Sasuraal Simar Ka 8th February 2012 Written Episode

Hey ppl i am updating today episode, if its against forum rules i am sorry but as there were no written updates since friday so i thought that i might help

Part 1:
Every one is standing in Rosid room and roli says to simar that u r the reason of all my sufferings everything happened just because of u ( ppl u shud watch sid\’s face at this … really hurt) then she said to simar that ” ab tou meri perhayi bhi aapki wajah se chout jayegi” on haring this simar leaves the room “hurt” mata ji makes a sound duno whether thats becoz she was happy or she tries to sympathize with roli. then every 1 left only Roli, sid and sujata left in room… sujata comes to roli and tell what ever happened to u in last few months i dunt think that simar is guilty for that.. neither simar nor u is responsible for wat happened… this all is destiny\’s game and u ppl are the part of it and dunt blame simar for everything because she is ur slder sister and she can never do wrong to u .. after that she left the room Rosid alone in room.. then they show manuranjan comez to mata g and asks her to give her blessings so that she can be as eveil as mata ji is … then they show in falshbacks that mata ji was the one who recieved the letter from the uni and put it in simar\’s room (poor simar) so that she can be balmed for that…

simar sitting in her bed thinking wat happened in roli\’s room .. prem saw her lost in thoughts he comes to her and asks her not to worry she tells him that she sint know about the notice at all and asks him to believe her and he said i believe u i know u can never think bad for roli and asks simar to lie down and sleep as she cann\’t do anything right now.. simar lies down and prem kisses her forehead .. when he sleeps then simar thinks to herslef that i dint take this notice then how come it was in my room then .. scene shifts to morning sujata\’s room she talking with her husband that she is very worried about simar and roli she never thought taht these sisters can go against each other her husband tells her he can never believe that simar can do any thing wrong … uma and pari are discussing that simar can do it as she can slap her sister in front of every one so she can do anything and they said it happened coz she touched roli\’s feet in front every one and she feel ashamed on it simar heared all this and is quite hurt then manuranjan and mata ji came manuranjan is asking abaout pooja\’s fotos and a person comes and give photos to mata ji .. she call every one to see the photos.. mata ji gives a photo to manuranjan in which roli is giving blessing to simar and she tries to show that pic to simar who was going to give luch to prem she whowed the pic to simar.. simar saw it and look hurt..

Part 3

roli comes there and manuranjan asks her to see the pics also simar showed roli the pics on the top the same pic simar touching roli\’s feet .. roli looked here and there simar put fotos in front of her and left from there to give lunch to prem .. prem takes the lunch and on again seeing her lost he tells her not to worry soon every one will get to knwo the truth that u r not guilty he left and simar says to herself yeah it is necessary but its necesaary for roli to know th truth becoz the bond of sisterhood should not be broken .. manuranjan asks mataji wats in her plan now why she is ending pooja pics to simar\’s home she said its necessary as they shud know the deverani jethani bond..simar reaches the post office and asks for the person who received the letter .. the guy told her that letter was received at 10 and some “Simar Ji” received it.. she was taken aback and asks to meet the courier boy .. she asked him did he delievered the letter yesterday and who recieved it… he said she was a lady and her name is simar bhardwaaj .. she asks him to some with her to tell who received the courier .. he agreed but tell her that he will come the next day..

Precap :
simar telling the prem that she went to courier office and boy told her that some lady received the letter

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