Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd February 2012 Written Episode

The episode begins with Ram-Priya\’s telecom Ram says he\’s about to depart for the airport and they could definitely meet at the airport if she leaves that very moment and Priya willingly agrees to the proposal and says she\’d directly see him at the airport… Before hanging up Ram says, he\’d call up once he\’s in the car and Priya asks him to wait for sure..

Priya turns to inform her parents that she has to go to the airport immediately to see off Mr.Kapoor who is urgently leaving for US though Shipra offers to drop her, Priya tactfully avoids her and says she would manage and go to back Kapoor Mansion from the airport in the Mr. Kapoor car itself and leaves in a jiffy… wonder if she even heard Shipra\’s last instruction of texting the Taxi\’s number!!

While Ram leaves from Kapoor mansion Priya frantically looks for an auto none to her avail and finally hires a CAB to go to the International Airport She directs the driver to take the short cut when Ram calls her to enquire where she\’s reached the first signal she informs him to which he replies that he\’s almost there and shall wait for her at the Terminal D. Priya begs pardon and Ram very cutely reconfirms that it\’s not B but D… D for Donkey…!! Priya smiles cutely and says, she\’ll be there but gets caught in traffic caused due to election rally. She pesters the cab driver to find a way somehow and that she\’s will to pay double the meter but the poor cab driver says it\’s not possible even if she pays five times the amount

Ram tries calling Priya again but her number is not reachable. Priya is restless and she thinks of calling Ram but realizes that her mob is switched off due to low battery. She asks the taxi driver if he has mobile. He tells no and Priya gets angry and tells how come no mobile in this world and shouts at him to move fast. She thinks of getting down from the taxi, but a bike person comes while opening the door and blocks way and she stays inside the car. Then the rally clears and priya asks the driver to drive fast, Ram gets final call announcement,Ram leaves, priya reaches the airport. She pays the driver, he tells no change and she asks him to keep it and buy a mobile.

Priya rushes in and asks about the flight and the receptionist tells that it has already left, Priya is disappointed and walks from there and thinks how she had so much belief that she\’ll meet him before he leaves and wonders how her instinct went wrong and notices Ram. He waves hands at her, Priya in happy tears waves back and signals how\’s he there.

Tere Mere Saathi Ki ghadiyaan Jeevan Mei sabse badi hai
Tum Hasthe Ho, Toh Lagta hai saamne kushiyan kadi hai..

Priya asks about his flight, Ram tells it left and priya asks about him, he tells he too left and his bhoot is standing. Ram tells that he had 2 options either flight miss or this meeting miss and he chose the 2nd one and asks if he was wrong. Both share a smile.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hai Tera Hasna, Ye Milna, Apnaapan Aur Tum

Sudhir and Shipra discuss about how Priya has moved forward in her life and both happy about it and sudhir tells that they must thank nuts and karthik for this because of whom Ram and Priya united. They both are happy that priya got everything whatever she deserved and she\’s happy because of Ram\’s love and they discuss that Priya would have reached airport by now and met Ram.

Priya asks what will Ram do now, he tells he\’ll book tickets for next flight. Priya tells it isn\’t that easy as its very costly and asks him to call travel desk and do something. Ram tells that his mom will come to know if he calls travel agent and priya tells going is also important, Ram tells ya flight is missed and we can\’t do anything about and no need to think about it. Priya tells she\’ll arrange for tickets as she\’s the reason for him to miss the flight and she\’ll be stress if he doesn\’t reach there safely and she doesn\’t want to live in guilt because of this

Ram asks if its necessary to be ahead of him always and priya tells its her habit. Priya insists him to come inside so that she can arrange for tickets in the next available flight. Ram says Time out and pass, priya is confused and Ram says that he\’s hungry now and whenever he\’s hungry he can\’t argue and priya smiles and tells for eating also they need to go in and asks him to come inside.

Vikram watching TV, neha comes and switches it off. Vikram asks Y and Neha tells “Pehle Biwi Phir TV” . Neha tells that she wants to meet Ram and Priya as it has been long since they met and Vikram tells its a great idea and neha asks him to call Ram and she\’ll call Priya. Vikram asks her not to make a plan at their house or outside as there will be sid, niharika, mama and asks neha to invite to their house as it has been long since they met and had gupshup and had a friendly atmosphere. Neha tells she\’ll call them but will not cook and vikram tells they\’ll get food from outside and neha tells she needs to talk lot to priya. Vikram asks if he can watch TV , neha tells yes and but with her.Shubh Vivah promo on TV and Vikram Neha discuss about how its related to their life and how they are made for each other and both hug.

