Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 15th February 2012 Written Episode

Short Updt cuz me short on time for detailed version look out for Nur\’s post

Well another power packed epi with the committee upholding all the charges against Amar ..thanks to Mohan\’s report and proofs and his boss\’s go ahead to the whole story , the boss is Prerna\’s husband.Prior to this the report cums out in the newspaper and Nanhi asks Mohan as to why he did all this as in write the report against her dad and breaks of her friendship with him while Megs ridicules his report and Ved lashes out at him …

Mohan having won all the accolades still continues to feel like a loser and the background song they used on Megs and Mohan just th e night before the committee decision comes out was really nice and apt

-Precap- Ved is in trouble outside the court and Mohan is there …Mohan babu dont do any gustakhi now …u might just get one tight one from Megha Aunty

brilliant screenplay …totally impressed …but why hasnt Megs friend found this out as yet …..and the guilt on Mohans face despite having done no wrong was worth watching …and now its sad that the entire Vyas clan is holding him responsible for Amar being held responsible .

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