Kya Hua Tera Vaada 16th February 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Pradeep returning back to home. He says he had some pain in his eye and is very much tired. Mona says she too is tired and just woke up. She asks him whether he had anything for lunch. Pradeep says did I ever eat without you. They have a sweet eyelock. Mona says will make paratha in 5 min will eat with Achar. Will it be ok. Pradeep says paratha won\’t work, will go for dinner. She says so early. He says its 7 already. So lets go. We can chat for sometime and also have a glass of wine. He asks what do u say shall we go? She says will get ready in 5 min. He holds her and says not 5 min but 3min. Didn\’t have anything since morning so will eat what ever I get now. So get ready soon. Mona says I won\’t allow u to do so and hug him. (BG music of Kya hua tera wada)
While getting ready she remembers all the past events. Her phone rings and its her FIL who is full in anger and says her to come home immediately. She says she is coming and hungs the phone. She comes near pradeep and he says u are looking beautiful . She says 1 min and gives him bread sandwich and says him to have it. She will meet FIL and come (Again plan fail ). Pradeep asks what happended suddenly and why did he call now. U were there since morning and and was cooking and doing all and again going now too. She says if he had called me now I have to go. Pradeep says if he called go tomorrow why now. Mallika is there. If there is any work he can tell her. Why only u? Pradeep again says its our time. Even we have to spend some time. Mona says ofcourse we need to spend time but FIL called me and he sounds tensed. Pradeep says I\’m hungry and didn\’t have anything since morning. She says just have bread butter will come in 30mins. He says I have left the served plate in boss home. And I don\’t want to eat bread butter now. We will have dinner together that too outside. She says ok done. He asks her to go fast and come early. She says ok and leaves. Pradeep says come soon other wise I won\’t have anything and will die of hunger.

Mummiji\’s place.
Pradeep\’s dad taunts Tani saying u did this wontedly . Mona arrives and asks if everything is ok. He says how can it be ok when this girl (Tani) is there? The grooms parents telephoned saying that Tani said to the groom that he is not fit enough for her. Now this princess needs Prince and not a Lallu banjo (Sorry but didn\’t understand the meaning of this). He asks Tani is this what she said to Madhav. Is he that bad for u. Tani says I lied to him otherwise u would have fixed the marriage date by now. She says I have no problem with him but I don\’t want to marry right now . And how can I say this to him directly. U didn\’t leave any option for me. Her dad shouts what should I do to this girl now. He asks Mona why didn\’t u stop her and I asked u to keep an eye on her why didn\’t u do so? Why didn\’t u stop her (Pradeep called her how can she neglects his phone call?). Her phone rings then and she says she got a call at that time. He says can\’t u answer the phone later. Is it that important to u than this relation. U have hurt me for the first time. I have trusted u so much. Mona was abt to say sorry but he asks not to say sorry. He shouts u all no need to say sorry for me. Do what ever u want. Why will u listen to me? If my health spoils let it be. If my heart problem increases let it be. What\’s the problem with me to anyone? If a good match goes off let it go. A father sees 100\’s of matches to her daughter and selects one for his daughter. And this girl says 100\’s of words and make him to run. And the other was busy on phone. Lovely. Tani doesn\’t want to marry every one understands. But a father want to see his daughter settled, no one doesn\’t understand this. He doesn\’t allow Mona to speak anything to him. He leaves from there and Mona is very disappointed . Mummiji says don\’t take his words to heart. U know his nature. I will give him medicines and she leaves from there. Mallika says to Mona how can dad say her such words. Its not fair. I know every one will have a view point but that doesn\’t mean he should taunt u and that too in front of every one (Now u too started to say to her ). But its ur fault too. U never says anything so everyone will say such words to u. u should have answered that u r the bahu. If our dad scolds it ok but he is our FIL. Honestly I never listened such words if I were in ur place. FIL never treated me as a DIL but he treated me as a daughter so he says all this words to me. I never felt bad to his words. I\’m feeling bad coz he is upset coz of me. She says don\’t worry and leave from there. Mallika
Mummiji asks to take medicine but he says no to it. Mona comes there and says u are angry on me n Tani then why do u show that on the tablet. U can scold us but not the medicine. Take the medicine. U had halwa also today. So u must take the medicine otherwise I won\’t talk to u. (How sweet Mona ji) and I won\’t come to this home too. I don\’t mind if people say that she separated his son n parents and was abt to leave. He asks for medicine and takes it. she says thank u. he sees her lovingly and says don\’t say thank u. I must say sorry to u. I have scolded u so much . Its was a good match and I don\’t want to go it away. Mona says u have right to scold me. But if u show ur anger on tablet then I will scold u. He again says sorry and agrees Mona always thought good for his family. Mona stops and says the family of which u are saying it\’s a bit far from my housed but its near to my heart. (Lovely) the day I married and entered to his house then itself decided that this family problem is mine. Whenever I don\’t speak with u both I feel lonely. Though I will be tired of handling kids, even I feel that there are someone who handles me too. I\’m so lucky. I have 2 maykaas one my mom\’s and one ur\’s. (Awesome scene) . They are very much moved by her words. And blesses her.

Pradeep waits for Mona and thinks its too late and she didn\’t return yet. I\’m dying of hunger since morning and still she don\’t care for me and takes care of everyone. Mona checks the missed calls and sees there are 17 missed calls . She thinks of leaving home immediately and will ask pradeep to take for dinner.

When she returns home she sees Pradeep goes to bed. She says sorry to him and ask him I will make some dinner. But he says I had dinner I\’m not hungry. She says will go out then. He say I have to go office next day. I\’m tired of office work then of waiting for someone. I have to go early to office and it takes 20min to station and from there 1hr to office . Mona says will go early and come early. He says as u did now. Anyways its 12.30 and I have to wake up early. She says there is tension in the home. He says I know its abt the Tani, Mom called me. Atleast Tani is happy. I\’m sleeping do not disturb. Mona is very upset. She asks whether is he angry but he pushes her and she is hurt. He asks did it hurt and she says no. He asks what were u doing. Don\’t care abt me and take care of every one. She says our family needs us. He answers yes its all abt our family and we are no where.
She says not to think like that. Its our family. He says its our family and we don\’t have our own time to spend and dozes off to sleep . Mona is in tears.

Anushka thinking abt Pradeep and the past. And the theater scene and all. She sits till morning seeing Pradeep\’s photo. Vinay comes and wishes her good morning. She asks why she called him. She says I have decided that I want him back surely. He asks who and asks whether is she talking abt pradeep. She says yes I have left him back coz of my career. He is so good person. Only he loves me so much when I was nothing. He understands abt me everything. I miss him so much and I want him to back. Vinay says he is married and r u gone mad. She says it was my fault of leaving him for my career but now I want him back by hook or crook. (So now she will turn the tables around to get him back )

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