Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th February 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Ram in his office having flashbacks of his morning with Priya.His eyes are glazed like a loony.Kabaab mein haddi Mama has chosen that moment to barge in there.He notices Ram lost in PippuWorld & becomes agitated.He tries to rouse him but Ram does not wake up.Mama keeps at it until Ram finally notices him. Mama resentfully tells him that he has been calling out to him like ten times.Ram smiles sheepishly & asks him what he wants.Mama reminds him of some company they had taken over which can\’t be integrated
into Kapoor Inc as it has a turnover of more than 100 crore. It has to be a stand alone company in the name of one of the family member.Mama suggests Sid\’s name & even produces the necessary paperwork for the registration. Ram firmly tells Mama there is no need for so much haste & sends him away saying he\’ll think the matter over. Mama is perplexed at the snub & leaves.Ram is in thought for sometime & then calls someone I think a lawyer asking them to meet him.He has hit upon some idea & is superpleased with it.
Sharma House
Priya standing in the balcony & Sudhir comes there with a cup of tea for her.Priya says she misses this cup & the tea at her sasuraal.Sudhir taunts her that he is sure she does not miss anything or anyone from her old home.Priya is surprised as Sudhir goes on that if she really was the old Priya she would have never hid such a huge matter from him & share it only with her husband.Priya guiltily starts to apologise but Sudhir cuts her saying he is very happy that Priya has truly begun to care for her hubby.Priya blushes & says even she never thought she\’d ever come to be like this in her life.She says her relationship with Ram is weird but its unique.There is something very special about the man.She says she kept blaming Ashwin for the betrayal but now wants to thank him for leaving her.If he hadn\’t been gone from her life Ram would have never entered in it.She points upwards & says He too loves me a lot.Sudhir & Priya shed a few tears of happiness.Sudhir says today he has finally discharged his duty as Priya\’s father.
Ram is in a meeting with his lawyer. The man questions Ram about the decision he has taken & advises him to reconsider.He tells to consult his family.Ram very firmly tells him there is no need for him to asks anybody for any advice & that his family knows he has their wellbeing at his heart.He signs on some documents & asks the lawyer to do the needful.( I think Golu just bought Pippu a 100 crore turnoverwaali company!)
Ayesha runs into Sid at Nutz studio.He tries his sales pitch again about knowing guys from top ad agencies who are dying to sign her.He asks her to immediately leave with him to meet them.Ayesha tells him she put out her begging bowl once in front of Nutz & that was enough.She wasn\’t about to do it again. She says her assignment with Nutz will bring in an avalanche of offers.She does not need anymore favours.(Atta girl,Ash!) Sid is stung but not ready to let go & tries again inviting her for coffee.She rebutts even that offer saying she needs to get home & leaves. Sid stands there fuming.
Priya preparing to leave for home but Shipra insists that she eat dinner.Priya says she can\’t make Golu wait for her besides Golu does not like to eat alone.Ships & Sudhir tease her for a bit.Priya insists on leaving & as she opens the door finds Ram standing there
smiling shyly.Priya is massively happy to see him.Sudhir & Shipra are pleasantly surprised too.Ram says he came to pick up Priya & Priya blushes.Ships insists he stay for dinner to which Ram gives a token resistance.Ships is adamant to feed her SIL & there is some
helpless looks exchanged between Pips & Ram.(Actually its some Body Double Priya is making signs at & naturally her entire act came across as very forced & OTT.I not like!) Ram agrees to dinner & is led into the home.Ships runs to the kitchen to prepare food & Priya too excuses herself to help her mom.
Sid meets with Nutz in her office & is instigating her against Ayesha.He taunts her that only she can put her reputation,career & her name on line for the sake of an immature girl like Aysha. Nutz gives some evil looks like a cat that got to the cream jar.
Ram calls Niharika to tell her he wont be home for dinner as he is spending time at Sharma House.Niharika is shocked & pissed.She then plans some dhamaaka with her useless brother so as to put a brake to PriAm\’s happy gaddi else her own gaddi will meet with a crash.
Next scene shows Priya standing comically displaying an aaloo & an onion in each hand to Ram. She seems to be asking him what pakoras would he like.Ram in this entire scene is smiling vacantly.Ships asks why is Priya making pakoras for dinner to which she says Ram loves them & even cooked some for her.Ships can\’t believe it & Mother-daughter have some friendly ribbing.
Ram says Priya misses her family very much that is why he sent her here to spend some time with them.Karthick & Aysha says they too miss their Di very much.Sudhir says but Priya misses Ram more when she is here.All she talks of is Ram,Ram & Ram. Sudhir says this is the first time he has heard Priya praise someone so much.Golu is happy to hear this & smiles shyly.
Ram nihaarofies his dishevelled wife as she busies herself cooking for him.Nutz arrives & meets her brother.
Ships wants to play a small game with her SIL.She wants to test his tastebuds.She begins to serve the food & Ram comments that the dishes are his favourite.Sudhir quips thats precisely why Priya followed Ships into the kitchen so she could guide her mother.Priya blushes some more.Ships is serving Palak Paneer saying its her signature dish
& asks Ram about the taste.Ram says they are so good that he wants to kiss the chef\’s hand.Ships is embarassed.Karthik comments that Ram should visit them often as they\’ll get such tasty food often.Ships glares at him saying its you I cook for most times.She then impishly says what if she says that the cook of the Palak Paneer is Priya.Priya & Ram look at each other embarrasedly.Episode Ends.
Precap: Ships & Ayesha are having a hushed argument related to Nutz.Ships says Ash does not care for her anymore.Nutz has become everything for her.Seems the spat is happening while PriAm still there.
What was up with Sakshi today? Agree she is happy & in love but a head over heels in love seventeen year old would have a better handle on her demeanour than her.She is a mature woman & this type of loopy behaviour was very cringeworthy.There were better ways to portray Priya coping with unknown feelings & emotions regarding a man.CVs should have done their homework for such a crucial scene where Priya\’s family who were worried sick most of Priya\’s adult life whether she will find love & happiness are finally witnesses to their daughter\’s blossoming under the love & affection showered by a man like Ram.
Seems Ram could not shoot with the rest for the Dinner scene & a body double has been used.The disappointing results are there for everyone to see. Its human nature that co-actors will react to Ram Kapoor differently than to his unknown BD.Since Ram was apparently shooting alone he must have had to smile at empty chairs & the walls.The bonding & camaraderie was simply missing.The concept of today\’s episode though was awesome on paper but the execution was really faulty.On the positive side Priya\’s lines in the balcony scene were very touching.
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