Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 15th February 2012 Written Episode

Mein aa gai

And haye re…EeE ka kar daala IPKKND ka…Dandiya chhod ke Dard -E-Disco kar rahe hai

Toh chalo me starting with Update…it will be a short one today…Chooorrryyy

Anji the Ganji (Anjali) has started her nauseous talking as her dear bro, the bechara Nawab (ASR) (yes today he is a bechara…no more bigada_…and then finally she announces that he is to become a MAMA…(Haye and we thought that you were gonna announce a strongest feeling to commit suicide) Bechara NAwab is shocked and sees that the Bhindi nose (Shyam) who is eaves dropping on the bro and sis convo is even more shocked (Why ?? did you doubt your own ability to produce anything except useless bhindis???)

And then ofcourse his nauseating play acting begins and Anji the akal se ganji fails to see her righteous brother\’s defeated sense and her stupid husbands unbearable snickering attitude and goes on announcing her happiness and her everlasting towards her hubby dear as Arnav just stares…looking at his wits end….(Barun is so awesome…he looks like a statue …only his eyes are overflowing…not an extra muscle moved…so brilliantly portrayed)

He is shown out in the night near his car in the middle of the road…everything which happened in these past few days ringing in his ears…from that insane hug between Khushi and Shyam, to Anji\’s news…Shyam\’s snickering and absolutely shameless attitude and he gets FBs of how his mother died committing suicide…and then finally his happy moments with Khushi…and he breaks…he gives a cry…towards the sky…as if trying to ask the Gods…does he not have a right to love…find someone who loves him unconditionally…????

and he breaks…and cries unconsolable (OWww…how can you NOT cry with him…it is too heartbreaking to watch)

Everybody fussing over Anjali as she comes down and gives her blessings…The Guptas congratulate them…and the bhindi nose on his nonsense bak bak and is asking why nobody is giving me credit for the baby(Well..if they had known a baby snake is coming or a chhotu bhindi is going to vegetate..then they surely would be congratulating you)…He is doing all lovey dovey with the akal se ganji Anji…and catches Our bechari Jhalliphulli\’s eye…and he steps back and Khushi also looks away…and our bechara nawab comes at that point to see this exchange…

NK tells Khushi that she wanted to ask something to ASR…and Khushi denies that it is no more a thing of matter…all this time Arnav is looking sideways…and after all depart he gives her a teary glance (have to give it to Barun…he was awesome in this scene…that one scene actually reflected the broken pieces of his heart…right there…swimming in his tears…)

Anji and everyone gathered as the Shaadi is about to begin…Aakash is waiting for ASR and everybody gets worried about his whereabouts…

I guess tomorrow we get the infamous shaadi

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