Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 20th February 2012 Written Episode

Dadi Bua says something derogatory about Mandira and Yuvraj gets upset with her and they get into an argument about how she spoke so much in front of Ashu.
Nidhi is recalling Ashu\’s words on Mandira\’s marriage and is happy with his response. She thinks that he\’s proved her right, he\’s really a hero. She also recalls how he said that love knows no bounds and wishes that she could meet him and tell him how much he means to her.
Next morning, Dadi Bua is still in a grumpy mood and Yuvraj is also ignoring her. They\’re giving each other silent treatment but their affection is visible as they indirectly talk through Chhote Sarkar about breakfast. Chhote Sarkar gets an escape as Mr. S calls him. Rohan and Nidhi also come and he tells her what Dadi Bua and Yuvraj are doing. Then they start fighting in front of Nidhi and Rohan as well Nidhi goes out and tells Rohan to take care of them.
Nidhi reaches Dr. Kotnis General Hospital and asks for Ashu. The receptionist tells her that he is just out of the OT and also notices that she is looking very happy. Nidhi goes off to Ashu\’s cabin and sees him outside. Ashu smiles at her and hints her to come inside which pleasantly surprises Nidhi. Nidhi is busy drooling over Ashu and he has to finally ask her to sit down but she doesn\’t listen. Finally, Ashu asks her what the matter is and Nidhi tells him that she loves him a lot but why she does so, she understood because of how he supported and defended Mandira last night. Ashu makes it out like it is not a big deal but Nidhi\’s admiration for him doesn\’t reduce. She tells him he became her hero and she wanted to scream to the world how much they love each other and how he was always there for her. She gets emotional as she tells him that his support means a lot to her. Her words touch Ashu as he notices her tears and tells her that they say a lot to him. Then, he takes her out.
Dadi bua is at the Solanki\’s and is complaining to Shyama about Yuvraj. Dadi Bua thanks God that Nidhi isn\’t this way and Shyama recalls what Ashu had said about Mandira\’s relationship.
Ashu tells Nidhi that they are going to Kanpur because he wants to share his childhood with her. He was 14 when he used to dream about a future in one of the libraries there and think about how his future life partner would be.
Dadi Bua tells Shyama that Mandira and Nidhi are similar in age and have had more or less same upbringing but their values are so different. Nidhi really cares for her father while Mandira doesn\’t care about the image of the family. Shyama tries to side a bit with Mandira but Dadi Bua doesn\’t listen. Shyama is again and again recalling Ashu\’s words while listening to Dadi Bua curse Mandira and praise Nidhi.
Back at the Verma\’s, Mr. S is also trying to convince Yuvraj to have lunch. Just then Shyama calls up and Rohan takes it. She asks for Nidhi but is told that she has gone out. Rohan promises that he\’ll tell her to call Shyama up once she\’s back.
AshNi reach the library. Some school students are there. Ashu tells Nidhi that he\’d decided and written down in a book that he\’ll get the one her loves in the library. Shyama calls Nidhi up and asks her to return home immediately, she has to talk to her and Dadi Bua and Yuvraj are being very difficult and not eating food also. Ashu is busy searching for the book. He smiles as he finds it and shows it to Nidhi. He\’d written a wonderful four-liner. He says that that age is of hopes and dreams and poetry.
Rohan tries to convince Yuvraj to call it quits but Yuvraj is very stubborn and doesn\’t like how Dadi Bua dragged Ashu on their personal matters. Rohan assures him that Nidhi will take care of Ashu but Yuvraj still doesn\’t agree to patch up even when Mr. S says so. He says that today, a daughter has cried which is not good for the family.
Nidhi again gets a call from Shyama who scolds her for being so late and asks her to come and meet her straight away. Nidhi is shocked and puzzled by this behaviour.

Precap: Shyama tells Nidhi she\’d warned her about this path she has chosen to take. She can\’t hide this now, she will have to tell Yuvraj about Nidhi and Ashu\’s relationship.

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