Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 13th February 2012 Written Episode

Rohan is discussing with Armaan about his \’marriage\’ and Anjie-Nidhi\’s fight but Armaan has a bigger problem to discuss. He tells Rohan about AshNi\’s fight over the hair-dye. Armaan tells Rohan a plan to help them patch up.
Ashu comes home and asks Kaka for tea. He leaves his phone on the table. Armaan comes with the tea. He tries to take advantage of the fact that Ashu left his phone but Ashu comes. Ashu keeps looking at his phone but denies waiting for a phone call. Armaan makes excuses trying to send Ashu from there but in vain. Finally, he rings the landline and forces Ashu to take the call. Immediately, Armaan messages Nidhi from Ashu\’s phone to meet \’him\’. Ashu comes back after he couldn\’t get the call.
Nidhi is recalling her fight with Ashu. She is upset but is waiting for Ashu\’s call, too. Rohan comes and advises her to call him herself instead of waiting. But Nidhi is stubborn and doesn\’t admit. Just then, she gets Ashu(Armaan)\’s message. She says she won\’t go till Ashu pays for upsetting her and not caring about her feelings. Rohan tries to convince her but in vain. She walks away in a huff leaving her phone behind and Rohan takes the opportunity to message Ashu. He leaves as Nidhi comes back and says again that she won\’t go.
Ashu and Armaan are playing chess when Ashu gets Nidhi(Rohan)\’s message. He tells Armaan Nidhi wants to meet him but he won\’t give in this time. Nidhi should learn not to interfere in his likes and dislikes. Armaan tries to talk sense into him but Ashu is adamant.
Nidhi comes and finds Rohan messing with his phone. She tries to get his attention. She tells him how Valentine\’s Day is coming, her and Ashu\’s first Valentine\’s, but she can\’t celebrate with him. Rohan says that he is not stopping her and she should go ahead and celebrate it. Nidhi says she can\’t lose from Ashu and Rohan says this is not a game. She starts fighting with him because of this (It\’s very cute.). Rohan says he cannot understand girls and Nidhi says she will not talk to Ashu.
Armaan asks Ashu why he is checking his phone again and again, he should call her. Armaan says that AshNi are being very childish with their stubbornness, he has never seen a relationship break merely because of white hair and hair dye. Ashu doesn\’t pay heed to his words and insists that he will cease-fire only on his conditions, not Nidhi\’s.
Armaan and Rohan meet up. Armaan, in a drunken state, says that they lost because neither Ashu nor Nidhi are ready to take the first step. Rohan says this is their ego and doesn\’t think they\’ll ever talk again. Armaan says that if AshNi don\’t get back together then it is failure on their part.
Nidhi reaches the restaurant and Ashu is there as well. She reluctantly goes and in front of him. Ashu seems happy and thanks her for inviting him. Nidhi says she should thank him for inviting her. They show each other their received messages and are puzzled how they got each other\’s SMSes if they never sent it. They figure out it must be Rohan and Armaan trying to get them to patch up. They confess that they\’d missed each other Nidhi then takes the topic of Valentine\’s Day up and Ashu says that he is not in the age to celebrate Valentine\’s Day. Nidhi says she has thought since childhood what she will do on her first Valentine\’s day. Ashu says that V-Day is suppose to be a day of love but now people view it as a day to sell heart-shaped balloons and chocolates. Nidhi says they love with their hearts so obviously it will be heart-shaped not foot-shaped. Ashu comes to an agreement that they will meet on V-Day but he cannot buy her chocolates and balloons and teddy bears. Nidhi is disappointed and upset but sadly agrees.

Precap: Nidhi tells Rohan that Ashu doesn\’t want to celebrate V-Day, all her plans have gone down the drain.
Nidhi calls Ashu up with some hopes which Ashu doesn\’t reciprocate and she is, once again, left disappointed.

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