Nuts talking to Shaqs about how organizers have arranged for a sudden meeting without any reason and she hangs the call telling that she\’ll reach in 15 mins.Karthik asks what\’s the issue and nuts explains that she has to leave office now and karthik tells he\’ll come with her and goes in to take keys. Shipra watches this and asks where are they going, Nuts tells she has work and Shipra asks at this late night and Nuts tells work is work and taunts that shipra will not understand as its out of middle class mentality. Shipra asks whats middle class in this and nuts tells that they are going for work and not for any party and she should have understood, shipra tries to reply but karthik stops both of them and takes nuts away telling that they\’ll be back soon and shipra stands worried.

Karthik drops Nuts at office, she asks him to come inside, karthik tells he\’ll stay out and asks her to go and consoles her that everything will be fine. Nuts leaves and the organizers inform her that they can\’t do the show without any famous showstoppers and if she still wants to go ahead with ayesha,they will have to either cancel the show or take the show from Nuts. Nuts asks y are they telling it today and till yest they had no problem with ayesha. Organizers tell that sponsors demanded that they will run the show only if there\’s any famous showstopper . Nuts tells that she\’ll think about it and get back

Ram talking to the airport official regarding tickets as its very important for him to go to the US. The officer tells that there are no tickets available and Ram shouts and priya holds his hands and tells that she understands but its very necessary for him to go to US as he has a doctor appointment and Ram is shocked. She adds that he\’s under heavy medication and he\’s not well and after so much of try they have got appointment with the best doctor there and if they miss this opportunity dono what will happen, Ram\’s confused. Priya tells that he always roams with tablet and asks him to show tablets. Ram whispers where to bring tablets as he doesn\’t have any because of her. Priya manages telling that he forgot to bring the tablets too and now its more important for him to leave.

The officer tells he\’s helpless but priya insists that he has to do something and again adds that his health is so weak and if he doesn\’t do anything he\’ll have to live with tablets for the entire life and she has to change his name from Ram kapoor to Tablet Kapoor and Ram shouts at what she\’s doing and Priya asks him to understand and relax. Priya tells that they tried to reach on time and was roaming from street to street but there was loads of traffic and election rallies too and they rushed walking till here and Ram again gets irritated and priya asks him to relax and she can\’t afford him getting angry and again pleads. A stranger standing behind supports them and the officer tells he\’ll try.

Ram asks the stranger behind to excuse them and grumbles at priya at her acting and making him embarrassed before others and priya just smiles. Ram tells atlast she made him to sit in the flight and this means that u want me to stay away from u. Priya tells no, Ram tells yes, priya tells this means that she always wants him with and stops , Ram asks hamesha mere saath kya? Both of them smile at each other. The officer tells that the tickets are ready and asks them to wait and Priya thanks him.

They move from there and Ram again asks what was she telling, hamesha mere saath kya? Both Ram and Priya blush at each other and Final call for the passengers are announced. Ram tells that he\’s leaving and Priya asks him to take care, have a safe flight and come back soon . Ram thanks her for coming to airport. Ram leaves, turns back and both bid bye to each other hesitantly with tears in Priya\’s eyes as Ram leaves.

Vikram-Neha sleeping, Vikram gets call From Ram and Ram asks if neha can accompany Priya to the doctors tomo regarding the tumour treatment. Vikram tells sure but asks y isn\’t he going and it will be a moral support if he\’s with priya and Ram tells he knows but he\’ll not be in Mumbai as he\’s travelling to US, Vikram is surprised and asks y to US suddenly, and Ram tells he doesn\’t know details but mom told about some crisis and he needs to go immediately. Vikram asks him to verify if he needs to go really and then tells him to leave and he\’ll ask neha to go with Priya and they\’ll take care and he\’ll keep updating him and Ram thanks and both hang the call.

Ram gets call from niharika and she asks if he\’s not in the flight still. Ram tells flight got delayed and he\’s just going towards the flight. Niharika gets suspicious and asks if its the same direct flight she booked and Ram manages that he can\’t talk now as final announcement is made and tells he\’ll call from US and hangs the call. Mama tells that something is wrong and All is Not Well and Niharika keeps thinking.


Priya goes back to Kapoor Mansion. Niharika asks how come she\’s here so late.Priya tells that she had gone to the airport. Niharika asks if there was any problem in flight and Priya tells Ram had missed the flight and niharika is shocked.

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