Kya Hua Tera Vaada 14th February 2012 Written Episode

Mona and Anushka visits same shop where both will like same shirt for Pradeep. but Anushka buys it and gifts to Pradeep. When Pradeep reaches home Mona asks where did u he get that shirt from. He says that his boss has gifted him the shirt. she says why didn\’t he inform that its a lady boss. He gets shocked and asks how did she know that. she says that they met accidentally in the shop.

Suri and Pummy comes there and says they are going to Lonawla for the valentines day and asks them to join. but they says no to it. kids call their granny and says they want to surprise their parents and asks her to get movie tickets.

Next day Anushka calls for urgent meeting and says its important presentation and they must complete it today. Pradeep says he will accompany in finishing it. kids call their parents and inform, giving them the names of other to each other, that they have to near the movie theater by 6 in the evening. when both meet they get to know that its kids plan and they are happy for it.

in the movie theater Pradeep mistakingly sits beside another lady and holds her hand and she shouts at him. other man comes and starts yelling at him. Mona sees it and also Anushka too who also came to the theater with her friend Vinay and both run towards him. Mona comes there shouting that its her husband and controls the situation. anushka feels a bit bad and jealous.

Precap: Anushka gives lift to them. and in the car, she says she used to drive the car too speed in college days. when Mona asks which college she says she did MBA in Delhi.

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