The epi starts with rashi searching for medicine in the tool kit and hetal come and asks her whether her health is k(U wil die.,,but she wont..)

Rashi says that jigar is suffering from fever and she is looking for medicine and tells that he works so hard without any rest, hence he might have fallen sick. HEtal says that she wil come with her too and they leaves to jiggi room.

Here urmi is telling the shopkeeper utter nonsense that they are not the kind of people who wil change after becoming rich (any blind fellow wil learn the truth looking at the walking talking joker)

URmi tells him that she wil stay in rajpal nagar forever and wont change the house and he should trust them. Kinjal gives a unbelievable look to her.

The shop keeper becomes the bakara and agrees with urmi and urmi tells kinjal to lets go and drags her out..

Here hetal nd rashi comes to jigar room and hetal asks jigar how is he. Jigar says he is fine, just light fever for which rashi is creating a scene(its called love dumbo..same like his brother)

Hetal tells jigar to take rest and not to go to office today but jigar says he have a imp meeting so he have to go.(what a mother…!! someone tell koki to watch this)

Rashi starts arguing saying that he have to look after his health too along with his work and hetal gives a knowing look to them and smiles and tells jigar that to take rest and leave to office, if he still wants to go

and she wil prepare the khaada and bring it to him and leaves. Rashi tells Jigar to first eat the medicine and jigar agrees.

Here our ahemji is peeking glances at his timid cowardly wife who is trying her best to dissaper in the cupboard, and they play peek peek game until koki comes in. (as usual..i dont beliive this…even after this long break…they are still glancing)

Koki comes and hands ahmes tiffin and asks gopi why did she change ahems handkerchief place as he found difficulty in finding it when she went to rajpal nagar.

Gopi tellls koki that she always places it with his watch so that he would find it all(indirectly…ur son is a blind fellow)

Koki telsl gopi to keep the things at their proper places where it can be seen and gopi nods.(dictator)

AHem leaves and koki tells gopi to come and help her in the terrace and leaves (koki dont need a DIL she need a servant)


Rashi is going upstairs when her cell rings and ahem comes their and asks for jigar, rashi tells ahem that jigar is feeling ill and ahem tells her to tell jigar to rest, he is leaving for the meeting and goes and rashi couldnt not able to stop him due to her cell phone ringing.(then cut the call)

Ahem leaves and rashi picks up urmi call and gets upset with her saying that she wanted to stop ahem because jigar health is not good and she wanted jigar to go with ahem for the meeting today, but she couldnt stop ahem due to her. Urmi tells rashi to take advantage of this situation and tells her something.

Rashi goes to jigar room and sees him ready and asks he dint rest at all. Jigar says it is necessary for him to go to the meeting and he ate the medicine she gave. Rashi says that ahem have already left and jigar is suprised(K..i got it..divide and rule policy)

Jigar says he wil take a rickshaw and leaves and rashi goes after him saying how wil he go in rickshaw(thanks to u)

Jigar says he is k and its imp for him to go to the meeting and says he wil come fast and leaves. Hetal comes their and asks for jigar and rashi says that jigar left taking the medicine.

Hetal says that jigar was in a hurry to leave for the meeting hence she prepared the khaada so fast and rashi says that she is not worried about his health but more worried that jigar went in a rickshaw in this situation.

Hetal is suprised and asks the reason and rashi says that ahem have already left in the car, maybe he forgot that he had to take jigar with him. Hetal a bit offended. (dont they have any more carsin the house)

Rashi adds fuel saying she is really worried as jigar have never travelled in a rickshaw before and koki comes their and starts her lecture saying that jigar might have left in rickshaw as he might have been late to office…

so whats wrong in going to rickshaw. Hetal gives her a look and koki starts barging saying that they brought their children in a way that they can put themselves in any situation (does she really look at ahem properly…even one little change…he wil start MOM MOM the whole day..)

and tells its k if jigar goes in a rickshaw and hetal replies back immediately saying not when jigar is ill. Koki shocked (my my hetal opened her mouth)

Koki appolizes saying that she dint know jigar was ill and tells hetal that she wil call ahem and tell him to take care of jigar. Hetal says she wil call aand ask jigar how he is and goes away giving a look to koki, rashi gives a my plan worked look, koki dumb.


Hetal and rashi leaves and Koki turns to gopi and tells her that jigar have turned out real responsible now as he went to office even in a ill condition in a rickshaw and hetal shoud be proud of him, rather to worry about him and hetal gives a bad and how can u say that look to koki, hearing everything from dinning hall and in thinking.

Rashi here is elated that her plan worked and narrated to urmi how hetal replied koki back when koki told her, no need to worry for jigar as anyone can go in a rickshaw. and says that she felt bad for jigar too as he left in a rickshaw due to her. Urmi pushes it to the side and tells rashi to keep on adding fuel to hetal and koki, so that soon

she and jigar would be in the place where ahem and gopi are..(this is the first mother..who wants her daughter to have a peeking, glancing, and tension fill marriage life..)

Rashi agrees, and cuts the call. Kinjal comes into the hall and sees a lady excersing in a varirety of orange dress, and praises that lady saying, she already started excersing is good, as she needs to put down some wieght for sure and urmi turns towards kinjal and shouts that its me.

Kinjal eyes blast seeing the cartoon character..and tells urmi that she should put down some weight for sure in her own gym and she wil give special attention to her.

and kinjal asks urmi why did she say to the shopkeeper that they won the lottery, as its the first time, she made her join in her sucess and urmi gets tensed and says whats in wrong in that to say it and tells kinjal have pbm with everything and asks her whether the lottery people wil ask who brought the ticket and kinjal asks what kind of question is that?(oh oh…she is afraid of getting caught)

Urmi says nothign and makes kinjal go inside and thinks what wil happen to her if kinjal knows the truth of the lottery, and thinks to do something. Here koki is preparing kichidi and rashi comes inside and asks what is she making (How dare..)

Koki tels rashi that jigar eats kichdi only when he have fever and tells rashi to send it to jigar in the office in a tiffin box and asks for hetal. Rashi says hetal might be in her room and asks koki why does she need hetal and koki tells her why should she tell her.(so that she can snoop..idiot)

Epi ends on kokis face.

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