Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th February 2012 Written Episode

Shipra , sudhir and neighbours in Nuts car. Shipra boasts about her DIL and tells the gal from such a big house has adjusted to their house and allows them to use her things and asks sudhir if she\’s right. Sudhir loses concentration and a taxi hits their car hardly. Shipra blames the taxi driver and asks him to pay for the loss. The taxi driver asks sorry, shipra threatens to complain police, the driver pleads to leave him as he\’s poor. Sudhir stops shipra and taxi driver pleads to leave him. Sudhir tells him not to pay anything but instead asks him to drop the neighbours to the hotel. Shipra continues to grumble, sudhir sends the neighbours and ask them to inform that they\’ll be late. Sudhir tells he doesn\’t know what will he tell Nuts and Shipra tells she\’ll manage Nuts and asks him to call some garage and take the car.

Priya at her room changing photos of Ram. She keeps Ram\’s photos on both sides of frame and thinks that she wants to keep her photo on one side but not sure how will Ram react. She then feels already she\’s changing his favourite frame and tells this will be right and admires him as Dho Dho Mr.Kapoor. She takes another frame and calls Mr.kadoos Bye bye and smiles. Ram comes in calling for priya and ram asks her to come with him. Priya asks where, Ram denies telling and tells that he\’ll give 5 mins time for her to get ready as they are going for a long drive. Priya reminds him of her leg sprain, Ram tells that they are not going for a walk but for a drive.

He sees the photo frame and asks what\’s it. Priya tells she changed the old photo frame, Ram laughs and tells good idea as he was already sick of it but asks y is his photo on both sides and tells that her photo should be on one side. Priya is surprised, Ram asks her to get ready and he\’ll change the photo. Ram removes one photo of his from the frame and puts priya\’s photo in it. Ram shows the frame and asks if its good. Priya smiles and Ram offers hand to help priya and both go out.

Nuts, Ayesha and Karthik watching TV in their new LCD. Ayesha is all praises for Nuts and karthik asks about their parents as it was getting late. Shipra and Sudhir come back and Shipra tells about the accident. Nuts gets shocked and shouts at them for taking her car without her permission. She tells the car is costly and they can\’t pay the bill for the parts broken even if they sell their old car. She manages that she\’ll pay the bill but asks what was the necessity for sudhir to take the car as he\’s not used to driving big cars and what if something had happened to him as its dangerous. karthik agrees to her.

Shipra tells that sudhir\’s driving skills are so good that till now there hasn\’t been a scratch in their old car. Shipra tells that it was taxi drivers fault and Nuts tells that they weren\’t there to see who\’s fault was it and walks off as there is no use talking about it. Karthik tells nuts was right and it was wrong on their part to take car without asking her and it was risky for them too. He tells he\’ll manage her and leave and sudhir and shipra are upset.

Ram and Priya in car. Priya tells that she\’s feeling sleepy and tired and he\’s been driving for 4 to 5 hrs and asks where is he going. Ram tells no. Priya asks if he is having any idea of counting stars again. Ram tells that wish is already fulfilled and tells that he\’s going to fulfill her 2nd wish. Priya asks which wish and Ram tells that she talks a lot and asks her to wait patiently. Priya tells that she\’s tired as they are going on and on.Ram stops the car and asks priya to get down. Priya asks at the highway and ram asks y is she questioning so much and asks her to get down.

Ram holds her hands, moves little ahead, asks her to close her eyes and not to open till he informs. Turns her, stands behind her, priya asks what\’s he doing, ram asks her to trust him , raises her hands and holds it and asks what was her wish. He tells that she wanted to be at 2 places at one time and today he\’s going to fulfill that wish, he asks her not to open her eyes. He adds that now her one foot is at gujarat and one at maharashtra and that too during sunset which she loves most and asks her to open her eyes.

In dino, Dil Mera, Mujhse hai keh raha
Tu Khaab saja, Tu Jee le Zara,
Hai tujhe bhi ijaazat, Karle tu bhi Mohabbat..

Priya opens her eyes and smiles with a surprise on her face. She is elated and admires the beauty of it and thanks Ram. Ram asks if her wish is fulfilled. Priya tells that when she wished for this she felt that it was a stupid wish and didn\’t know how she asked for it and don\’t know how he and Ram completes that he fulfilled it as a wish is a wish and he had promised that he\’ll fulfill her every wish and it doesn\’t matter if its stupid or intelligent and he had given his word and asks if she\’s happy and asks her to admire how much ever she wants to.

Priya tells that world\’s beautiful things cannot be seen but can be felt , Ram laughs and priya adds that he only told that and its truth and whenever they feel such things heart beats and it feels how it happens in love.(Jaisa pyaar mei hota hai, jaisa ibaadat mei hota hai). She tells thank you and Ram tells u are welcome and asks if they can leave. Priya tells yes but keeps looking, ram asks how long will u keep seeing and takes her hand and helps her towards the car.

Vikram is working and neha wakes up and asks if he hadn\’t slept whole night.Vikram tells he\’s working on some presentation and neha tells that she doesn\’t like his new boss Harry who makes him work so hard and his health might get spoiled if he works like this. Vikram tells that his boss didn\’t want him to work like this and he\’s doing it on his own. Vikram tells Harry is a man of passion for work and if he needs to work with such a man he has to put extra effort.Neha asks when will he introduce her to Harry as she wants to see who\’s the guy whom her husband is impressed so much and vikram tells he wants her to meet him and then asks her to prepare breakfast and not indulge him in talkings and neha leaves.

Ram in his bed and priya asks y is he lying down and doesn\’t he want to have food. Ram tells he\’s tired after a long drive and he hasn\’t slept yet and asks her to tell about her wish and if she enjoyed. Priya tells she enjoyed a lot and she never expected that her stupid wish would be fulfilled by him and says thanks. Priya tells that she wants to tell something else too and Ram tells hmm and priya tells that 1st time she realized that her wishes are also important to someone and she\’s too special to someone and he gave her this realization and thanks and tells whatever he\’s doing to fulfill her wishes means a lot to her.

Ram begins to sleep.. She adds that she always thought that they both are not made for each other and infact she was against this marriage and she was wrong. She tells that their marriage is good and now she likes to spend time with him and live with him and she\’s very happy today but she has a weird fear along with the happiness and she doesn\’t know y.She doesn\’t know if she can feel the same happiness along with him in their entire life. She is not afraid for herself as she knows she can manage herself but she\’s afraid for him as she knows that how important is her presence for him as far as she understands him.

She says God Forbid, if she\’s not in his life and thinks don\’t know from where these weird thoughts come into her mind and tells that the big thing about this is and Ram starts snoring loud. Priya smiles, goes near him , bends a little, hesitant to touch his hair and then touches his hair and smiles cutely.


Priya in tears on call with apeksha tells that she knows that krishu ji will surely ask that y is she telling her all this and asks apeksha to tell her that she has rights to know first about what\’s happening in her life. Krishu ji listening to all this. Priya adds that she can\’t hide this from her as krishu ji made her realize her feeling first and asks apeksha to tell that she has fallen in love with her son.

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