Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 15th February 2012 Written Episode

Epi starts with Dr. Manan reading through Manvi\’s reports and shocked to see the reports. He makes sure with the clerk if it is the right report.

Dabbu complaining to Manvi to do something so that he can also come to Chandigard. Beeji tells him if you go who will take care of us. Your dad isn\’t home either so we need atleast one man in the house. He agrees and tells her he doesn\’t want to go anymore. Jeevika, Manvi and Dabbu cute hug.

Viren-jeevika takes everyone\’s blessing while Manvi says her byes. As they are about to leave they see Dr. Manan at the door. Everyone is shocked to see him there. He tells Beeji he wants to talk about Manvi reports, there is a problem. Beeji asks him whats wrong, Manan tells him about the reports getting switch. Manan also tells them Manvi has to come for the blood test again but she refuses. Viren wants to talk to Manan and Beeji alone.

Manan is telling Beeji and Viren that the reports he gave was someone else and that after looking at her reports it shows there is some abnormality in her blood. Viren pacifies Beeji that everything will be fine. Viren asks what will we have to do now? Manan tells them we will have to do some more blood work and then i will be able to tell.

Beeji first denies that the report is false, there is no guarantee this is the right report. Viren tells them we should tell this to Jeevika now, Manan stops Viren and tells him let\’s wait till I know what\’s wrong for sure. Manan tells them it\’s necessary that the blood test is done as soon as possible, and tells them to convince manvi to get the tests done.

Jeevika passes by the room and sees everyone\’s serious face and asks them what were they discussing. If something is wrong with Manvi reports. Beeji tells her Manan thinks Manvi might be having jaundice so thats why we need to convince manvi for another blood test. Beeji tells Jeevika to convince Manvi. Jeevika agrees and tells she\’ll convince Manvi.

Jeevika goes to Manvi and tells her that because of the reports switch you will have to go through the test again. Manvi denies it and tells Jeevika she is her sister so she can take the test. Jeevika tells her that i am ready to give all my blood but this time they need Manvi\’s blood.

Manvi denies even after everyone telling her to do the tests. Jeevika chasing Manvi around trying to convince her. Jeevika faints, she is acting to convince Manvi. Viren and Manvi take Jeevika to the hospital Badi beeji asking Beeji why is she smiling as they just took Jeevika to the hospital.

At the hospiital, Jeevika acting as if she is sick. Manan tells them Jeevika\’s hemoglobin level has decreased thats why she fainted. Manvi tells Manan Jeevika has always been Healthy how did this happen. Manan tells her that happens, but for now we will have to give Jeevika some blood but they are out of Jeevika\’s blood group so it will take 2 hours.

Manvi hearing this tells Manan to take her blood since her and Jeevika\’s blood group is same. Manan and Viren aska Manvi if is she sure? Manvi tells them right now she\’ll do anything for Jeevika. Manan takes Manvi for tests before giving blood. Viren also follows them.,

Manvi praying to god and is convincing herself that she will be fine it\’s just matter of one bottle of blood. Viren comes from the back and scares manvi at first and buttering her up that you are a great sister when time comes you are ready to give one bottle of blood.

Manan takes Manvi\’s blood and it got over in no time. Manvi tells them how she didn\’t feel anything. Manvi tells Manan that if they need more blood. Jeevika comes there and tells her i am fine and everything was just a drama. Jeevika tells her how it was so that they can take her blood for blood test. Manvi is mad and asks Viren and Manan if they were also with Jeevika. Jeevika tells her to not get mad, Manvi telling her she wants her blood back.

Viren jokingly tells her that you removed blood from one arm not put the blood back in from the other one.

Precap: Stormy night, the clerk brings Manvi reports. Manan reads it at first and says he will have to consult it with some other doctor.

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