she needs to make something khad…I mean sweet. Kiya comes into the dining room then and touches Dadaji\’s feet and then goes and sits in the empty chair next to Ved and asks someone to pass the parathas from the other end of the table.

Pitaji looks angry but passes the plate. Tej throws up his hands like “Now look!” Ved says to Kiya, Bhabhi is serving everyone food so you…Kiya says I\’ve taken it myself. Ved says no, with her work, you should…Kiya says I don\’t see anything wrong (she thought he said kami instead of kaam), in fact its very tasty. Pashu straight out says he\’s trying to tell you that you should get up and help your devraani and jethaani in serving the food. Pitaji says its her first day, she\’ll learn. Tej says if habits are learned in the very beginning, then it\’s better, otherwise it becomes difficult in the future. In this house, Toasty and Malti bhabhi get up early every morning, cook food, serve it to all of us, and then sit down and eat. Pitaji says she\’ll do all this…after she and Ved go around on an outing and come back, she will learn all this. Ved asks where am I going? Pitaji says that…where you go out to some hill station or place and go around. Toasty mouths \’honeymoon\’ to Malti. Ved and Kiya both say that there is no need but Pitaji is adamant.

Part 2:

Sudha walks into the house and Malti is walking out into the hall with a tied stack of newspapers. She says hi to Sudha and says we\’ll give a surprise to Toasty and takes her inside to TejYa\’s room to see Toasty. Toasty and Sudha hug and sit down together and Malti says she\’ll go and bring chai. Sudha asks where is the maharani? the nautanki, devil, who ruined Ved and Nitika\’s lives etc…Toasty says Kiya? Sudha says who else would I praise so much? Toasty says she\’s in her room. Sudha says I burn inside when I think of that girl. She then says I\’ll obviously cry for Nitika and feel horrible about that but along with that I worry about this home as well as to what kind of bathameez and horrible girl they have brought in as a bahu. She wonders what is wrong with Chedi that he is so blind to his son\’s happiness and Nitika…she could have died. She starts getting hyper and Toasty tries to quiet her down but she doesn\’t stop, saying she\’s not afraid of anyone if they hear her. Toasty makes her drink water and calm down. Sudha asks if she has called Nitika yet…Toasty says how can she call Nitika and with what face will she call her…Sudha says you should call her one and explain to her that her and Ved\’s wedding will happen. Toasty says mumma! Ved and Kiya\’s marriage has happened now…how can I say this? Sudha says I don\’t accept this as a marriage…you listen to me…Ved and Nitika will get married…I give you my guarantee. I saw a dream this morning with Nitika dressed as a bride and saying that Kiya\’s truth came out in front of everyone and now she and Ved were getting married. She was so happy. And you know Toasty that all my morning dreams come true. (Ummm Sudha ji…since when?? If I remember correctly…your first morning dream that was shown in SBS, you dreamt of Tej being already married to some other girl and it may have slipped my memory and if that\’s the case then do remind me of Tej\’s “first” wife because I don\’t recall Tej being married to someone before Toasty )

Kiya\’s reading a book on the bed and Ved comes in and says I\’m leaving for the shop. Kiya says ok, whatever. Ved asks her to help Malti and Toasty as they will feel good if you help them. Kiya says I have this novel that i want to finish today. Ved says you can finish the novel later but Malti and Toasty will need help. Kiya, like the brat she is, tells Ved that she has not interest in getting the best bahu award and she doesn\’t want to do any of this housework stuff. Ved leaves to the shop and then Kiya says to herself that what this fool is saying is not so bad and that she has to stay here for a year so she should probably do such things.

Part 3:

Kiya goes into the kitchen to help but Malti tells her no…Toasty turns to the side with her back turned to Kiya, cleaning out the rice, and Kiya says until the mehendi wears off her hands, they cannot make her work. Kiya says that before this mehendi wears of my hands, I want everyone to accept me. Toasty rolls her eyes and the phone rings. Malti goes to see who it is. Kiya says Toasty, I understand that you are still angry with me as Nitika was your friend. Toasty turns around angrily and says not was…she is my friend and she always will be. Kiya says vahin toh and asks her to please forgive her. Toasty says why should I forgive you? Kiya says because if you don\’t forgive and accept me, no one else will. Toasty thinks about grudgingly for a second and says I don\’t want to but because Ved bhaiya has accepted you as his wife, you should get the same respect that the other bahus of this house recieve and on that basis, I will give you one more chance. Kiya says thanks Toasty, I won\’t disappoint you. Toasty says I won\’t give you the chance. Kiya turns around confused. Toasty says if you have any plans in your head, get rid of them now because from today onwards, 24 hours a day, I\’ll be keeping my eye on you and if I get the slightest doubt that you\’re up to something or that you even have the thought of doing something, then you know what I can do so you better not waste this chance. She gives Kiya a threatening look and Kiya looks a little worried. (C\’mon Toasty!! Make her life a living hell now!! Doosre chance ke bahaane se you\’ve now got the chance to make her miserable!I)

Pre-Cap: Everyone is in the hall and Pitaji asks Kiya how her first day as bahu went. Kiya complains to Pitaji that Toasty and Malti didn\’t let her do any work, they kept kicking me out of the kitchen. Pitaji says Toasty, Malti…the kitchen isn\’t only yours. Toasty says it\’s nothing like that, Pitaji.

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