Sajda Tere Pyar Mein 21st February 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with rishi shouting and fighting with his stepfather, he lies about his drug habit[He was gonna do that, which druggie accept that in front of his dad :P]. He orders him to leave the room. Nafisa returns next day after spending a whole night working at police station, she asks for a cup of tea, she tells aaliya to open her books at home too. A takes permission to meet rishi and leaves. They go to beach, to watch a ship :S [hain?! Ship dekhne kon jata hai? :S] She explains him to understand his father and accept him, some goons are doing something at some distance A thinks its wrong. Scene shifts to nafisa praying and then a call comes from police station about A being there. She goes there and gets to know that A threw a stone at someone and nearly killed him but the person is fine and there is no complaint against her. Rishi\’s parents talk about him and his mother says that she married the second time to give a name to this child which upsets rishi\’s stepfather. A is scared but at the same time she\’s determined and she believes that she did the right thing. She tries to explain the situation to Aapa but she refuses to listen to anything in car and says that they will talk once they reach home. Nafisa also explains rishi to be careful and be sincere to his parents. She asks him to think about his goal in life rather then hanging out with A all the time. A still thinks she did the right thing and Aapa shouts on her.

PRECAP: Rishi is taking drugs[ummm, :S few days back i used the word of him being cute in my update but after this scene i think he looks too ugly and scary :S Maybe it\’s only me! Because i\’m scared of the druggies :P] Aaliya leaves without having breakfast and nafisa also refuses to eat anything and she is worried about aaliya and expresses to rahib that the girl always put them in hard situations and tests them.

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