Pavitra Rishta 21st February 2012 Written Episode

Vandu tells Manav that he can stay with Sachin in Savita\’s room. Sachin firmly tells Vandu that Manav and Archana will definitely be divorced and not to expect anything to change between them .He leaves for work .Purvi too goes to work. Manav tells her that he will talk to Arjun to give her a day off but Purvi thanks him politely . Manav asks for a cup of tea but Vandu tells him to ask Archana as she too has some chores to take care of .Savita is busy looking at catalogues to decorate her home in India .Damodar makes fun of her .

Savita is looking up for fabrics for curtains for her mansion in India .Damodar keeps making fun of her .There is a bog Pooja in the Chawl , Vandita calls Sulochna to invite her and Purvi but Sulochna says that she wants to be kept away from this whole situation .After puttign the phone down ,Sulochna feels bad that she said No to vandu but because she knows the truth , she finds it difficult to face Manav and Archana\’s relationship breaking down .

Teju is pleading with Sulochna to go the big Pooja at the chawl ( Sulochna told her that Archu is not going to be at home but at the Chawl ) .Sulochna is trying to tell her that they cannot go .Purvi comes in and Tej tells her to convince Sulochna . Purvi says that they will all go but she has to go the office first .Archu makes tea for manav and he says that now he only drinks black tea and she doesn\’t have to do all this for him he also indirectly tells her that if he has changed then so has she .

Vandu calls Archana that she wants some flowers in a basket that is on top of the cupboard .Archu tries to reach the basket by standing on a chair .Manav is watching her .He gets uncomfortable and quickly goes and hoold her because he feels she could fall .He t also tells her off for being careless with herself .Archu remembers the time when she used to decorate the Chawl with Manav\’s help .Arjun comes i nthe office .He sees that only Purvi is working and no one else is there .He asks Purvi about the rest of the staff .Purvi tells him that it is a public holiday .

Arjun gives even more work to Purvi and tells her to come with him for some important meeting .Purvi prays to God to give Arjun some brains . Archu is working in the kitchen .Manav is feeling hurt that she is cooking and not fasting for him , maybe she has changed so much .Archu is asking her mother o n the phone to come but Sulochna tells her why she is doing this , keeping fast for her husband when she is herself breaking her marriage and she cannot see all this drama so she won\’t come to the big Pooja .


Manav is ready to go to the Pooja .Archu also comes in a blue saree .Manav comes near her , takes Sindoor and fills her maang . Tears start flowing from Archana\’s eyes …

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