Kya Hua Tera Vaada 6th February 2012 Written Episode

Sorry I\’m late. I think I have an ear infection so I went to the health center. She gave me some meds so hope it works.

Pammi and Suri: He tells Pammi to explain to Mona not to open her mouth to Niharika. Then he asks her for her logic: Eating while exercising: To exercise, you need energy. I get energy from the food I eat. Food becomes fat and I burn it off while exercising. Lol

We see a plane land and Pammi and Mona go to pick her up. She\’s hungry waiting despite eating a sandwich 10 minutes ago. She wants to go shopping, where rudra\’s wedding is happening. She\’s so excited planning her future and Mona can\’t tell her anything.

Pradeep is at the wedding and his boss is BAK BAK! Wants Pradeep to socialize and what not–ugh

We see the girls pass the wedding and Niharika gets excited thinking of her wedding and asks for Mona\’s help organizing. She gets emotional but makes an excuse.
Pradeep hears Tina\’s dad and feels bad. Mona thinks about Niharika calling her a sister and gets emotional. She tells the driver to go back to the wedding. Pammi tries stopping her but Mona says no. Niharika sees Rudra and is shocked. She goes up to him and his haar falls on the ground.

Pradeep is shocked seeing her. Niharika refuses to believe this. Boss man is trying to throw her out but Tina\’s dad wants to hear all of it.

Niharika tells him that Rudra and her love each other and the rest is silent. Bossman is upset! “Mujhe laga mujhe zindagi ki sabse bari khushi mili hai. Par mujhe kya pa mujhe sabse bara dhoka mila hai!” saying this she walks away with Pammi tyring to stop her. Mona looks at Pradeep and is scared. He comes to her. She apologizes because they need the money for our kids but we need to set an example for them.

Tina\’s dad thanks Pradeep. Turns out Pradeep already tried to tell Tina\’s dad but he didn\’t believe him. Bossman tries to patao but nothing works. “Shaadi nahi hogii!!”lol

Suri tells mona that he tried to stop him but he didn\’t listen. And he\’s proud.
Pradeep: I don\’t know about the kids and EMI but I can\’t see you “pareshaan”
Suri: Pradeep-ji, I don\’t know about you but I know someone who is a little bit more pareshaan than you.

Bossman fires Pradeep and he tells him off. Mona Pradeep and Suri leave holding their heads up high.

Pradeep asks about Niharika and Mona tells that she left straight to Delhi. (the precap) Naukri/Chaukri joke.. Mona and Pradeep have a moment. It\’s really cute! He wants to celebrate for not losing his values. He invites Suri. He tells Pradeep was like Amitabh at the party and he should try for acting. Then, Pammi complains of a stomach ache.. Mona plays a joke about food but then serves it.

We see Mona solving Math problems for Pradeep and Bulbul. It\’s cute. He talks about the house condition in front of the kids so Mona sends them in. Pradeep is regretting not completing his education (MBA) because his dad got him married. Mona feels bad and is about to leave but Pradeep apologizes because he is just tensed. He appreciates her a lot. He says something true. “jab waqt hota hai tho kadar nahi karte aur jab nahi hota tho kauste hain” He promises to spend more time with Mona reliving the old days (romantic). We see the girls fighting for a dress and Bulbul wins … They use that choti behen line.. Hated that growiing up–chota bhai!lol

Mona goes to put the kids in bed and Pradeep tells her to hurry–again, romantic mood
Precap: Pradeep-candlelight-staring in mid air…

Guys, my writing the dialogues in hindi/english does not to justice.. I really enjoyed today\’s epi and I\’m sure you guys would do, so if possible, do watch it!

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