Veer Shivaji 13th February 2012 Written Episode

Raje says that thy shud immidiately leave for torna, as he was abt to leave jijabai stop him, baji kaka says its not safe for him to go alone, raje says that baji has always supported him n now he\’s not supporting him n whenever he dnt listen his heart, sumthing bad will happen, like it happen with krishnaji bandal\’s time.

Jijabai supports baji\’s decision n ask him not to go alone but he was determined n says that he will go in disguise, jijabai says that it dnt matter,wat if he got caught, like his team mates, thy hv also gone in disguise but now he\’s worried for them.

In torna fort, bhimaji reveals himself to inayat n ask him to try his bravery on him not on the kid, inayat put knife to him n ask abt the other two, bhima says that he\’s not a kid whom he\’ll throw away, n ask to beat him, inayat says that he\’ll do that but before that want to know abt others or everyone will get punishment, yesaji to save others reveal himself n now only noor is left but soon inayat himself n hits him n abuses that he\’s supporting other religion but noor says that he\’s working for a divine spirit.

In lal mahal, jijabai ask baji to do arrangements, she will also go with raje, raje ask her to understand but she dnt n then raje got an idea n he ask to call all behrupiyas, annoncement happen for this.

In torna fort, guards was torturing them, bhima plays a trick that he\’ll told them the plan, thy leave him n he slap the guard, at the same moment inayat reach thr.

In lal mahal, a behrupiya came n pretend to be yesaji\’s bro but raje caught him n call others, sum one keeping eye on the que, after seeing got frustated n leave in anger as he dnt got the right man.

Others were worried, wat if that any1 reveal plan to inayat but baji was sure abt yesaji n bhima, the only doubt is noor. In torna fort, inayat starts torturing noor n he finally breaks n got ready to reveal the plan.

Precap: Some guy came to lal mahal, he was injured n was abt to die, before dying he told security that inayat was heading towards lal mahal n die asking to save raje, after that thr was a chaos in lal mahal, raje caught a person.

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