Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st February 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

Nidhi ends the call and goes upto Ashu n tells him that all are waiting for her at home and they should leave! Ashu agrees! AshNi are enroute to Nidhis home! Nidhi comes to Anji\’s place where Shyama n DB are sitting at the dining table! Nidhi asks DB why she is not eating? DB says she had to eat finally as Verma wasnt eating and his meds were left to be taken! DB tells Nidhi that they better start for home now and both Nidhi and DB start walking when Shyama calls out to Nidhi and asks DB to let Nidhi stay a while as she wants to discuss something with her! DB agrees and tells Nidhi that she too wants to discuss something important with her! Nidhi asks what? DB tells her to refrain from meeting Doc. Ashu! Nidhi asks the reason? DB explains that Ashu is not a good man and he supported Mandy! Nidhi asks what is wrong in that since whatever Ashu said was in line with the law! DB screams out asking if law has the rights to force Mandy\’s parents to love her and accept her back? She says that law is meant for books not society! DB says that no one can break the societal norms, not even Ashu! Nidhi defends Ashu by saying that being the biggest surgeon of the city, Ashu is a reputed and respected person who has saved lives of several people! DB says that she doesnt care who Ashu is but she said what she felt was right! Nidhi comments that DB has every right to say what she pleases but doesnt have the right to insult guests! DB says that whatever she said, anybody else wuld have said as well! She says that she doesnt want Ashu\’s company having ill effects on Nidhi and another Mandy is created in the house! DB leaves! Nidhi looks skeptically at Shyama before asking her what the matter is?

Shyama asks Nidhi where she was and why she took so much time? Nidhi answers that she was outside and got late while returning! Shyama says point blank that Nidhi had gone out with Ashu! Nidhi is taken aback and tries to divert but Shyama says firmly that she had dropped hints to Nidhi several times that the path Nidhi has chosen, she ought to tread on it carefully! Nidhi still tries to avert and says that Ashu is just a senior and he comes to check on Baba once in a while! Shyama asks Nidhi to stop lying and says that she is aware about AshNi and since months! Shyama asks Nidhi to admit that she loves Ashu and goes to meet him! Nidhi admits to loving Ashu and meeting him! Shyama asks about Ashu, if he loves Nidhi? Nidhi says yes! Shyama asks if AshNi have thot about the future? Nidhi says they havent discussed! Shyama asks when they plan to discuss when all is lost? She refers to Mandy! Nidhi says that she is aware of Mandy\’s situation and that she is confident that when time comes, Ashu will stand up for her! Shyama asks if she is sure? Nidhi says yes and says Ashu stood up for Mandy! Shyama says that despite of that, Mandy had to leave home! Shyama asks Nidhi if she is prepared to leave home? Leave her family? Leave her Baba? Cut off ties with her family forever? Nidhi breaks down and nods in the negative! Nidhi asks Shyama to tell her what to do? She says if she had a mom she wuld have asked her but Shyama is not less than her mom! She asks Shyama if as a mother she wuld approve of AshNi? Shyama says that even if she accepts, what difference it wuld make? Nidhi says that it wuld make a difference as she can convince Baba and DB! Shyama says that its difficult to convince anyone– family, society etc! She says that being part of the society all are responsible to the society! She says that she is Nidhis mom but she cant hide Nidhis secret for long since if Baba found out eventually that Shyama knows it all and kept mum, he did feel bad!

Nidhi asks Shyama what she should do? Shyama says that tho she wants Nidhi to get what she desires aka Ashu, after seeing Mandy the previous nite, she has no hopes about Nidhi and AshNi! She suggests Nidhi to forget Ashu before the future impending storm blows her away! Nidhi is shocked but says firmly that its not possible! Shyama tells Nidhi that she has only ONE option to go to Baba and confess all that she loves Ashu and wants to marry him! She tells Nidhi that if Nidhi doesnt say, she will! Nidhi says that she needs some time! Nidhi asks Shyama if she were Anjie wont she give her time? Shyama says that Nidhi has so little faith in her that Shyama had to force her to admit about her feelings? She tells Nidhi that relations are not formed or nurtured in this way! Nidhi promises to tell all to Baba truthfully! She asks Shyama to promise that till then she wont tell anyone! Shyama agrees but says that time is running out! Nidhi looks tensed!

At Nidhis home, DB and Verma are again talking Via media thru Rohan and Solanki! DB tells that even if she has eaten it doesnt mean that she is on talking terms with Verma! Verma asks her not to worry for him! DB says that she has been worrying for him since he was a baby! Verma teases saying that DB was so worried that she forgot him at a shop! DB chides him saying that she din forget rather he went n hid under the table and made her get beatings from elders! Solanki and Rohan tease DB and Verma! Verma says that he saved her one time when she went to see Junglee once with friends! CS tries to keep asking the warring duo regarding dinner menu but no one answer! Nidhi comes and CS asks her to intervene between DB and Verma! Nidhi asks DB-Baba to stop fighting and tells Baba that she needs to talk to Baba and urgently! Rohan is confused and asks where Nidhi was and talks about Shyama! Nidhi says that she has met her already!

Part 2

Nidhi is pacing around her room and Rohan comes and Rohan asks how her day was? Nidhi says that \’din to ek hi beeta ..par lagta hai puri zindagi guzar gai\’! Rohan is startled and asks if there is any problem and whether he can help? Nidhi says that if he culd, she would have told him already! Rohan asks why she cant tell him and asks about her meeting with Ashu but Nidhi excuses herself! Rohan tells her its ok and leaves her alone! Nidhi recollects Ashus words during their library date and Shyamas words!

Armu is teasing Ashu and Ashu asks Armu if he has seen himself from a girls eye? Armu acts like a girl ..looks in an imaginary mirror and compliments himself at being golu molu and needing to lose 15kgs! Ashu asks Armu to stop and says if he has seen himself from the eyes of the girl who loves him? Armu rues that he hasnt found that girl! Ashu says that today he realised what it feels to see himself from the eyes of the girl he loves…! Ashu says that the entire worlds love, respect, reputation et all doesnt matter, rather to win over a girl and earning her respect ..being a HERO in her eyes is much more important! He says that worlds every achievement is to become a HERO in the eyes of a girl–be it scaling the everest, discovering new planets, technology! He says that today …he has become a HERO in Nidhis eyes!

Part 3

Armu congratulates Ashu! Armu asks Ashu to explain if girls love them coz they are Heroes or they become Heroes coz girls love them! Ashu says that it doesnt matter till they love us! Ashu goes into his room and Armu says.. Happy for u HERO!

Solanki calls up Anjie and inquires firmly where she is and she answers that she is at Vermas office! He talks to her in a firm tone and Anjie inquires if anything is wrong! Solanki explains that parents worry when children stay out late and asks her to come home soon! Anjie is baffled!

Ashu is in his room and sees the curtains and thinks of Nidhi and her words that she thinks of him as a HERO! He smiles happily! On the other side, Nidhi is sitting tense in her room and contemplates the happenings of the day-DBs words/ Shyamas ultimatum! She finally gets up and goes to Babas room to tell him all!

Precap — Nidhi asks Baba if he thinks about her marriage? Baba asks her to tell him if there is a boy in her sight? Nidhi says.. Doc. Ashu! Baba is shocked!

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