Choti Bahu Season 2 16th February 2012 Written Episode

Dev gifts Radh a saree!!…He waits till she comes…Radh comes out wearing a red saree with open hair!…Dev adores her and holding her hand takes her to the dressing table and makes her sit! Radh asks why is the mirror covered!!…Dev takes the jwellery from the cubboard and tells he\’ll make her ready today and she should not object him!! Radh nods Yes with blushing!!…And he takes the pearls set and puts around her neck!!…earrings…

There Bak is also getting ready and in her full illusion says she full confident that Mayavee cant sleep with another Man!!!

Radh is looking very beautiful!! Dev says does she know who is looking beautiful tonight Radh sees the moon!!! Dev smiles and Says that he\’s not talking about the Moon and he removes the clothe on the mirror and Radh sees her reflection as is speechless!! Dev bends to her ears, and says noone beautiful as his wife! and they be one soon!! takes little kajal from her eye and puts on the back of her ear!! Radh blushes!!

Here Bak is still in her illusions asking MIRROR MIRROR to tell her about her beauty …adn thinking that Dev will send that mayavee out of the house!!!

and the song starts!!! RaDev are on the terrace!!!

Its really very beautiful! MUST watch!! RaDev all romantic and sweet smiles!! Radh blushing and Dev all romantic!! SImply beautiful!!

Bak is sitting on the steps watching the terrace door thinking why mayavee still hasnt come!!! and sleeps their allnight!!!
Morning she wakes up!! and worried and bangs the door to open!! Radh opens the door with sleepy eyes and asks bak what\’s the mater!! Bak shocked seeing Radh\’s halath, she rushes to the terrace and sees Dev who is happily sleeping and is shocked and then checks the surrounding! sees Radh jwellery and totally baffled! Radh comes to her! Bak shouts her!! Radh says not to make noise her husband will wake up!!

Bak angrily takes Radh inside and asks she doesnt have shame that she slept with paraya mard(another man)!…Last she was afraid to this but after becoming RPtain she has lost all her shame? and now she understands thats why she sent Rohan also out who brought her to this house!! She says she\’ll go and tell Dev that she is nakli Radhika and he\’ll only send her outside!!…Radh is looking at her clueless!!…

Kahna appears and says Bak is abusing her and she has to answer Bak!! WOnt she tell bak that Who she is reallt is! and now its time that she fight her battle!!!…Bak is still abusing her! Radh becomes stern and in anger says that Bak is shameless for what she did in divya kutir!! Dev babu was a paraya mard for her then! and even now and will be forever!! because he\’s Radhika\’s husband!! Bak says to stop it!! Radh taunts back saying that she has crossed all the level!! She entered her house! backstabbed their friendship! tried to take away her sindoor!!…Bak says to stop it as she\’s not the real Radhika who can question her! Radh shouts says that she can becasue she\’s the real Radhika!! and she\’s alive! Bak remembers VN\’s words that Radh is alive!!!…Bak is baffled and asks but that mayavee????

Radh is stern says yes that mayavee with great powers only saved and from the death and stayed here to save her family from her evil cluthes!! Bak says this cant happen!! Radh says not to waste her time but think how can she be saved becasue now justice will happen! and she\’ll be punished for sure!! And this time there wont be any mistake(?) from her side and this is a wife\’s promise from whom she tried to snath her husband!!…and a friends promise whom she tried to killed…and a woman\’s promise whom she always did injustice!! and her end is near!!!…She leaves the place!!

Bak is baffled thinking how Radh came alive!…If she has come now her task has become very easy!! even before she has send her to the mouth of death and this time she\’ll not make any mistake!!


Dev has cornered Radhika!!! ( oh he\’s shirtless)…Radhika is blushing and asking Dev to let her go!!! …Dev asks but why! isnt she his wife!!…then he\’s says “Okay but one condition that She has to i love u to him”!!

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