Hitler Didi 20th February 2012 Written Episode

The show starts with the sharma\’s on the breakfast table and Munna praising Sunaina for the breads (parathas) she maid.Munna tells her to let start a new business she\’ll cooking while he\’ll sell the parathas.Indira joins them and they begin to argue as they said to her they found Sameer for her,whom she did not agree to marry with.one another is Rishi whom she loved and make him leave the house.Indira very rudely talks to Munna and takes his plate sayingall these are bought with her money though sunaina made it.Munna throws away the plate and Kutumb tells Indira it is because of her that Munna did not eat and left the table hungry.Indira reads the newspaper and is shocked that she leave her cup of tea.Kutumb tells Munna to read what is in and Munna sees the cartoon sketches made by Rishi asking Indira to forgive him.Kutumb and the others tell indira such a poor guy is asking for forgiveness from you…indira asks if he would not have been so rich he would not have poor either.Indira with ishan leave and sees almost everyone in their locality reading the aticle.

Ishan pleads her to forgive Rishi but she\’s adamant on her decision.Ishan thinks wish he would have been elder to advice her.Indira boards a bus where everyone is reading the article and two girls she\’s Hitler and she takes all the newspaper from everyone to see rishi among the passengers who asks everyone to tell her to forgive him.
Indira arrives in the office and sees once again everyone in the office reading the newspapers and she takes the newspaper from them telling no one will talk about it otherwise will have to forget about his job.Pandey tells him what he\’ll do with Rishi who follows her in the office and indira tells pandey that she already ordered not to let anyone not of the staff to enter or to call the police.Rishi leaves and Pandey goes to give Indira tea with some files which chadda sent and tells her to see a bigger place for a wedding.Pandey tells Indira to forgive Rishi.Pinky brings a file to indira and the latter says the file should be submitted yesterday instead of today by throwing on the table.When Pinky leaves Indira thinks she must control her anger.Munna calls her saying Induris discharged from the hospital and Indira tells him don\’t worry she already paid the bill.Munna asks for the taxi fare,indira tells to take it from someone and also tells him not to bring Rishi in the house.otherwise it will not be good for him.
Rishi on the road is thinking whether he\’ll be going to Diwan house and says No as he wants to stay near Indira.then thinks of an idea and is happy.Sameer reading the newspaper is cursing Rishi and tells him to stay far from Indira as she\’ll not forgive him.

Indira enters home and sees Indur on his wheelchair and leaves his medicines with Kutumb and sees the roof room door opens she says who\’s there and she runs upstairs.She enters and says you\’ll not understand,i throew you out what do you want.Sameer turns and says you.He says the more she\’s rude with him the more he likes her.They are made for each other as they are persons who talk directly.What is there in Rishi? Indira wants to slap him but he holds her hand.they here a noise and Sameer leaves her to see a toy.

PRECAP:Rishi comes out clapping his hands and Says to amma looks Sameer is angry and he\’ll do something.Sameer with a sort of stick in his hand just get angry and hit Rishi.Indira screams Rishi.

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