Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th February 2012 Written Episode

Urmi opens the door and welcomes Hetal and Koki to sit there on the sofa. Hetal asks Urmi how is she now. Urmi replies she is fine. Koki asks where is her Gopi Vau. Urmi says that Ahem came and picked her up just few minutes before them. Koki is surprised that Ahem had come there and asks again. Urmi replies in affirmation saying that Koki only would have asked him to come there. Koki agrees saying that he was busy so they also decided to come there.
Koki asks for Kinjal. Urmi calls her and Kinjal replies rudely that she is coming. Urmi tells them Kinjal talks to her like this only. Kinjal comes out and is shocked to see Koki sitting outside. Hetal asks about her and Dhawal\’s wellbeing.[won\’t be good, Kinjal just threw the flowers he brought!]
Urmi asks Kinjal to make tea, but then seeing Kinjal\’s face says that she\’ll make it. Hetal asks her not to worry. Koki says that they haven\’t come there to trouble her. Urmi asks them to see her imported machines in the slimming centre and they can come to do excersise there and that too for free.[I never knew urmi could also be sensible sometimes.]Koki tells her that they should go home now. Both of them leave.

Jigar enters the room and is surprised. Background music starts. He goes to Rashi and looks around the room. He asks her why she had called, she says she wanted to surprise him. But Jigar is not happy and asks why she did this. Rashi holds his hand and says she wants to have a new beginning in their relation and they have seen many ups and downs in their relation but she wants to forget everything now and live with him only. Jigar melts a little with this speech of hers! And both share a small eyelock.[Live only with you Jigar???beware Jigar beware!!!!!What about the rest of your family???]


Ahem is driving the car and looks at Gopi and sees her tensed and asks her whether she\’s okai. She nods her head and suddenly sees a “Jai Ambay Kulfi Wala”(Ice-cream vendor) outside. Ahem asks her what? She replies when they were small, her mamaji used to bring them there for having kulfi.[she\’s giving you ideas Ahem]
Ahem stops the car and tells her that now when they have come there, they\’ll have kulfi. Gopi is happy and looks at him thankfully. They both step out of the car and Ahem asks Gopi which kulfi is good. Gopi says Malai kulfi. He asks the kulfiwala for one kulfi. Gopi asks him also to have and he agrees. But he instructs vendor to clean the plates properly. [Gosh!he\’s melting faster than the ice-cream now!]
Then Ahem points about the weather being too cold. Gopi is pleasantly surprised at his remark and says”Ji”(yes).[Didn\’t you get what he\’s upto Gopi?]
A person is selling roses and comes there. And asks Ahem to buy one. Ahem sees gopi and feels shy and refuses but then the person says that at least today it\’s important to buy one. And Ahem agrees and buys. The person blesses them saying God bless the pair with long life. Ahem smiles(a small one though) at Gopi and gives the rose to her wishing her “Happy Valentine\’s Day!”[Finally he did it! Yippee!]
Initially Gopi is shying and looking down but then seeing Ahem is so confident, she eases and looking down, smilingly wishes him back saying”Aapko bhi Happy Valentine\’s Day!”(happy Valentine Day to you too!)[she\’s so sweet,standing beside him all the time for everything!]
Kulfi vendor gives them kulfi. Ahem remarks saying the serving is too much. The vendor says that today on V-day\’s occasion, he\’s giving double kulfi. Gopi says she can\’t have this much kulfi. Ahem asks her how much she wants to have she can have, rest he will have![now I m sure of his love…sharing food increases love I have heard…jootha khaane se pyaar badhta hai]
Koki and Hetal come back home. Koki asks Meethi ask for Ahem. Meethi says that he hasn\’t still come. Hetal interrupts saying that he might have stopped somewhere for some work or to buy something. Koki denies that she didn\’t ask Ahem for any such work. And then the bell rings. Both are standing outside. Gopi is smiling but suddenly seeing Koki, she becomes nervous and hides the rose behind her. [why u hiding? you are his official wife?]


Koki asks Ahem if he had to go to pick up Gopi, at least he should have informed her. Ahem says that he had called Rashi about that. Rashi says that she didn\’t know that he had called, for she couldn\’t hear his voice. But Ahem gets agitated and tells her that he could hear her voice very clearly and thought that she was also able to hear him.
Rashi denies and says if she knew he had called she would have definitely informed Hetal and Koki about his bringing Gopi home. Koki says okai its Rashi\’s fault but when they left Urmi\’s house early, why did they reach home late. Ahem said he stopped on the way to have kulfi. Koki is shocked. Hetal punches in with her “Javadena Kokila”(just leave it Kokila!)
Hetal asks that everyone should have dinner now but Ahem says he\’s full. Hetal insists him that his favourite kadhi has been prepared for dinner but Ahem refuses again. And he gets a call and goes away.
Koki is teary eyed. Ahem tells Koki that he has some office work so he\’s going upstairs and asks Gopi to bring his green tea to their room itself. Rashi tells Gopi to do so and also says that tomorrow they\’ll pack the food and give to Ahem for office as all the dishes are Ahem\’s favourite and Koki has made them .[Rashi you are on the way to be a good modi bahusaving food and hence money like kanjoos modis…keep it up]
Koki tells Rashi not to worry about the food. Ahem hears all this and tells Koki he didn\’t know that she had made his favourite food or else he wouldn\’t have denied eating and agrees to have dinner.
Koki tells him not to eat forcefully as he\’s already full. She instructs him to go to his room and complete his office work. And instructs Gopi to serve dinner and then take green tea for Ahem.
Gopi sees Ahem is tensed at something when she brings tea for him. Ahem is lost into deep thinking and didn\’t see her standing there. He takes the tea and when Gopi asks what is bothering him, he says that it was his fault that he didn\’t tell his mom that they would be late. He should have told her earlier and he\’s not able to understand why he forgot. Gopi tells him that Koki must be feeling bad about it. Ahem agrees and is feeling helpless what to do about it.
Koki is tensed, and pacing to and fro in the room. Parag goes to her and asks her the reason for it. And then comments that she must be feeling bad as Ahem didn\’t have dinner prepared by her today. She refuses him saying that\’s not the reason for it.
She\’s just worried that Ahem is getting careless towards his work since many days. And she cannot digest that. Parag says that he just missed calling her and that\’s pretty fine. And she should be happy that Ahem is coming closer to Gopi and spending time with her. This is the age to enjoy and have fun. He always used to think that his son Ahem was always absorbed in work and now when he\’s opening up, he\’s feeling very happy.[At least someone is considerate for Ahem! Parag is so]
Koki asks him that does he want that Ahem should become like him. Free of all the responsibilities! She has no problem with Gopi and Ahem coming closer. But all she wants is that Ahem should maintain a balance between family, work and wife. And Ahem should not get entangled in love always and waste his precious time. She has brought up Ahem to be a very hardworking and responsible person and so he\’s on the way to be a successful man now, just like his grandfather and Chirag bhai. She just wants to see Ahem as a successful person, that\’s it![I didn\’t know that forgetting to make one call make you unsuccessful]

Ahem is leaving for office and Gopi asks him about the blue file that is kept on the table. Ahem says that he took it and he\’ll come home by 6:30. Gopi smiles at him while Koki is listening to all this from behind and is surprised. [Ahem you can barge in your house anytime you want to, but be prepared for the unsuccessful person tag! ]

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