Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 10th February 2012 Written Episode

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Ginny is nt taking food when Dolly is trying to feed her.. But Ginny is upset and behaving rude … Pinky Jeet discuss abt how Lucky Sweety should get back together for kids\’ sake.. Pinky tells Jeet that Sweety di tried.. But Lucky bro should say sorry to her.. Jeet says he knows but Lucky loves his wife a lot tht we cant deny.. Kids come to them and wanna sleep with them.. Happy family sleep together

Dolly tells Sweety ji ( Crying Sweety pie ) to let everything go at least for kids.. And informs her that Ginny didnt take food.. Sweety pie stops crying and goes to Ginny.. Ginny tells her that she is behaving arrogant.. If she wants to fight with dad, she can do at home.. Ginny tells Sweety pie that she doesnt wanna live here anymore.. Sweety pie breaks down ( almost ) and tells her – So even you also dont wanna live with me anymore and you are also on your dadiji\’s side ? .. Ginny holds her hand and says \’I wanna stay with both of you.. Not just with one.. Why dont u understand..\’ Sweety pie hugs Ginny and says in emotional crying voice (=((]) that \’I went no.. for pooja.. I tried .. But u saw no how ur dadiji behaved with me ?\’.. Ginny starts crying ( agreeing to her mom Poor kid ) ..

In school, Rocky is upset and sitting quiet.. Other friends tease him and he looses cool so quick And he slaps a guy.. Teacher tells him to meet her in 5 mins.. Raavi, who was der all the time and fighting for Rocky, goes to mam and explains in private that it\’s cuz of Rocky\’s personal problems that he is behaving like this.. Mam understands and lets Rocky go.. Raavi tells Rocky to control himself Rocky is very disturbed

After the school is over, Aishwariya tries to console Rocky in a classroom ( alone ).. Rocky cheers up a LIL bit cuz of Aish\’s silly jokes That fat ugly tripathi ullu ka pattha sees them and taunts them.. he takes Rocky-Aish to common room.. mam tells Aish to leave .. And she tells Rocky this is second time he got reported today.. She tells Rocky to bring his parents.. Tripathi kutta taunts him with his parents stuff and Rocky argues ( which was correct ) but Mam being Mam, tells him to bring Parents tomo morning and scolds him

Outside, Aish tells Rocky that parents always fight.. No big deal.. Rocky is shocked to see that almost everyone knows including mam and tripathi and all.. He blames Raavi but Aish tells him that Raavi saved him first time.. It\’s Mam who was gossiping abt it in the common room tht is how other teachers like tripathi gotta know abt tht.. And Aish said \’I know this cuz I myself asked Raavi.. Or else why would she tell me?\’.. Rocky is tensed that how can he bring his parents together tomo.. Aish tells him that may be like this, his parents will get back together.. when they will see how badly disturbed u are, u might fail in the exam n all.. so for u, they might get back together.. ( I dont want them to patch up for ANY damn thing unless it\’s Lucky\’s realization )..

Jeet goes to Lucky to give a cheque of 1.5L .. Lucky tells him sorry and he says that day he was nt in a nice mood thts why fought it out.. bt it\’s no big deal.. he can pay the loss.. Jeet doesnt need to give the money.. cuz it\’s all family matters.. Jeet takes the cheque back but pleads him with folding hands to bring Sweety back at least for kids\’ sake.. Bebe calls Lucky at office n tells Rocky didnt return yet.. Rocky comes back and talks to his dad abt tomo\’s meeting.. He taunts Lucky that \’teacher told me to bring BOTH my parents.. What r u gonna do abt tht..\’… Lucky said he heard, and he will bring Sweety ji back.. Rocky is shocked and happy


Precap – Lucky comes to Papaji\’s house.. Ginny shouts at Lucky saying \’If u cared for me, loved me, u would have never left me alone here\’.. And runs back to her room.. Sweety pie comes .. Lucky gets a call from Pinky who scolds him ( almost ) and Lucky cuts the call and tells Sweety pie \’You are poisoning my daughter against me .. And now u have told ur sister to tell me how Mahaan u r\’… And he goes back .. Sweety pie is confused and hurt..


Thanks.. Have nothing to say to this @$$hole Lucky anymore

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