Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 14th February 2012 Written Episode

Maya and Virat confront each other .. Maya asks for a chance to renew their relationship but Virat flatly refuses and walks away…

Dr.Mannan calls up the pathologist, requests him to check the report of Manvi Chaudhry and send the report post haste …

Virat comes home and is accosted by Swamini who wants to know the reason for late arrival … Virat replies that he was out with friends .. Swamini chides him for going back to his old lifestyle again..Virat has a outburst, tells his Bua to leave him alone and walks away in huff..

Jeevika and Viren are having a to-gether moment..

Swamini comes up the stairs , hears the judge dictating to Inder..Swamini tells them that it is late and enquires about the Rishikesh trip..Dadaji tells her that he has invited Manvi to Chandigarh ..Swamini does not like it but controls herself..Dadaji tries to mollify Swamini saying that Beeji did say something bitter but they too were responsible for it and warranted those words..swamini tells her father that she has no ill-will towards the Choudhry\’s …

Swamini again urges Dadaji to take rest but dadji retorts that he is overloaded with work..Swamini suggests inducting Virat into the Lawyer business …Inder promises to talk about this to Virat..

Virat is recollecting his past, the break up with Maya over their career decision [ where Maya chose career over Virat] .. Virat wonders why his past is catching up with him esp when he has tried to suppress it

Viren takes a blindfolded Jeevika to a gazebo to have a candle lit dinner .. Viren wishes Jeevika..holds out his hand, grasps her hand ..leads her towards the table , pulls out the chair .. tells her he will come in 2 mins ** Maggi banane chala gaya kya** .. Viren lights the candle .. Jeevika sees a apron clad Viren who mimingly offers a menu card..Jeevika pretends to read thru and orders the best dish from the hotel..The apron clad Viren departs and J\’s hubby V returns ..Jeevika praises the waiter .. Viren sternly scolds Jeevika for praising the waiter that too in front of him …Viren notices that there is nothing to Drink and goes to remedy this lapse.Viren fetches the dish .. Jeevika begins to get romantically proactive , tells waiter Viren that if her hubby Viren does not come soon then she will be eloping with waiter Viren …A supposedly terrified waiter Viren rushes off and hubby viren comes back. proffers rose and wishes Jeevika ..


The Vadera\’s and Manvi are leaving to Chandigarh , when they see Dr.Mannan at the doorstep.. Beeji gets perplexed and seeks the reason for his arrival.. A tensed Mannan asks to speak alone with Beeji..

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