Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 17th February 2012 Written Episode

Here goes with today\’s update:

The episode starts with Nidhi greeting Mandira and asking after her husband and is told that he was busy with work in Delhi but would arrive in the next couple of days. As Nidhi calls for CS to help bring Mandira\’s bags inside, DB loudly and angrily announces that her things should be taken outside if Mandira\’s were going to be brought inside. As everybody looks on shocked, Col. Verma tries to chide DB for starting on poor Mandira right away but DB, unrelenting, proclaims she would not stay in the house a minute longer and storms inside.

Nidhi invites Mandira in and introduces Ashu as her senior and Rohan as her friend. Seeing DB walking out with her bags, Mandira rushes to her and asks if her staying away from all of them these past years was not punishment enough. She asks DB to forgive her and forget what happened and also points out that she was a daughter of the family. DB, scornfully, responds that if Mandira were really a daughter, she would have cared for her Father\’s “izzat” but instead, she had married a man her Father\’s age. Mandira tries to stop DB from bad mouthing her husband but Dadi sarcastically says that her husband was the Father of two kids of her age and reminds Mandira that she was not even born when her husband had gotten married for the first time. As Ashu looks on taken aback, Nidhi tells DB she was being unfair but Mandira does not want DB to be stopped. DB then adds that she had tried to stop Mandira back then too by advising her that weddings were not just between two individuals but two families. But…Mandira had not listened one bit as she was in love and instead proceeded to get married bringing disrepute to the family.

Meanwhile, the raised voices from the Vermas are heard by the Solankis in their home so they rush over to see what was going on. As they arrive at the Vermas door step, they overhear Mandira saying that even if her own parents, Dadi or their relatives had not accepted her marriage, whenever people from Agra came to the US, they definitely visited her there. DB promptly retorts that Mandira\’s Father had not visited her as he was ashamed to meet a son-in-law of his own age. She reminds Mandira that she would still be young when “her man” reached his retirement age. Even as the Solankis and Ashu listen in stunned silence, DB asks Mandira if people did not comment that a Father and daughter were out and about when Mandira & her husband stepped out…if Mandira was not ashamed to introduce an old man as her husband to her friends. DB continues on her rant and inquires what would happen if something were to befall her husband when Mandira finally reacts asking DB to stop. As Ashu and Nidhi look concernedly at each other, Col. Verma jumps in and asks DB to be conscious of Dr. Ashutosh\’s presence…she was insulting one guest in front of another.

Despite Col. Verma\’s trying, DB does not stop her rage. She now turns to Dr. Ashutosh and asks him if what Mandira did was right or wrong. As Anjie\’s mom, Rohan and Nidhi look at Ashu worriedly, Nidhi asks DB why she was dragging Ashutosh in to what was their family\’s issue. DB responds that it was a society issue as Mandira\’s marrying a man twice her age had humiliated them all in front of society. DB adds that when when conversations about Nidhi\’s marriage start, people would associate Nidhi as being from a family where her own sister had married an older man. Ashu finally responds to DB\’s repeated demands for an answer by saying Mandira was of legal age to make her own decisions per the law . Ashu goes on to say that Mandira had the right to marry who she loved no matter what the person\’s age, caste, religion or nationality…this was Mandira\’s choice and nobody, not even DB or society, had a right to push their own desires/likes on her. As Anjie\’s mom looks on from Ashu to Nidhi, Ashu adds that, from his point of view, where there was love, there was no distance. Hearing this, DB angrily asks Ashutosh what he could possibly know about relationships…what would he know about the constraints on a family that lived in a society when he did not have the burden of relationships. Col. Verma stops Dadi before she can say anything further and asks Rohan to take her inside. Before going, DB threatens Yograj that he would see her dead face if Mandira did not leave the house that night.

After DB leaves to her room, Yograj apologizes to Ashutosh for what he had to hear. After Ashutosh takes his leave, Mandira tearfully recalls DB\’s words and rues that she had come hoping to spend some time with her family but DB had made her the enemy. Nidhi tries to reassure Mandira that not everybody shared DB\’s perspective but Mandira responds that people like DB were a majority in the world. Nidhi asks Mandira to forget everything but Mandira says that this was not possible and adds that all her relationships had ended from that point on. She wishes Yograj farewell and leaves after assuring him that she would not step in his home again…even by mistake.

As Ashutosh arrives home, Armaan asks how Valentine\’s Day had gone. Ashu shares that Nidhi had taken him to a beautiful place but Armaan responds that Ashu\’s face reflected something else. Ashu then reveals everything that had happened at Nidhi\’s arising from DB\’s anger at her cousin Mandira for marrying a man twice her age. When Ashu gets to the part where DB had dragged him in to the discussion asking for an opinion, Armaan impatiently asks what Ashu had said. Hearing Ashu reply that he had told DB that Mandira, being of age, could take her own decisions and that nobody had a right to interfere, Armaan happily praises Ashu!

Back at the Vermas, Nidhi asks Rohan what he thought of Ashutosh\’s “hero-like” stand that evening and he replies that Ashutosh had done right by defending Mandira. Rohan then says that he was more concerned about her than Mandira but Nidhi, while expressing her pride in Ashu, feels she had nothing to worry about with Ashu by her side. Rohan is still very concerned about the hurdles Nidhi would have to face if her relationship with Ashu progressed to marriage. Nidhi tries to give an upbeat response that Ashu had made his feelings on the relationship clear and if he was willing to face the consequences, she had nothing to fear but Rohan points out that he had seen the results of such consequences on Mandira\’s face. He asks if Yograj and DB would forgive her. Nidhi feels Col. Verma was not as old fashioned in his thinking as Mandira\’s father and having had a love marriage himself, he was more aware of the helplessness of love. She acknowledges that he would likely be against it at first but she would convince him eventually. As far as DB was concerned, Nidhi tells Rohan that despite being old-fashioned, her heart was not made of stone. Seeing Nidhi\’s attitude, Rohan smiles and replies that he thought she would break seeing what happened with Mandira but she was standing strong. Nidhi responds that Ashu was standing with her.

Precap: DB is talking to Anjie\’s mom and pointing out that both Mandira and Nidhi were almost of the same age but the two were so different. As Anjie\’s mother looks on worried, DB adds that Nidhi was also educated and modern but till date had not forgotten her family\’s respectability, value and traditions. Anjie\’s mother calls Nidhi!

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